Moms Who Are Simply Flawless (12 Images)

Motherhood is indeed a great feeling for every mother because it brings in some significant changes in a woman’s life and makes her feel things that she has never felt before. However, the fact remains that some of the changes that the birth of a child brings to a woman’s life are not as pleasant […]

Sometimes You Have To Let Them Breathe (10 Images)

Every girl must be given a chance to breathe. It is not necessary to judge a girl through her body. In modern day, girls have every right to showcase their body to the world. They must be wearing clothes in which they feel free and at ease. If the men are allowed to roam at streets […]

Child Stars All Grown Up (12 Images)

1. Elisha Cuthbert: Elisha Cuthbert started her career as a young model, but very soon she came into the world of television and started with a show on the tv show on Nickelodeon ‘Are You Afraid Of the Dark?’. Everyone adored Elisha’s young character, and her show was one of the classics of the nineteens. […]

Photographic Moments That Make For A Conversation (20 Images)

Photography requires both an eye for the detail as well as for beauty. God lives in the detail, we know. However to use a highly modernized gadget like the SLR camera, one also needs to possess an understanding of the technical details. Certain moments can be captured only if a person knows how to use […]

Awkward Family Photos That Will Make You Laugh (15 Images)

Everyone aims to capture beautiful photographs of their families so that they can cherish the memories in future, but sometimes pictures do not come as per their expectations. Instead of perfect framed family photos, they become hilarious and super awkward photographs. Let’s share some awkward and amusing photos that teach you what not to do while […]

Jennifer Lopez

10 Most Desirable Actresses Who Have Crossed Their 40’s (10 Images)

1. Salma Hayek This Mexican-American film actress is somebody we all have heard of. She has also produced a few movies apart from being an actress and is also a former model. She began her career starring in Mexican films and made her way to being nominated for renowned awards such as the Academy Award […]

10 Sexiest Fitness Models Who Love Their Racks (10 Images)

These women are hot. They have a head-turning physique that can impress a man within no time. They are passionate about their workouts at the gym. That’s why you find them every day at gym busy with racks to shape up the perfection of their bodies. Once you keep on eyes on these women and […]

Woman Uses Her Hijab To Turn Herself Into Disney Princesses (5 Images)

Cruella De Vil With a little bit of face paint and a cleverly crafted Hijab, a mother of two has managed to transform her face and appearance to look like a bunch of unique Disney characters. Like you know, a Hijab is what some Muslims choose to where over their heads. Funnily enough Disney characters […]

20 Celebrities That Did Not Walk The Line (19 Images)

Everyone knows who Tony Parker is because his San Antonio Spurs have gone on to become one of the most successful NBA franchises in the game’s history. His Ex Wife is the popular Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria, and they seemed like the perfect couple back then. I can remember pairing the two of them […]

The 20 Most Awkward Moments Captured in Sports (20 Images)

Hurdles We are not sure what makes this hurdler where a pair of pants with one leg and the other side with no legs, but it makes for interesting conversation. So, what have you been up to? Just getting rid of the one hand of pants, how about yourself?