10 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is A Keeper

Details Are Important to Him

Details about every little thing are something women are always concerned about, and one thing that bothers them the most is seeing the guy, they are in a relationship with, not caring about those details. But a keeper always pays attention to every detail that matters to his partner. Whether it’s the dates of when they first met or kissed, or it’s about what their partners likes and dislikes, a guy who is looking forward to having a serious relationship will always keep those details in the account. This shows that your partner pays attention to you and does not have his mind elsewhere when he is spending time with you. Guys, to whom details matter, they always tend to surprise their partners, and that is one thing every woman love. If you are in a relationship with someone who pays attention to you and remembers all the details, then hold on to that guy and never let him go, and if your partner does not care about the little details which are important to you then instead of thinking of them as a bad person or breaking up, try sitting down and having a talk about the whole thing. Tell them how much this matters to you and you would love them more if they care more about the details. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and it can solve many issues.

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He Takes Pride in You

Who does not love to be appreciated? And if that appreciation comes from a person you love, then it means the world. Science says that a person who is made to feel accomplished and is motivated strives more in life than those who aren’t. So it is important that you are in a relationship with someone who motivates you in life instead of bringing you down. A good man is the one who takes pride in his partner. One does not necessarily have to be proud of their partner on something huge; an achievement can be big or small. Sometimes even at the time of failure, we want our partners to be proud of us no matter what, because of that’s what helps in trying more harder the next time. Be with a guy who is proud of you and your work, a guy who is always rooting for you no matter what. Mind you; this does not mean that you expect your partner to support you even when you are doing something wrong legally or morally, a guy who tells you to take the right path that time is surely the one who cares for you. Also, this is not a one-way thing; if you want your guy to be proud of you, then you should also show the same attitude towards him. This will not only be helpful for him but if he doesn’t take pride in you or doesn’t show it very often, this will make him do it as you’ll be doing the same for him.

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He is a True Gentleman

In these times, being a gentleman is often considered backward and uncool, instead of being a mean jack ass and a playboy has become the new cool now. But would you want to be treated like a piece of shit or a true lady? If your answer is a lady, then only a true gentleman can do that. The one who is chivalrous without caring about what others think of him. One who respects your independence and believes that you are as equal as any man, but at the same time open the door for you or picks you up when you are tired. He will always respect you, even when you are fighting because that’s how he has been brought up, he would never insult you in front of your or his friends, would not feel less of a man when you offer to pay, would never be jealous if you make more money than him and most importantly would never make you feel bad about yourself. If you are single, then look for a man like this and if you are lucky enough to already be with someone like this then make sure you don’t let him go. The best way to know whether a guy is a gentleman or an ass is by asking him what he thinks about women. His answers will reflect his personality as clear as glass unless he is great at lying, but you’ll figure that out too after two or three dates.

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He is Protective of You

There is a fragile line in being protective and pain in the butt. A right guy knows that line and will always respect not to cross it. By being protective here we mean someone who takes care of you, someone who is concerned about your well being, who looks after you and makes sure you don’t get into any trouble, who makes sure you are safe not only when you are with him but even when you are away, someone who always wants the best for you. A nice protective guy will never force you not to hang out someone he thinks is into wrong stuff, but he will make you sit and understand how bad company can affect you and their relationship and even then if you don’t listen will go with you when you are with them, just to make sure you are safe. Like we said earlier there is a thin line in being protective and pain in the butt, on one side there is protection which comes with care and love, and on the other side, there are trust issues, possessiveness, and ego. Make sure to always settle with someone who is on the first side of the line, because a guy who cares about his girl is a real gentleman.

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He Makes You Feel Comfortable Around His Friends

If your guy makes you meet his friends, it means that he is interested in you and wants to involve you in his social circle. Also if he makes an extra effort to make you feel comfortable around his friends, then grab on to that guy and make sure never to let him go. A guy who wants you to fit in and become friends with his friends is a guy who is looking for a long-term relationship, and if he makes the extra effort of making sure you are comfortable when you hang out in his circle of friends, then it means he is indeed a keeper. For building a healthy relationship, it is important to be friends with your partner’s friends, because this shows that you have your interest in the things and people they like. This does not happen from just one side, if you guy outs his effort in making you feel good around his friends then you should also make a little extra effort in trying to know his circle better, if you are resistant and not open to new friends then it will make your guy feel bad which can result into something negative for your relationship. Both the partners should make an effort in this case. Also it will be good for you only as you’ll get to spend more time with him when he’ll start taking you out on his friends’ meet-ups.

