15 Most Charitable Celebrities in Hollywood

The celebrities are always in the spotlight and so whatever they do in front of us. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear a lot of good stuff about them because the media is always searching for a spiced up story and so many of the stars that we know have scandals. But there is another side of these stars that we tend to ignore, and we need to find out more about it! These celebrities who might seem arrogant to us are in fact great people because they play their role in making the world a better place. Want to know some of them? Keep reading!

The next celebrity that we have on the list is someone that you know belongs here. Yes, we are talking about Angelina Jolie! Over the years the actress and director have been less involved in the Hollywood scene, and more into humanitarian work. The great thing about her is that she gives money to charity, but also her time and effort. She has been working on refugee missions around the world since 2001. She also made the Jolie-Pitt Foundation with Brad Pitt, which has helped establish a center for children affected with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Ethiopia and more. She also kept up her work this year.

One person who had to be on this list is Ellen Degeneres because this lady sure knows how to change lives for better and we love her for that. She raised $12.5 million for breast cancer, more than $10 million for families affected by Hurricane Katrina, and more than $21 million to individuals and families who shared their stories with her. DeGeneres has even inspired her audience to donate more than $35 million of their own. The lady surely has a heart made of gold, and after knowing about her efforts, we are sure that you will start respecting her even more.

Ellen Degeneres

The Harry Potter star has been so dedicated to charity and public service that she announced she was taking a year off to do it more. Emma thought about going and doing a year of gender studies, but then she realized that she was learning so much by being on the ground and just speaking with people and doing her reading. That she was learning so far on her own. She wanted to keep on the path that she is on. Since then she was at the U.N. to share a pledge ten universities made to improve gender equality on campus, which is part of #HeForShe. According to her, the promise includes “all forms of violence.”

While you may not know, the actress of the “Desperate Housewives” is one of the celebrities who consider it their responsibility to help others. She is the founder of both the Eva Longoria Foundation and Eva’s Heroes and even hosted a fundraising event in Las Vegas in November for Padres Contra El Cancer (PADRES). The organization for which Longoria is a national spokeswoman improves the lives of children with cancer and their families. Incredible, isn’t it? Want to know about a few more charitable celebrities? Keep reading!

The next celebrity on the list is Beyonce and let us tell you that lately, the singer has been mixing social justice messages into her work, and she has also been setting aside some of her profits for charity. She announced that she is partnering up with charities for her Formation World Tour to help improve the poisoned water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Fans were able to also win tickets to her tour by contributing to the United Way charity in Flint through a raffle! Beyonce is determined to make a difference, and so she is a part of many projects, we must say that we are proud of her.

The queen of pop, Madonna is not just busy with her work, she believes that lending others a hand is also a part of her existence and that is why she has been a part of charities. She is the one who founded Raising Malawi and is a patron of Children of Peace! Moreover, she even donated to three community groups in her hometown of Detroit in July and the Downtown Youth Boxing Gym, the Detroit Achievement Academy as well as the Empowerment Plan.

The Vampire Diaries star is so passionate about giving back that he has his foundation called the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. The goal of it is to advance science to promote the conservation of natural resources. The organization is also all about protecting animals. This year he made headlines for speaking out against the ivory trade. According to Ian, if people could make that connection the physical connection of this beautiful, intelligent animal they would feel differently about when they think about taking this task and what it means to kill these magnificent creatures. Not only is the actor incredibly hot but even has a beautiful heart.

Ian Somerhalder

One direction happens to be one of the most famous bands, and people all over the world love it for being so incredible at what they do. But the fact is that music is not the only thing that these fantastic people do, they are a part of various charities and causes. They are fighting against poverty, slavery and human trafficking apart from the £501,300 ($781,050) that they raised for cancer. It’s incredible how these stars take out time from their tight schedules and make an effort to change the world and make it more liveable.

One direction

For those who do not know, George Lucas created an empire from the Star Wars franchise and had decided to do some good with his money. After selling Lucasfilm to Disney for $4 billion, he went on to donate most of the money to better education. The man then founded the George Lucas Educational Foundation and is chairman of it. According to him, for 41 years, the majority of his time and money has been put into the company, and as he starts a new chapter in his life, it is gratifying that he has the opportunity to devote more time and resources to philanthropy.

George Lucas

Like many other celebrities, the talented musician, Katy Perry has proven to be an incredible human being as she is a part of various organizations that advocate different causes. These organizations include UNICEF, Project Clean Water, AIDS LIFE, Make It Right as well as Children’s Defense Fund! We know that you are impressed already, but here we need to tell you that these are just a few of them. This woman is an incredibly fantastic philanthropist, and we are lucky to have such a humble person in this world who, despite, all the stardom and luxuries that she has, still thinks about others!

John Legend established the Show Me Campaign to raise the required funds soon after his fact-finding mission and partnered with Sachs’ Millennium Promise Alliance to serve needy African villages. In 2008, both Legend and Sachs made a tour of universities all over the US to encourage social, economic, personal, and educational growth. This trip was called the Poverty Action Tour, the sessions challenged people to support the fight against poverty, and promote the charities and groups that champion the cause. We must say that the guy is incredibly kind-hearted.

John Legend

All of us expect gifts on our birthdays but have you ever thought of giving gifts on your special day? Most of us haven’t, but the gorgeous Mindy Kaling is a beautiful person inside out. She had a pretty unorthodox birthday in 2015 when she decided to turn the idea of gift-giving on its head. Yes, the Mindy Project star sent a tweet out asking fans to name their favorite charitable causes, which she then donated to in the spirit of her 36th year on earth. Now, that’s much more satisfying than cake.

Mindy Kaling

There are many people out there who do not like Miley Cyrus for all the stuff that she does, and we agree with you all because the star is infamous for doing stupid things for publicity. But the thing is that no matter what the lady does to earn stardom, she has a beautiful heart that thinks about the well-being of the others, and that is why Miley Cyrus was titled as the second most charitable celebrity back in 2015. You must be thinking that what must have inspired Miley to be as generous as she is, so well, even in America some families are living in horrible conditions and Miley is sensitive enough to feel their pain.

Miley Cyrus

The last celebrity on the list is Tyler Oakley who is a YouTube star, but he is no less than the other stars that we have mentioned. When not many people stand up for LGBT rights, this man did, and he saved many lives. He raised over half a million dollars for The Trevor Project, a 24-hour suicide hotline for gay and questioning teenagers. We are proud of him! We hope that you liked the article, don’t forget to SHARE it with the people around you.

Tyler Oakley

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