This Mom Lost 130 Pounds In Less Than 2 Years — Here’s How (13 Images)


Being a mother isn’t easy at all because a lot of things change and the way that they change are just so rapid that you wouldn’t even believe that the person who is standing right in front of the mirror is you! and that is exactly what happens with this woman too. She was just 25 years old when she gave birth to her baby but during that time, she was changed so much that she couldn’t even believe that it was her right in the mirror. I think that it is the most tragic time when you stand right in front of the mirror and couldn’t recognize your own self.

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So here I am to tell y'all that I am a real person who makes real mistakes when it comes to my weightloss journey. This past week, I had my daughters birthday, her birthday party, a wedding, and a Rockies game for my brothers birthday. I usually work out 5x a week and last week I ONLY WORKED OUT ONCE. Sometimes life gets in the way. Yes, could I have prioritized to work out ? Absolutely. But sometimes you just need a break. After many days of drinking, poor food choices, and deep relaxation…. it's time to get up and get it together. I am pretty consistent when it comes to this lifestyle . But here is where most of y'all make the mistake. Falling off for a day or two or even a week or a month isn't where you messed up. It's not picking up where you left off and moving forward. You get dragged back into those unhealthy habits and don't keep going. So anyone out there, listen up. Did you have a bad weekend? Or a bad week? Have you not been to the gym for 2 weeks and alcohol has been a main ingredient in your diet? Have you felt tired or kinda just "over it?" That's alright. We're people and we feel those things and we act upon them. But today, do me a favor. Make good food choices, hit up the gym, and take a step closer to reaching your goals. ALWAYS get back up 👊🏼💥 #NoRagrats 😂

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