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He is All about giving Surprises

A true man knows how much a woman loves surprises, so if he loves you and cares for you then he will not let any opportunity miss where he can surprise you with a bouquet of flowers, a box of your favourite chocolates, a card which tells you how much he loves you, or anything which he knows will bring a smile on your face. A guy who loves you would never want to miss the chance of seeing that look on your face when he showers you with his love in most surprising ways; he would go out of the way to see your face lights up with his surprises. A surprise does not always mean a present or an object; it can be a tight hug out of the blue or just a reminder of how beautiful you are, anything which you don’t see coming and when it comes you are both happy and astonished. If you are in a relationship with someone who is always cheering you up and lightening your mood with surprises, then be thankful and hold onto that relationship.

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He is Far From Being a Pervert

Some guys love to show affection towards their partner and have sexual humor even when they are around people, which is perfectly alright but there is a very thin line in being that and being a pervert. Make sure you are with someone who is not a pervert and respects a woman in all ways including sexually. Many couples enjoy commenting on how sexy other people are, but if you are not okay with it and your guy still goes on checking other girls out and commenting on their body, then that’s a sign which tells he has a perverted mind. Also if he is sexually aggressive and does not respect a woman’s body then run away from him as far as you can, because he is not the right one. A keeper will never make you feel uncomfortable when it comes to being intimate and will always show respect towards your sex. A guy who isnt a pervert will also never rush you into being physical; he will let you take your time, whereas a pervert will force himself onto you without caring about your feelings and respect. Have a relationship with someone who is not anything even close to a pervert.

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He Always Trusts You

Trust is the most important pillar of a relationship, if there is trust the relation stands on strong grounds, and if the trust is not there, then the relationship stands on a thin string. Before getting into anything serious, it is advised that you build your trust over your partner and make sure they do the same. No one can tolerate someone who is always doubting and not believing them, being with a man who does not believe in your word can be someone impossible to live a life with. Also, trust is given both ways; if you put your trust into the other then only you can expect them to do the same. A sure gentleman would always trust his girl, even if the whole world stands against his woman he will still stand by her because of the strong foundation of trust he has put into her. If you are in a relationship where your guy trusts you more than anything, then make sure you never break his trust. When there is trust, you never have to lie, even if you do something wrong you are not afraid to tell it to your partner because you know they will understand, you don’t get worried if he is out with girls not does he when you are out with boys. This all matters a lot when you re looking for a serious and long-term relationship, this is all that it’s build on.

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He is Respectful Towards Your Needs

Needs are something which can change throughout life, and when your partner respects that about you, it just makes life much easier. Sometimes when you are under stress or going through a hard time you don’t feel like doing a lot of things which your partner wants, a good guy respects that and lets you have your time where a bad one forces those things on you which make you more frustrated and things end up in a quarrel or a broken relation. Also, you can not just expect respect of needs from your guy, to earn this you have to do the same thing. Respect his needs as well so when it comes to you, he does the same. If you are with a man who does not respect your needs, then try to make him understand and even then if he doesn’t opt for a way out. If your man respects your needs and lets you have your time, then respect him back and never let him go.

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He is a Supporter of Your Dreams

We all have our dreams, but most of them are crushed by the people in our lives who don’t think e is capable enough to achieve them or who think of our dreams as nothing but a waste of our time. Make sure you are not one of those who stop dreaming because of so many dream crushers in your life, even if you have come across such people then move away from them and never stop dreaming. A guy who loves and cares for you would always support your dreams no matter what, and if it’s in his authority then will even try to be a part of it as much as possible. For example, if you are a woman who loves to travel, or someone who wants to take up an adventure, or wants to change their career many years after school, a good man will respect all of that and will support you in your dreams, whereas a man who does not care about you, will only make you feel bad about dreaming. So be with someone who is supportive of your goals and lets you dream big because no matter what one should never stop dreaming.

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