This Mom Lost 130 Pounds In Less Than 2 Years — Here’s How

Being a mother isn’t easy at all because a lot of things change and the way that they change are just so rapid that you wouldn’t even believe that the person who is standing right in front of the mirror is you! and that is exactly what happens with this woman too. She was just 25 years old when she gave birth to her baby but during that time, she was changed so much that she couldn’t even believe that it was her right in the mirror. I think that it is the most tragic time when you stand right in front of the mirror and couldn’t recognize your own self.

So here I am to tell y'all that I am a real person who makes real mistakes when it comes to my weightloss journey. This past week, I had my daughters birthday, her birthday party, a wedding, and a Rockies game for my brothers birthday. I usually work out 5x a week and last week I ONLY WORKED OUT ONCE. Sometimes life gets in the way. Yes, could I have prioritized to work out ? Absolutely. But sometimes you just need a break. After many days of drinking, poor food choices, and deep relaxation…. it's time to get up and get it together. I am pretty consistent when it comes to this lifestyle . But here is where most of y'all make the mistake. Falling off for a day or two or even a week or a month isn't where you messed up. It's not picking up where you left off and moving forward. You get dragged back into those unhealthy habits and don't keep going. So anyone out there, listen up. Did you have a bad weekend? Or a bad week? Have you not been to the gym for 2 weeks and alcohol has been a main ingredient in your diet? Have you felt tired or kinda just "over it?" That's alright. We're people and we feel those things and we act upon them. But today, do me a favor. Make good food choices, hit up the gym, and take a step closer to reaching your goals. ALWAYS get back up ??? #NoRagrats ?

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Kassidy Linde who was just an average woman who was spending the life with her love and it was all pretty well when she got to know that they are expecting a baby. Well, she also reacted to the news as any other girl would and she was just so happy that now they are going to be a complete family. Anyway moving on, but since you know that every girl gains some weight when they are pregnant because of your body changes, your eating habit changes with that too, and that is all normal.

I don't usually post too much food on here! I eat for fuel, which makes my meals a little repetitive. I have been trying to meal prep more lately because I have been busy! This is a taco bowl I prepped and OMG! I used ground chicken with some taco seasoning, pinto beans, bell peppers and onions, and rice. I threw some shredded lettuce on top and added some fat free sour cream and it was delicious! I DO NOT COUNT MACROS OR CALORIES. I feel like I know what my body needs , so I eat accordingly. Counting macros would get me results quicker , but it causes me too much stress right now. I did 1/4c rice and divided a can of pinto beans equally unto 4 containers. Just an idea for any of y'all wanting to change up chicken and rice :)

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But for Linde it became such an unusual thing because she was gaining weight like anything, and you know the moment when you have thought all your life that this is the one thing which would never happen to you and then when it has started to happen, then you don’t think of words and come to the thought that how this is all happening to you. Linde gained 260 pounds during her pregnancy, and it was just so horrific for her that she just didn’t want to look in the mirror again and see herself in that.

It has been almost 2 years since I started my weight loss journey! Since day 1 , I have done this all by myself. Found different work outs, recipe ideas, HIIT training, etc. I had a coach for 2 weeks (about a year ago) but unfortunately couldn't follow the plan because my Arthritis was flared up SO bad, I couldn't work out during that time. I have pretty much taught myself what to do, what to eat, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. BUT that does not mean that I haven't had help. I have had so many people, friends, family, personal trainers, coaches, and even random people help me , motivate me, and give me advice throughout these past two years. And trust me, even if we don't talk anymore , you have helped me in some way. I would tag all of you but I don't even think it would be possible. So thank you!!! As of now, today is my very first day with my new trainer @devinthadood and I am STOKED! Not only is he training me but he is also training my lovely fiancée @driekens ! And yes. I am going to start count macros (write that down in the Bible under miracles!) Go check him out !!!!

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“It got to the point that whenever I would look in the mirror, I wasn’t able to find anything beautiful about myself,” Linde told media. “That’s a devastating feeling. I have an 18-month-old daughter, and I would feel terrible if she ever felt this way about herself. I wanted her to look up to me and admire me, so I changed myself.” It was something which was just eating her inside. And you know that how a mother feels that after nine months when they finally have their baby in their arms but for Linde, it wasn’t that easy because she was a changed person now.

But there was this one thing about her and that she didn’t want to be that person which she wouldn’t want to see in the mirror in the morning. And she thought that there are ways which could help her to lose weight and she would be transformed once again. She started cutting everything which was unhealthy from her diet and then she started doing cardio. The cardio that she was doing was about 3 to 5 times a week, and she wouldn’t miss it for the world because she was just so determined.

She started with her new lifestyle back in May 2015, and until the end of 2016, she was able to lose 160 pounds which are quite a lot. And people who have been trying to lose weight over here just know that it isn’t easy to lose weight and you have to give quite a lot even when you are thinking of losing few pounds. So you could imagine the struggle that she went through to shed that extra weight. And let me remind you, people, that she wasn’t alone, but she had a baby and that too a newborn baby by her side to be taken care of.

