Child Stars All Grown Up

1. Elisha Cuthbert:

Elisha Cuthbert started her career as a young model, but very soon she came into the world of television and started with a show on the tv show on Nickelodeon ‘Are You Afraid Of the Dark?’. Everyone adored Elisha’s young character, and her show was one of the classics of the nineteens. After few years her role in the movie ‘The Girl Next Door’ took everyone by a shock when she was seen as an entirely different person in a role of an ex-porn star.

2. Amanda Bynes:

Amanda Bynes started at a young age from Nickelodeon’s show called ‘All that’, later she did another show on the channel called ‘Figure It Out’. Little Amanda became so famous that Nickelodeon then gave her, her own show called ‘The Amanda Show’. After growing up into a beautiful girl Amanda appeared in several movies but her most famous role was in the movie Hairspray. The actress got into drug and alcohol addiction and has been facing psychiatric issues.

3. Anna Paquin:

Anna did her first role at the age of 9 in the movie ‘The Piano’, her acting skills were so incredible that at the age of only 11 she won herself the award for the best actress in supporting role in 1993. Anna is the second youngest person to win an award for this category. Recently she has been seen in the role of Rogue in the famous ‘X-Men Series,’ besides that she also plays a significant role in a television show called ‘True Blood.’

4. Christian Bale:

Bale started acting in the early 1980s from a young age in England. He did some stage performances and some movies as a child actor, but then the attention became a problem for him so he took a step back from the world of acting. But his top notch skills could not keep him away for so long, in 1989 he was brought back to acting and since then he has been seen in some incredible roles. He is most famous for his role as Batman in the series and also for movies like Prestige, American Psycho etc.

5. Brooke Shields:

Brooke Shields appeared on the screen for the first time when she was only 11 months old. She was the first person to stand on the cover of the Vogue magazine, in her childhood she has done some challenging roles, one as a young prostitute and two others where she had to be nude for the scene. With age she has done several outstanding performances, she has been a part of many television shows. She is also an author of 5 books and an advocate.

6. Hilary Duff:

Hilary started her career from a very young age, she has appeared in many commercials and has done modeling at a little age. She got famous for her role on Disney’s television show Lizzie McGuire. She also started her career as a singer in the early 2000s. In her teen age, Hilary has done quite a few movies, but her music career has been much more successful than her acting career.

7. Kirsten Dunst:

Kirsten Dust started her career at the age 3 by modeling for different famous brands. She also started acting from a very young age, she appeared in various roles but what got her the childhood fame was her role in the movie ‘Interview with the Vampire’ along side actors Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. She is also famous for her role in the movie Jumanji. To this date Kirsten has done over 50 film roles, few of her most famous movies are, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The original Spider-Man series , The Virgin Suicides and  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

8. Jodie Foster:

Jodie Foster started her acting career in the year 1965 with a television ad, after that, she was seen in many Disney movies. She became famous after her role in the incredible movie ‘Taxi Driver’, it is said to be one of the best roles of her career. With time her skills groomed and she did some more amazing roles, she has also won several awards for that.

9. Lindsay Lohan:

At the age of three Lindsay Lohan started modeling for the Ford Models, by the age of 10 she had done over 60 television commercials. She appeared in a soap opera before she got her role in the movie Parent Trap, her acting was loved so much that Disney signed a three film contract with her. In 2004 she did her first non-Disney film called the Mean Girls which was a hit. After that she did some other roles but the year 2006 was a disaster of her career, she got addicted to drugs and alcohol and keep coming in and out of rehab, the actor has not recovered well since then.

10. Macaulay Culkin:

Macaulay Culkin started acting in different stage shows and films from the age of four but what made him famous was his role as Kevin the Blockbuster film ‘Home Alone’, there was also a sequel to that movie. His other memorable childhood characters are from the movies, Richie Rich, Uncle Buck, The Good Son and Getting Even With Dad but none were as famous as Home Alone. Macaulay took a break from acting after several failed movies. He returned in 2003 but all the roles he did, were not appreciated by the audience.

11. Mila Kunis:

Mila Kunis started taking acting lessons at the age of 9 because her father wanted her to. At young age she did many commercials and small roles in famous television shows. She also played the role of young Angelina Jolie in the movie called ‘Gia’. In 1998 at the age of 15 she won several awards for her role in ‘That 70’s Show’. She has done several big movies up til now, among which ‘Black Swan’ is the most famous one for which she also won awards. She has been doing the voice over of a character from the show ‘The Family Guy’ since 1999.

12. Natalie Portman:

Natalie had her first on-screen role in the year 1993, before that she did some stage performances as well. From a young age she has been appearing in significant roles, one of her famous roles as a child was from the movie ‘Beautiful Girls’. She has also played a role in two series of the all time favorite ‘Star Wars’. To this date Natalie has played significant roles in over 50 movies, her most famous movies are, Black Swan, V for Vendetta and Thor. Besides being an actress she is also a producer and a director.

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