10 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is A Keeper (10 Images)


Details Are Important to Him

Details about every little thing are something women are always concerned about, and one thing that bothers them the most is seeing the guy, they are in a relationship with, not caring about those details. But a keeper always pays attention to every detail that matters to his partner. Whether it’s the dates of when they first met or kissed, or it’s about what their partners likes and dislikes, a guy who is looking forward to having a serious relationship will always keep those details in the account. This shows that your partner pays attention to you and does not have his mind elsewhere when he is spending time with you. Guys, to whom details matter, they always tend to surprise their partners, and that is one thing every woman love. If you are in a relationship with someone who pays attention to you and remembers all the details, then hold on to that guy and never let him go, and if your partner does not care about the little details which are important to you then instead of thinking of them as a bad person or breaking up, try sitting down and having a talk about the whole thing. Tell them how much this matters to you and you would love them more if they care more about the details. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and it can solve many issues.

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