This Girl Captures Selfies With Random Couples Making Out

You know what, there are not many people in the world who are not very much into taking selfies and I can bet that you too surely would not count yourself amongst those simply because you too at times would find yourself taking a selfie that may have only you in it or your loved ones. Anyway, coming to the point, I recently came across a girl who was not bothered to take a selfie for depicting herself but rather she is accustomed to take selfie in front of those people who are making out and believe me when I say it that those pictures are hilarious just like the one below you!


This is an another picture that she clicked just at the very right moment. The picture here does tell you at least half of the story as it does not only show the passion that these two love birds have for each other but also shows you how a proper passionate kiss is done. Though the picture does lack some light to make it properly visible but hey; that is how things are in the night clubs, right? And adding to that, there also is not any option of flash in the front camera!


The way this girl is passing reactions to the couple behind her; it is just priceless. She looks really excited for this picture as with an open mouth and eyes full of glitter; there is not much to argue that she was not looking forward for this kind of selfie. And seeing the couple behind her, I believe that she should leave the couple just alone and should give them some privacy as the girl is just into his face. So, hey there, can you leave them alone miss?


Now seeing this picture, you would not deem it to be a selfie but rather just a picture and yes technically, you might be right but I took this picture because it follows the same theme or does not it? And you know what, I do find the creativity of girl to be better than most of us. It is because, if you or we would have been in his place, we most likely would have had our fingers pointing to them but she did not opt for that mainstream pose and instead went on to do this which to be honest is easily better than the one that we would have done, right?


And if for a second you would have thought that this wrath of hers would not have applied to her friends then you are simply very wrong because when you will see this picture below you will know that her passion for selfies of this kind does not end on anyone and whoever is making out in front of her would definitely be captured in her selfies. Not only did she take the selfie but also made sure that everyone in her Snapchat would be able to see it and that is why we have this one for you to see!


And if in case you thought you would be safe on the routes or the streets then you need to see this picture below. The couple behind her did not have any clue whatsoever that they would be pictured in such a way and that too while you are on the roads taking a route where no one would disturb you. Well, technically, she did not disturb any of them but still taking a picture without their permission and that too in a moment which is very private is disturbing them emotionally if not physically.

funny moments

Have you ever seen a girl who is more excited than the people mating out? I do not know if you have but I am sure that I have not seen a girl who would not be the part of the game more happy than the girl who in fact is the part of the game. This girl right here is surely not from this world because if she were then why in this world she would be more happier than the people making out? And to be honest, in this picture, there is not much focus on this girl rather focus is more on the couple behind just because the girl behind the one in the front has got some great figure to be honest and seeing that, I am glad that the lad is scoring big time!

awkward moments

This guy is, okay I am not really sure what he is. I mean, there is this hot girl sitting just next to you showing great emotions and attachments towards you and there you are showing none; I mean how could this even be possible? This boy surely needs some lessons because if he does not, then there would be a lot of problems for him in the future. And adding to the misery of this lad, there is this selfie taker who has completely ruined the moment for him. And the worst thing for the lad is that she seems to be laughing at the misery of the boy; if you look at the boy and then the girl’s laugh, you too would agree with what I am saying!

funny moments

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