People That Totally Asked The Wrong Guy For Photoshop Help (15 Images)


1. Photoshop has become the go-to software for people who want to make their pictures better or more beautiful, but a guy named James Fridman has shown the world that so much can be done with one simple tool. He is a Twitter user who is always getting requests from people to use his incredible skills and make their pictures amazing, but most of the time James turns those pictures into something hilarious. Now people who sent him request even know they’ll be surprised with what they’ll get. In this article, you’ll see some entertaining work by James which make you laugh so hard you might just wet your pants. Let’s start with this one here, some random guy requested James to add more boobs in the picture he has taken with some girl, but the mistake that guy made was that he wasn’t specific about where to add those boobs. Instead of just saying his girlfriend or friend he called the lady an ironing board which does not specify who he is talking about. The result is right in front of your eyes, the picture did get more boobs in it but not on the girl’s chest, on the guy’s instead, and James even added a cute bra to cover them nicely. Now this is some level of trolling, isn’t it?james edited boobs on guys chest with his girlfriend

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