Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Shower For Two Days

Now there would be a lot of people out there who would be thinking that why in the world we have even published this article because who doesn’t take a shower. Well guys, if you are a bunch of hygienic people it doesn’t mean that everyone is. And I bet that as much as you like to take showers because most of us would take showers more than once in the day but then there would be people who wouldn’t take a shower for days. And let me tell you that they wouldn’t be guilty even for once. So I’m, and this post is here to make those people ashamed!

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Yep, now for those of you who aren’t used to of taking showers and they would go days and days without showering, then let me tell you that these shower curtains are for you. You know when you would be made to get in the shower tub then it might be that you would get on with your laziness and take a bath since you are already there. But people you need to know that showers aren’t just for making life decisions in there or being a singer, but it does much more than that.

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So everyone knows that shower is the only gateway which would make you free from all the germs and the bacteria which are present on your body. And believe no matter how much you take a bath in perfume and think that since you smell good, there aren’t any germs out there, then you are wrong! When you don’t take a shower for days the bacteria on your body start to multiply! And it is a fact that every human carries at least 1,000 bacteria with them all the time and it also includes fungus. So you could imagine the rest!


And then if you have noticed that when you don’t take a shower for days, you will start to get rashes. And they would be there on your body out of nowhere; you wouldn’t even remember how they got there in the first place. But anyway it is my duty to let you know that not having a bath for days would make your skin worse and if you have a skin condition, it would be making it nothing but just worse than ever. You might have heard of eczema. And people who have eczema know that if they don’t get proper showers, it will spread like anything.


When you are not cleaning your skin, it will make the dead cells to show their magic on your skin, and you know it, people, that the only magic those dead cells know is to give you some good breakouts. So don’t be surprised when you get pimples here and there because that is happening to you since you haven’t taken a bath. When you don’t wash the skin, the bacteria will start to build up under the skin, and then it could cause breakouts and pimples.


So people think that since they haven’t taken a shower for days and days but they could always handle the odour and that they could do it by taking a bath in their favourite perfumes! Well, we get it that you want to smell nice, but you also need to get it that you just couldn’t feel clean or even be clean by wearing a nice perfume. You would always smell bad at the end of the day when the scent of the perfume would wear off, and then you would be nothing but a smelly cat in the town. When your bacteria and sweat would mix, it would create the bad body odour.

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And if you thought that not having a bath would just cause breakouts or you would be the mother of some bacteria but let me tell you that it won’t stop there. And there is a high chance that when you aren’t taking a bath, the bacteria would start to grow on your body and then it could also make you sick! The bacteria could find ways from your nose, mouth, and eyes and then it would travel to the internals. It would cause you a disease, and you would be sick!


The longer you are waiting to take a shower, the bacteria is just doing its magic, and it is just growing on your body until it makes itself feel at home. And yes some of you might want to say this that not all bacteria is bad for the body and it is scientifically proven, but you need to understand that most of the bacteria are just very bad for you and your body. And when you would let that bacteria stay on your body for long it would get into follicles and wounds and then it could result in some serious infections.

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Now you don’t want to be that girl who would be sitting next to her crush, and she would be just scratching her head because that is not how you could attract him. Let me tell you, people, this that when you are running away from taking a shower for days, it could result to develop the crusts of dirt on your skin known as dermatitis neglecta. It would form a thick crust which would be because of the mixing of the sweat and the dirt which by the way aren’t a good combo and it would just cause damage!

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So I think that after all of these gross things which could happen to you if you don’t take a shower, you wouldn’t want them to happen to you because that is something which is just dangerous. All the gross people who don’t think that hygiene is a big factor, well believe me that you should start considering it because it would just affect your health and that’s it. Showers wouldn’t just clean your body but it would also make you refresh, and you would be a better person when you would come out from the shower!


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