10 Reasons That Make You To Fall In Love With Shantal Monique

Who does not know the famous Shantal Monique? If you are still unknown with her name, then you have to go through these pictures. Once you go through them, we can bet that you will fall in love with her. Well, we are giving you ten reasons. Have a look on them and later tell us whether you will fall for her or not.

  1. Gorgeousness And Elegancy

If gorgeousness and elegance can be combined in the right proportion, the result will be certainly a Shantal Monique. Originated from Tempe, Arizona, this model has the breathtaking beauty that can turn anyone’s head. Belonging to Caucasian regarding her ethnicity, Shantal Monique belongs to the class of flawless beauty. This blonde has very attractive eyes and shape features in her face that can attract anyone’s attention. Her innocent and striking beauty is the reason that makes you look at her photos again and again. And that’s why she has gained such popularity across everywhere in the country.

  1. Perfect Vital Statistics

Shantal Monique is just drop dead stunning as she is the synonym of an elite blending of smarts and curves. Her 163 cm or a 5 feet and 4 inches height are just perfect that every girl desires for herself. Her weight is only 55 kg or 121 lbs, and she gives her best effort to maintain it. From spending long hours in the gym to the maintenance of a strict diet – she is quite conscious in this matter. When it comes to her vital statistics, you will be amazed to know that. Does not the 32D-25-34 measurement is the right one that can be the dream for every woman?

  1. Silky Smooth Skin

Well, this is another reason that can tempt you to fall in her love. Does it sound hard to believe? Then it is better to explore yourself. In this picture, most of the part of her bare skin looks so attractive as if the light reflects off it. Not only her skin color and clearness of the skin but also it is about the silky smoothness of her skin. That’s why she has caught the limelight in the world famous magazine Playboy. Her smooth skin is also the reason for her photogenic-ness. No need to tell you that it is the reason you wish to see her photos again and again.

  1. She Knows How To Entertain You

Shantal Monique is the traditional web model, and that’s why Playboy Magazine has chosen her to feature in their magazine page. And it is needless to say that she is the perfect choice for highlighting there as all her moves, poses and expressions are just excellent. In fact, Shantal Monique knows all those tricks to entertain a man as well as a woman, of course, through her photos. After all, getting placed in one of the most famous magazines in the world is undoubtedly a matter of pride and Shantal Monique deserves it.

  1. She is Sweet

If you closely look at the photograph of Shantal Monique, you will certainly notice her lightened up eyes and her soften mouth while giving you a piercing gaze. Whenever you see her smiling, she offers hundreds of thousands of reasons to fall in love with her. In fact, starting in this photograph, it seems that she is unaware of all the darker and cruel aspects of life. Shantal Monique’s sweetness and lightness make you forget about harsh reality in life and introduce a sense of playfulness and joy within your inside.

  1. Her Self-Awareness And Confidence

Although she seems to be so soft and gentle, Shantal Monique is a strong woman, and she defines her strength by her ability to love others. Throughout her career, she has been showing her determination and strength to proceed and achieve success. From her body language and boldness, she has kept a strong impact on her type of personality. From her walk and body posture, we get the glimpse of her confidence.

  1. Her Focused Career Aspects

Shantal Monique knows what she is and what she wishes to achieve. That’s why she gives her best effort to gain the goals of her life. Being in the profession of an adult model, she is rapidly progressing here. In fact, she is associated with the career for a long time and even at the age of 27 she can bring down any other models who can be her competitor. Well, the secret of her worldwide popularity is that she is motivated, hard-working and persistent and she has all those reasons to make your head spin for her.

  1. Her Easy-going Type Attitude

Carefully watch all these pictures! Don’t you feel that Shantal Monique has flexibility in all kinds of dresses? Be in black, white or pink, she looks fabulous everywhere. Her casual pose and flexibleness for all the dresses are the important reason for making people fall for her. Well, the ideal about Shantal’s popularity you may get after seeing the number of people search for her photographs. Because of her easiness and casualness, she is considered among one of the top search models in the web world.

  1. She is glamorous

Do you have any doubt about her glamorous appearance? Well, no one has. From her beauty to expression, from her attitude to posture, from her figure to move – Shantal Monique is glamorous in every aspect. Whatever clothes you give her, whichever photoshoot is done on her and whatever is the background of her photo, no one can question about the glamor quotient of Shantal Monique. These pictures are the proofs.

  1. She is Unique

Finally, the reason comes that makes people fall for Shantal Monique and not for any other girl is she is one and only. In respect of her beauty, figure, body posture, attitude, social media craze, hardship and much more things, she is just unique. You may get hundreds of thousands of models, and you may also get few other models featuring in Playboy, but no one is like Shantal Monique, and this photo is the proof.

Well, although we know that you have already fallen for her after seeing these photographs, try to resist yourself if you can.

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