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Signs and Symptoms of HIV Infection (7 Images)

1. Fever The earliest of signs is fever. Given that running a fever is no big deal this sign goes unnoticed. Who in the world would expect to have been infected by the world’s deadliest STD just because they had a fever. Well yes, not many of us. HIV happens to be this scary because […]

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9 Quickest and Easiest Halloween Makeup Looks (9 Images)

1. Cobwebs Queen. Black is so the color for Halloween, so guessing that you are planning on wearing a black dress we present you this look. The look is easy to create and is created with something you must have in your makeup pouch, a black eyeliner. Well yes, all you need is a black […]

How To Dress For Your Body Shape (5 Images)

1. Hourglass body shape. A body is composed of proportions that nature bestows you with, not every body is the same and not every body looks good in the same set of clothes. Fashion is about looking good with dressing the body that you have in the best way possible. First up we have, hourglass […]

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10 Most Expensive Shoes in the World (10 Images)

Now shoes might be something you wear on your feet, but being worn on the feet does not mean nobody is going to see that garment. The shoes here cost so highly but it does not mean that it is because they serve the purpose they are worn for very well. That is to protect […]

Top 10 Best Tricks To Taking The Perfect Selfie (10 Images)

Be Creative If you want to take selfies that stand out, you will have to be creative. Think of something original. Let’s take a look at the example picture below. It is a selfie taken by Kendall Jenner, and it is the most liked selfie on Instagram, boasting over 2.4 million likes. She laid down, […]

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9 Attractive Evening Wear 2015 (9 Images)

The first that we have chosen for you is a deep red mini dress. This happens to be a sheath dress tailored to give the main parts of your body an attraction. This whole dress is designed to make you look attractive starting from its color to its shape. The back of your dress has […]

This Simple ’90s Hairstyle Is Trendy Again (7 Images)

In case you didn’t already know, what goes around comes around not only in life but also in fashion. We constantly get similar styles a few decades after they surfaced last time. You’ll never see the 90’s being cool in the 2,000’s but what about around 2015? Sure, why not. It’s nearly due to come […]

The New Split Hair Trend Taking Over Instagram by Storm (7 Images)

There is a new sexy hairstyle trend that is currently taking the world by storm – and flooding our Instagram feeds! Introducing, #SplitHair! Yeap, you heard me, it looks like what it sounds like. It is the style of colouring your hair in two tones, split right in the middle. Could it be the style […]

12 Hairstyles That Last For The Week (10 Images)

When we are young we don’t mind doing our hair often. But that fascination quickly wears off when you start getting into your older teens and into a young adult. once you have done your hair about 100 times all of a sudden it becomes about how am I going to look presentable with little […]

5 Easy Eyeliner Tricks You Should Know (5 Images)

If you are a woman coming of age it’s time to learn some tricks to get your eyes looking sharp. granted, you don’t have to apply any make up to look beautiful. You are naturally gorgeous. With that being said, many girls prefer to enhance their looks with some added extras. here’s a cool list […]