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Babysitter Makes A Painful Sacrifice To Save Dying Toddler (11 Images)

All of us know that there is not much of kindness and goodness left in this world and no one would go out f the way for another person unless they have some interest attached. While we may think that this world is full of selfish people, the fact is that some people would go […]

Woman Uses Her Hijab To Turn Herself Into Disney Princesses (5 Images)

Cruella De Vil With a little bit of face paint and a cleverly crafted Hijab, a mother of two has managed to transform her face and appearance to look like a bunch of unique Disney characters. Like you know, a Hijab is what some Muslims choose to where over their heads. Funnily enough Disney characters […]

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Rare Twins Birth in Ohio, What Happened Next I’ve Never Seen Before (7 Images)

Sara and Bill Thistlethwaite had been expecting twins, what they did not know was that they were going to be gifted with mono mono twins. Monoamniotic twins lay in their mother’s uterus sharing the same placenta (with separate umbilical chords) and amniotic sac. These twins are always monochorionic and identical. It was a great surprise […]

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Meet The Oldest Girl In Asia, Only 18 Years Old (6 Images)

Meet Ana Rochelle Pondare, she is as a patient of an immensely rare genetic condition that most of us are not even aware of. The disease is Progeria. This little girl from Philippines has just celebrated her 18th birthday, but her body ages 10 times faster than it should. As a result of her suffering […]