Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst

It is just so sad to see that now our world is becoming something which has set standards for almost everything. Beauty is something which was said to be in the eyes of the beholder, but I bet that you won’t know that for these celebs. Because when you would look at them, you would say that beauty lies in the eyes of the knife holder. These celebs too wanted to be beautiful as the set standards, but instead, they got transformed into something that no one ever thought! And I tell you that even these people never thought themselves.

Donatella Versace

Ever since Donatella became the Vice President of Versace, she became something which was never herself. As you all must know that nowadays a lot of celebs are going for rhinoplasties in which their noses get small but for her, it got bigger, broader and crooked over the years. She got so many lip injections although her lips were already full she wanted to overdo them, and then it got turned into a disaster. She had so many faces lifts that her skin has started to appear so loose now and it is just sad to see her like this!

Joan Rivers

Now Joan is the person who always used to make fun of the poor fashion choices that any celeb made, and she used to humiliate them. But then she also made some very wrong decisions by getting so many surgeries done on her face. But whenever she was asked about it she always used to deny it and never said that she got any of them. It was said that she had almost 739 surgeries done on her and she is the one who is not willing to accept that there is also an old age and people do get old.

Tara Reid

It has been said about Tara, “Tara Reid used to be so adorable when she was a young chick. With that raspy voice and those wildly sexy eyes, Tara was practically every teenage boy’s crush, however, when she decided she isn’t that pretty and that she needs liposuction, as well as to get her breasts and stomach done, Tara’s sexiness went away for good.” But then there were just so many pictures of her which were showing traces of her old age, and she just didn’t want that so she got under the knife and disaster it was!

Mickey Rourke

Now Mickey used to be a heartthrob back in the day until he went to get his face fixed. So apart from doing so many great projects he also had a thing for boxing, but he sucked in that, and that thing did much damage to his face too. So he went to this surgeon and wanted to get his face put back together, but it seemed like that he went to the wrong person and then his plastic surgery became the disaster of the millennium. Because he is almost unrecognizable now and he just regrets it more than anything.

Axl Rose

Axl has done everything, and I mean everything just so that he could not look old. Now one of the things that they don’t accept is that they could never get that beautiful young looking skin that used to be there and now it is all gone. But it is all just part of life, and we should all accept it. But Axl went a little bit too far to get his face done, and he got tons of botox and even chemical peeling which would rejuvenate his skin and all. But now he just looks like someone so different.

Daryl Hannah

We all know this face as she has done some amazing work in movies like “Blade Runner” (1982), “Splash” (1984), “Roxanne” (1987), “Wall Street” (1987), “Steel Magnolias” (1989) and later “Kill Bill” (2003/04)”. She is the person who also couldn’t accept the fact that people age and she wanted to keep herself young as much as she could and as long as she could. So she also turned to get some surgeries done and as you all can very well see that it has majorly backfired and now she doesn’t look entirely like herself. She looks like a disaster!

Kelly Bensimon

“Kelly Bensimon, unfortunately, looks like she has developed capsular contracture around her breast implants – leading to the asymmetric and “stuck-on” look. It also appears that her implants were not put under her muscle which would have provided an extra layer of tissue coverage. I am interested to see Playboy’s airbrushed results.” But she ultimately denies of having any surgery done on her. But come on, Kelly, you don’t have to say because it just shows right there on your face that something is just not right and it just looks so artificial and who would ever want that.

La Toya Jackson

Well, we just think that the pointed nose runs in the family and you all could see that very well. It seems like that the pop legend Michael Jackson’s sister also wanted to look like him only and that is why she has the same nose and the chin implant like her brother. And you could say that they don’t just have the same DNA only, but they also have the same plastic surgeon because you can look at this picture and can tell that she is almost Jackson! Sadly another good looking girl turned to plastic surgery and got this!

Tori Spelling

“I wanted to come clean that I had my boobs done in my 20s because people falsely write that I’ve had all these things done. I’ve had the two procedures that probably every other woman in Hollywood has had done,” said Tori. There was a time when she used to deny it very clear that if she had any of the surgeries and would say that she didn’t. But that wasn’t the case because it was quite evident from her looks that something is just so strange and it doesn’t look like her at all. She used to be so pretty.

