Girls Post Innocent Pic Of Their Day Out, Internet Annihilates It (9 Images)

If you haven’t been hanging out on Reddit for an extended period of time yet, then you are doing the web wrong. Reddit is a great place to hang out and see what’s up. One thing even those who do hang out on Reddit might not have seen yet is the new /r/photoshopbattles category where people send […]

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10 Photos That Nearly Broke The Internet (10 Images)

No Love like the Love of a Father While not quite Kim Kardashian and her picture that broke the internet, these are some pictures that did come close. This picture just make you sad, it is pure love that we see here. Something only a father can do for his child. He has his child […]

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20 Incredibly Awkward Wedding Photographs (20 Images)

On wedding day a girl tends to look the prettiest she ever has. But this little bride here decided to go a bit out-of-the-way to look sexy. Now we do not find her very desirable, but perhaps the groom did and more likely is that it was all his idea. Nobody else should be recommending […]

Most Embarrassing Celebrity Photos From 2015 (10 Images)

As we count down the hours until 2016 is here, it’s time to relive some of the most embarrassing celebrity photos taken from the year 2015 so you can remember the best bits. While it may seem cruel to enjoy the worst moments of Hollywood A-Lister. Let us remind you that these people are so […]

Celebrities You Never Would Have Guessed Give So Much To Charity (10 Images)

George Clooney hasn’t been in the news much of late apart from marrying an attractive European and being in Europe which didn’t give off the impression of him being charitable. However, Mr Clooney does a great deal of good for the world, including settings up the “Not On Our Watch” program which aims to help […]

Highest Paid Supermodels In The World (10 Images)

Candice Swanepoel isn’t a name many people have heard of and it’s not a name most people want to have to attempt to spell either. Candice is one of the newest Victoria’s Secret models and she is a woman you will be hearing a great deal more of in the future. As it is already, […]

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Signs and Symptoms of HIV Infection (7 Images)

1. Fever The earliest of signs is fever. Given that running a fever is no big deal this sign goes unnoticed. Who in the world would expect to have been infected by the world’s deadliest STD just because they had a fever. Well yes, not many of us. HIV happens to be this scary because […]

Top 10 Worst Tattoos Of All Time (10 Images)

How much do you love checkers mate? So much that you would put them all over your head? This man clearly has a passion for the checkered style that was in and out quicker than it took to finish the work on his face. I find it hard to believe anyone loves checkers so much […]

11 Most Miserable Fails You Will Ever Come Across (12 Images)

1. No fail as bad as a bathroom fail. One main thing you have to keep in mind when you design a place’s interior is, proportions. When you cannot keep those in mind something like this happens. This is the interior of a tiny bathroom we suppose, where there was not enough space for the […]