Photographic Moments That Make For A Conversation (20 Images)


Photography requires both an eye for the detail as well as for beauty. God lives in the detail, we know. However to use a highly modernized gadget like the SLR camera, one also needs to possess an understanding of the technical details. Certain moments can be captured only if a person knows how to use the camera in hand.

While some moments can be rehearsed, others just happen. At all times, an avid photographer has to be out with the camera to get these in his lens. Take a look at the pictures below. You will get the hang of what we are talking about. Some turn out hilarious, others not quite so. But these moments happen in life every day, and unless we capture them on camera, we will never know. They pass us by, and we just move on with life. The camera in that sense has been a wonderful invention in humans.

1. Well, this one is a trick played by the photographer.

Girl photobombing

Either it was intentional, or it just came about that way. Take a look at this capture. Do you see the lady capturing the picture and her hands? They have angled at such a degree that it sounds like the girl behind them is without her undergarments. She definitely will not be pleased with the result. However, the saving grace is that her face is way from the camera, and she is saved! Oh My God. Exactly who was photo-bombing the photo isn’t clear. It is a girl’s group alright. But most likely, the one behind looking away did it, unknowingly. The result, however, is funny. Intentional or not, this picture does make for a conversation.

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