Hey y'all, so I'm getting close to 11k followers and about 95% of them follow me for some type of fitness related interest. I get hundreds of messages with people asking me questions and it's a lot to respond to specifically. SO. If y'all have a question , COMMENT BELOW and I will respond. Maybe nobody has any questions, that's fine too! I am not (yet) certified but will be shortly . I am not a nutritionist or professional athlete. I'm just some random girl who wanted something and worked hard to get it. I'm not sponsored by any big companies (doesn't mean I would've love to be haha) and I haven't competed in any competitive shows. My name is Kassidy, I weighed 260 pounds highest weight, and I worked hard to lose half of that. I even struggled SEVERELY with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am 5'6 and weigh 135 lbs. and started my fitness journey on May 22, 2015!

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“I quit making excuses,” she said. “I started researching, meal prepping and working out. I started drinking a gallon of water a day, and prepping the chicken, rice, and veggies every Sunday.” There was no excuse for her. Normally people like us could find this an amazing excuse to be not working out that we have just delivered a baby, but when it comes to Linde, she was just so enthusiastic about it that she wouldn’t miss her cardio or her diet even for a day and that motivation kept her going.

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Linde hasn’t just lost weight, but she has also documented her entire journey in which she started to feel nothing and then when to lose weight, she started to think that it is going to be an important thing in her life as she was feeling confident once again. She posted all the hard work on Instagram where people saw her efforts and they couldn’t help but be impressed by her because that was something which required a lot of hard work. People were commenting on her pictures and getting inspiration from a mother who just delivered her baby and now lost 160 pounds.

Don't ever compete with another person. Don't compare your body or compare what you both can lift. You never know where they started or how far they've come. You never know if they JUST started or if they don't quite have a journey yet. The most important thing is to compare yourself to you. The old you. The "you" yesterday. Don't focus on other people because that can be a huge factor that could potentially hold you back. Instead of comparing, use other people to learn from. Follow their exercises or take their advice. We all have the same goals, or similar living a healthy lifestyle! My favorite 3 #Fitspirations right now are @hannahbower2 @cristinacapron and @suzie_kb . Go follow all of these beautiful woman for different work outs!

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“Holding myself accountable via social media was probably my biggest motivator,” she said. “What my followers didn’t realize is that for as much I as was motivating them, they were motivating me as well. Putting yourself out there and letting yourself be vulnerable to thousands of people makes you want to give it your all and do your best.” She took all the inspirational things that people were saying about her to be her biggest strength, and she was using it to be motivating her because she was doing such a hard work!

I thank God every day that you're my laddddy ?‍?

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And now since she has been through those times where she hated herself for being so big, she could totally relate to people who have been going through the same thing which she has been through. She doesn’t only post pictures of herself and the transformations, but she also posts pictures of the meals that she takes and the different diet which she has been taking and which is helping her to lose this much amount of weight. She doesn’t believe in starving herself, but she believes that the right food in the right amount wouldn’t do any harm to the body.

The diet which she has been taking consists of chicken, turkey, turkey bacon or sausage, almonds, vegetables and whole grains and now she only sticks to a five-day meal diet. She has been drinking a lot of water nowadays and in fact every day, she has to drink a gallon of water to be going through it. she doesn’t mind a red velvet oreo from time to time and she just loves treating herself. She has made herself a fitness journal in which she keeps the track of all her diet and the meals that she has been taking.

Q&A: How long did it take for you to lose the weight? • it took me about 18 months to reach my goal weight and it's been 21 months total What keeps you motivated ? • Results. At first it seems like a chore. You keep staring at the scale and eating good wondering when you'll see what you're working for. Then, once you start seeing results , it's becomes an addiction. Some days you won't want to go, GO ANYWAY. The days you over come are the days that count the most! What program do you follow? • I WRITE MY OWN! I am currently in the process of becoming a personal trainer and I will be selling ONLINE WORK OUT PROGRAMS for anyone interested! (Stay tuned…) Check out Bodybuilding.com or Jefit for work outs. What do you eat? • Chicken, turkey meat, turkey bacon or sausage, almonds , peanuts , peanut butter, veggies , protein yogurt, granola, potatoes, rice, tortillas, salads, etc. oh, and the occasional red velvet Oreo lol [[ DRINK A GALLON OF WATER A DAY!]] How tall are you and how much have you lost? • I am 5'6 , 25 years old, and I have lost 129 pounds total since having my daughter. I started at 260 and got down to around 131 pounds and now am consistently at 135. How many times do you work out a week? • I work out 5x a week almost always and sometimes a 6th day. -Monday: legs -Tuesday: Biceps and triceps -Wednesday: chest and back -Thursday: legs x2 -Friday: Shoulders and abs -Saturday : occasional / cardio Any other questions I can help answer ?? Comment below!

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“Don’t think about losing 100 pounds. Think about losing 10 pounds, ten times,” she wrote on Instagram. “That has always been my best advice when it comes to starting a new healthy lifestyle.” She is always up for new workouts, and she doesn’t even mind trying those new workouts. But she has always been saying that don’t think that you would lose 100 pounds in a day or so but you would have to put in a lot before you see the results on you. And it is just useless when you think that you could starve yourself and be in shape.

“I’m a very normal and average person. I like to eat red velvet Oreos. I love beer. I’m a mom. I’m lazy sometimes and I don’t always make the best decisions,” she writes on Instagram. “But I did accomplish something great and I am here to share it with thousands of people! And guess what? YOU CAN DO IT TOO! I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.” so all you people who want to get in shape, should really take tips from her because she could be an inspiration for you and could motivate you to lose weight!


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