Celebrity Couples with Surprisingly Big Age Differences (7 Images)

I won’t ever forget the day when I turned on the news and read the papers and Ryan Reynolds had won the competition for the sexiest man in the world. He looks like every other guys I see walking down the street and when I watch him act he’s a bit goofy really. I mean, […]

These People On Facebook Will Make You Cringe (6 Images)

Remember the days when we all had that one friend who refused to create a Facebook account, thinking it will probably just be one of those fads. Fair to say those people lost and are now considerably behind the eight-ball. What’s more, most of them probably did eventually create a Facebook account by now. It’s […]

This Teacher Left Job To Be Kim Kardashian’s Body Double (8 Images)

While you might think the entire world hates the Kardashian’s by looking at social media comments on Facebook or general word of mouth gossip, the statistic would suggest that many of those haters are secretly watching Kim and her family behind closed doors. Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s is one of the most popular shows […]

Man Sues Wife Over The Shock Of Seeing Her Without Makeup (5 Images)

A man from Algeria is suing his wife for fraudulent behavior because her face wasn’t what he had originally thought. Yes, there are many ridiculous stories floating around the internet at the moment, but this isn’t one of them. This story is indeed true and reported by several large publications you will find from Google. […]

You Won’t Believe What These Selfie Sticks Captured (7 Images)

It’s one thing to have the courage to hold a selfie stick and not fear looking like an idiot to the world. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand the confidence and unconditional love some people have toward the selfie stick. It’s as if they don’t realize the world is looking at them like they […]

How To Dress For Your Body Shape (5 Images)

1. Hourglass body shape. A body is composed of proportions that nature bestows you with, not every body is the same and not every body looks good in the same set of clothes. Fashion is about looking good with dressing the body that you have in the best way possible. First up we have, hourglass […]

Hillary Clinton

10 Most Powerful Politicians In the World (10 Images)

All average adults know these names very well, as they hear them very often over the radio or their TV sets. We today are talking about the world’s top ten most powerful politicians, and would like to go in a descending order. 10. Bashar Al-Asad. This handsome face was sired by Afez al Asad, who […]

werewolf facts

11 Unique Facts About Werewolf, You Wouldn’t know (11 Images)

The myth whether werewolves exist is still a myth even after centuries. This enormously dangerous shape-shifting creature hungers for raw meat, and has been used many times in horror movies now. A medical condition. A famous physician and surgeon, Galen of Pergamon who existed in the second century actually did diagnose somebody being a werewolf. The […]

race horse

10 Dumbly Expensive Overpriced Things Celebrities Purchased (10 Images)

Celebrities have long been known to make huge disposable incomes, now they need something they spend it on and they sometimes choose stupidly expensive things to buy. Mike Tyson for example is not supposed to be forgotten to be mentioned in this list, for the cats he bought. At the peak of his career he […]

famous pair

10 Celebrity Pairs Who Have Been Living Below Their Means (10 Images)

1. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker. While celebrities all over the world have been famous for not sparing any amount that might make them look a bit more glamorous, we have a list of these. First up is this famous couple, that you would definitely agree lives very modestly. Given that you knew they were […]