Amazing Seatbelt Selfies

While you are driving or are in the passenger seat, wearing a seatbelt is a must because it is not only a part of the rules but also is for our benefit. Hence, you would see most of the people wearing a seatbelt while they are in the car and there is nothing so special about it. But some of you must have noticed that when a woman wears a belt, it is special because it also proves to be a treat for the men around. All the guys who are reading this, we know that by now you are aware of what we are talking about. So, how about treating you with some seatbelt selfies?


Wearing a seatbelt has a very different effect on men and women. However, we must say that every guy loves a woman with heavy brea$ts wearing a seatbelt because if she sleeps in the car, you can have all the fun by staring at those meaty assets especially when she is given the side pose. The belt will fit perfectly between the assets especially when she is wearing a shirt with a low cut cleavage.  Even though this lady is just sleeping and not making any effort to turn anyone on but we are sure that if a man sees her that way, he wouldn’t be able to resist!


Those big eyes are beautiful, isn’t it? It’s hard to ignore such eyes but is her eyes the only attractive thing about her? Well, not at all. You certainly know what we are talking about! We never observed that b00bs could look so much $exier when a lady puts a seatbelt on. It seems like, the people who made belt a must knew what they were doing and safety was just an excuse. Want some more of them? Keep following the article!


It is not necessary for the seatbelt to fit in between the brea$ts, it could even slide as you can see in the picture below. And even that looks stunning! Who thought that even when a woman is driving, she can look that attractive? If a woman like her is driving you somewhere, you would probably make her park the car nearby and take that seatbelt off so that you can have some action. Such women are responsible for the accidents because people in the other cars get easily distracted, and they end up hitting the car.


This is too much to take in one day! The lady in the picture is not even wearing a low-necked shirt and even then there is so much beauty in this picture. The seatbelt has added “volume” to her b00bs, and they look even more tempting.  On top of that, her smile is so ravishing that you wouldn’t be able to ignore the gorgeous woman. It seems like, these women know what they are doing and choose to do it because it makes them feel good. Every woman like the attention of the opposite gender, and this happens to be one of the ways.


And then some girls wouldn’t go through the effort of putting up a seatbelt on her b00bs. They rather put up the belt on their flat stomach to show the world how perfect their body is. Now, not only you can see her flawlessly toned tummy but also her huge brea$ts. Never in our dreams did we think that seatbelts can be used for this purpose too and after seeing all these photographs, we would advise all the guys out there to make their girlfriends wear seatbelts when you are in the car because why should you miss all the fun?


From the expressions of the girl in the photograph, it ‘s obvious she knows that she is looking $exy and she did it deliberately. The sunglasses and the low-cut cleavage are a perfect match, and on top of that, her expressions will make any guy drool over her. And did you notice those more than perfect b00bs? If this lady is sitting on the passenger seat and a man is driving the car, he wouldn’t be able to look ahead because all he’d be able to see is that b00bilicious babe.


This is the girl that you thought; you’d never pay attention to even though she lives next door and is a very convenient option. However, now that she has shown the world what she has got, you will certainly be interested in her. You would want regular car rides with her because that is when you get to see the assets that she has got. Until today we used to think that car selfies are supposed to be boring but this is a whole new level, and we are impressed with all these ladies who look gorgeous.


This selfie needs to get the best seatbelt selfie award because the way she is dressed is absolutely $eductive. Even though she doesn’t have huge brea$ts like the females that you have seen but that fancy br@ adds beauty to the picture. But we wonder that why does she need the belt? The person who must be in the driving seat would need one to resist himself from the gorgeous lady. And oh my, those expressions are spot on, looks like she is calling out all the handsome guys to have a chance with her.


It seems like going topless is a trend now because all the women are pretending as if they don’t know what they are doing but the reality is that they are very well aware of their intentions. These traffic confusing chicks have a way to show themselves off without looking desperate. How can you see the topless women in the car that is parked beside yours and ignore, that too when the female seems like that? There should be a rule that $exy women shouldn’t be wearing seatbelts because that might help in reducing the number of road accidents. Don’t forget to SHARE the article with the guys around you!


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