Scott Thompson

Celebrity cosmetic specialist Anthony Youn claims that “Thompson has undergone several procedures, including eyebrow lift, Botox injections, lip plumping and laser peels. Carrot suddenly doesn’t have his signature freckles, and it’s also been speculated that he uses steroids, as his body suddenly became muscular.” So he had quite some work done on his face and now he looks like someone who could very well replace the clown Pennywise from IT! He wouldn’t even have to go for the audition, just send his picture and the production team would be running after him.

Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola

Angela is also one of those people who just always wanted to stay young and that wasn’t just it for her but she also wanted to enhance some of the features like she wanted to enhance her bust line and then also got her lips fixed which to be very frank looks like to me have been attacked by a swamp of bees. Anyway but getting so many surgeries never did any good for her and it just seemed that it just made her to be just so, so worse. In fact her disaster is among the most talked about disasters in the world.

Michael Jackson

As Michael biographer, J. Randy Taraborrelli revealed, “Jackson also began making his signature nose smaller around the same time. He was later reported to have been using the over-the-counter skin-bleaching cream called Porcelana to achieve the coveted “more European” look. During his career, Jackson’s facial structure changed completely. Surgeons claim he also had a rhinoplasty, a forehead lift, cheekbone surgery, altered his lips, and had a cleft put in his chin. People close to the singer estimated that, by 1990, Michael had undergone ten procedures. The total number of plastic surgeries The King of Pop underwent will probably never be revealed.”

Renee Zellweger

Renee shocked everyone with her transformation which was done overnight, and I kid you not people, but it was like literally overnight. She was just another person, and she wasn’t what she used to be at all. So when she went on the Emmy Awards night back in 2012, the press officials said that they couldn’t believe that it was her right in front of them. When she walked on the red carpet, they were a little bit confused as they couldn’t just be sure that it was Renee as she was looking nothing like herself.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela wanted to have that diva lifestyle, but it seemed like her skin wasn’t ready to give her that so she turned to these plastic surgeries and they made her into this! So as she was young, she wanted to have the more prominent bust, so she went and got these ugly breast implants which she didn’t like. So she went to remove that but then again got bigger ones who made her look even worse. And then she got bigger ones, and then it all made her into this Pamela that our eyes burn to see now. It adversely affected her career!

Melanie Griffith

Melanie used to be a ravishing person but now it is all gone, and she has been getting too many “you look horrible”. Although we just hope that if she could go back to what she used to be. But so many celebs never opened about their bad experiences with surgeries although Melanie is the one who came forward and talked about it. She said those wrong surgeries could give you scars that you could never make to go. She even opened up how she went to the rehab three times, and she was fighting a drug addiction.

Macaulay Culkin

When people saw him in Home Alone everyone just knew that he is going to make so big in the industry because come on the kid was just so outstanding. But we think that he couldn’t cope up with the success that he was getting at such a young age. And then he turned himself into the dark addiction and even got some surgeries done because I don’t think so that he was this hideous always. But now he is working on himself and he is trying to quit all the bad habits that were once there.

Keith Richards

Can you even believe that he used to be a heartthrob back in the day because I don’t think so that he is now? He is just a complete disaster but for those of you who don’t know then let me tell you that he used to be in Rolling Stones and he was the toughest ones that were there. But no one would ever know that why he took the toll out on his body. He just seemed to be getting only so and so worse with each passing day as he didn’t give up on the plastic surgeries that he was getting.

Ozzy Osbourne

I swear that one would get a heart attack if they see this man roaming in their house at night! Ozzy is another example from a rock star to a wreck havoc. He just destroyed himself even though people used to rip their clothes for this guy. But at a very young age he got the success, and then he got into drug abuse which just wrecked him all over. And now people say that he is in such an ill mental health that he is only a step away from getting into a mental asylum!

Goldie Hawn

If you think that Goldie also got those horrible surgeries and botox, then you are wrong because she didn’t do any of that. And she just let age reach of what was left of her beautiful and glam looks. And yes of course now you would see those old white spots and wrinkles on her face but it is all natural, and nothing there is artificial. We just miss seeing her gorgeous face that used to spark the silver screen with all its might.

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