Babysitter Makes A Painful Sacrifice To Save Dying Toddler

All of us know that there is not much of kindness and goodness left in this world and no one would go out f the way for another person unless they have some interest attached. While we may think that this world is full of selfish people, the fact is that some people would go out of the way for other people just because they have love, kindness, and empathy in their heart. So, if you have lost your faith in the power of humanity, then we have a story that is going to help you restore it. Want to know the story? Keep reading!

Baby Talia's photo

Kiersten Miles, 21, entered the Rosko Family’s life last June when she was recommended by a close friend to nanny for them. The new job made Miles happy, and everything was going smooth because the Rosko family was extremely welcoming and they showed such warmth for her that she instantly fell in love with them. Miley shared that since she joined the family for the job, she felt a part of the family and all of them were exceptionally good. But it seemed like fate had planned something else. It had sent Kiersten to this family because they needed her.

Kiersten Miles with Talia

Before accepting the job, Miles was informed that one of the three children required more attention than normal, but that didn’t stop Miles. She still wanted to take the job because she loves kids and she understands that some unfortunate kids in this world need a little more love and attention. So, right after she started working at the Roskos’, she began loving them and especially the 16-month-old baby Talia. Everything seemed to be destined because Miles always felt that she has a soft corner for the little girl, but soon she proved that Talia had a huge place in her heart.


A few weeks before Miles starting, baby Talia, 16-months-old, went to the doctors for her two-month well check up. Talia’s father, George Rosko, reminiscences on the visit saying that his pediatrician right away said her eyes were off and that they must take the baby to a specialist immediately. This was an alarm for George and his wife, and they got anxious, and so they took they child to a specialist as soon as they could. The ultrasound and the biopsy were immediately done and then came to the biggest shock of the couple’s life.

Talia sleeping

The results of the tests left George, and his wife, Farra is a state of complete shock because that was not what they had been expecting. Baby Talia’s results showed an obliterated liver which was in itself a huge shock and the doctors believed that it was biliary atresia. In case you don’t know, Biliary atresia is a rare disease in which the liver’s ducts are blocked thus creating bile build up that rapidly destroys cells and results in severe scarring. This was the beginning of the painful process that this couple went through.

Talia at hospital

It is not easy for any parent to tolerate the pain of their children and so they consulted multiple doctors who claimed that the baby needed a Kasai which is an operation that removes the blocked bile ducts and gallbladder and replaces them with a piece of the baby’s small intestine. A Kasai would not solve Talia’s condition, but prolong her need for a transplant. Farra, the mother of baby Talia, explained that Kasai is not a solution, it rather acts as a band-aid that would prolong the need for a transplant and keep the condition of the baby stable for a while.

Talia with her father George

So, like many other patients, Talia’s name was added to the list of hundreds of people who need a liver and will have to wait for an unlimited amount of time until the organ is arranged for her. While the baby was in pain, his parents suffered too, and in the mid of this entire painful process, Miles came in their lives and proved to be an angel. The family accepted her as their own, and she got very close to baby Talia, and she told that Talia was such a happy baby that you really wouldn’t have known that anything was wrong with her.


Now since Miles spent a lot of time with the baby, so she discovered a lot about her and upon knowing about her condition, she decided to find out more about it out of curiosity. After the research had been done, she figured out that the transplant was the only way that could cure Talia and even though Miles knew the family for only three weeks, she decided that she wanted to help in the most unbelievable way possible and that was by donating part of her liver.

Kiersten Miles and Talia

Farra told Kiersten that this is nothing like donating blood, it is a much serious matter and so not only does she need to tell her family but also research on what she was planning to do so that she knows about the risks. To Farra’s surprise, Miles was done with what she had told her to do, and now she was ready for the sacrifice. That was the last conversation of the Roskos’ with Miley on the issue, and after that, the 21-year-old girl continued her job, and there was no further discussion, but that wasn’t the end of the discussion.

Kiersten Miles and Talia

Farra didn’t talk about it because she didn’t want to pressurize Miley in any way, but one day her prayers were answered when the babysitter updated that she was ready for the surgery. After six long months of testing and paperwork, Miles and baby Talia underwent surgery on January 11. Both procedures were a success. Miles and Talia will both have scars that will eventually fade away. Overall, they are both healing very well. The family was pleasantly surprised at what this young lady had done for her employers; they hadn’t ever expected such a  huge sacrifice.

Talia's mother Farra

Farra and her husband George are forever thankful to Miley for what she has done for the little girl, and we are confident that they now believe the fact that humanity still exists in this world. The best part is that unlike many other donors, not for a second did Miley regret her decision as she claimed, ”I think it was meant to be and I think the whole experience made me a better person. It’s changed my outlook on my entire life.” This story is so powerful and inspiring that it will make you forget about all the evil that exists in the world. Don’t forget to SHARE it with the people around you!

Kiersten Miles and baby Talia

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