Photographic Moments That Make For A Conversation

Photography requires both an eye for the detail as well as for beauty. God lives in the detail, we know. However to use a highly modernized gadget like the SLR camera, one also needs to possess an understanding of the technical details. Certain moments can be captured only if a person knows how to use the camera in hand.

While some moments can be rehearsed, others just happen. At all times, an avid photographer has to be out with the camera to get these in his lens. Take a look at the pictures below. You will get the hang of what we are talking about. Some turn out hilarious, others not quite so. But these moments happen in life every day, and unless we capture them on camera, we will never know. They pass us by, and we just move on with life. The camera in that sense has been a wonderful invention in humans.

1. Well, this one is a trick played by the photographer.

Girl photobombing

Either it was intentional, or it just came about that way. Take a look at this capture. Do you see the lady capturing the picture and her hands? They have angled at such a degree that it sounds like the girl behind them is without her undergarments. She definitely will not be pleased with the result. However, the saving grace is that her face is way from the camera, and she is saved! Oh My God. Exactly who was photo-bombing the photo isn’t clear. It is a girl’s group alright. But most likely, the one behind looking away did it, unknowingly. The result, however, is funny. Intentional or not, this picture does make for a conversation.

2. Another case of photo-bombing: Sleeping Beauty.

The lady in focus on the front is a sleeping beauty. She is out sunbathing. But do we see something behind her? All that flab doesn’t make for beauty or elegance. Fat isn’t beautiful at least not on the tummy. This background has made the picture less than perfect and yet it is this imperfection that made us sit up and take notice.

Sleeping beauty

Are we amused? Yes. While this one doesn’t look to be intentional photo-bombing, it didn’t turn out great. The camera could have been positioned a little differently to capture the lady sleeping and yet cut the man out.

Hmm, do we want to keep that man in it? Perhaps, so we can talk about him each time we take a look at the picture.

Hmm, do we want to keep that man in it? Perhaps, so we can talk about him each time we take a look at the picture.

3. This one is a classic case of Odd Man Out!

Just hilarious! Look at the Odd Man Out. The old man sure knows how to have fun. He does have a funny bone, alright. Among the bevy of ladies, he stood posing just like them and was he photo-bombing? Well, most likely. And it indeed makes us laugh. His act of standing behind the ladies and smiling away at the camera will relieve us of some tension.

He was able to create the effect he intended with his little innocent act.
Old man odd one

From the smile it tells us he did it for fun sake. The ladies we are sure had some laughs too. We audience can laugh a while too. Such moments occur very often during photo-shoots, and while they weren’t intended, they created something else and made us laugh.

4. Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swimming is a beautiful sport to watch. When the swimmers glide and swim together to create postures that strike a chord with the camera and the eye as well, the camera can’t help but click. However, does the picture below say something beautiful?

Synchronized Swimming

It is weird. It is neither graceful nor splendid. These girls got together to create a moment that was meant to be beautiful. It looks like the swimmer at the top wanted it to be funny. Perhaps her intention was to be comical. If that is so, then she has achieved her purpose. Funny yes, but not sweet.

5. The camera behind the picture:

This man was caught capturing two ladies while another camera caught him in the act! The man is naughty and is after the girls’ bums. Sneaky and Snoopy. But he didn’t realize that he was under the lens himself! Funny ha?
Capturing bikini babes

It happens quite often. We are after something or someone, and someone else is after us. We end up getting caught in the net. Embarrassing moment. Did he get to know he was caught doing this? We will never know. But we know what he was doing and surely by now he has taken a look at this picture or maybe he hasn’t. It is possible that his friends may have, and that will be a talking point surely.

That which goes around comes around. Be careful people when you follow people around. First, make sure no one is following you.

  1. Is She Paid for Taking Selfies?

Once you keep an eye on this photo, you must feel how absurd the photo is. This lady is busy in taking her selfie to capture her image while eating a banana. Does it make any sense? She is doing nothing but wasting her time in the office. Once you see the photo, you will find it absurd as well as hilarious. Our question is why she feels to take a selfie while eating a banana. Well, maybe she thought to be a good selfie pose. We just hope that there is no close circuit camera installed nearby through which her employer can watch her in such stupid selfie pose.

  1. It’s Not A Child’s Play, Dear!

After watching this image, we feel that children’s entry should be restricted in some places especially in the adult parties. Here the boy’s parents mistakenly brought him in a place where seemed that an adult only party was going on. Didn’t his parents know about this adult the only party? Here two ladies are seen playing with each other in a boat while the boy was watching them from the next boat. It is evident from the boy’s expression that he feels curious to know what those ladies are doing as he is observing them with surprise. Why did his parents bring him in this place?

  1. Forever Young at Heart

Apparently, the photo looks innocent where a grandma is posing with her granddaughters. But after reviewing the photo from a closer look, you will find the fun of this picture. Our focus is not on the young ladies; rather we enjoy the naughty pose of the grandmother who seems young at heart. In fact, younger than her granddaughters. That’s why she is posing playfully in the selfie as if she attempts to photobomb their selfie. Maybe she is unaware about the real fun of her pose, but some people may interpret it in other ways when they feel astonished to know whether the thing before grandma is…that! Ahem, that is just her granddaughter’s hand.

  1. Perfect Matrix Pose

We have to admit the body flexibility of the girl who can pose so nicely. By bending reversely, she proves that she has athletic type body fitness. In fact, this photo may prove her attempt to get selected for the next sequel of Matrix series. Maybe, she is practicing rigorously before the audition.

But at the same time, we are also worried whether she is going to fall from this pose. It seems that the photo is taken just when she was falling from somewhere. Just hope, she has somehow managed her balance from fall from this pose. Well done girl! For such excellent pose!

  1. Waiting for the End of this Selfie Session

You admit it or not, but it is true that selfie is a kind of craze where people often forget about their surroundings. In this image, the girl is so much occupied for posing for the selfie that she forgets that there is the reflection of a dog in the picture. Probably, the dog is locked out in the room and wants to come out. But it has to wait for its owner who is busy to take her selfie. That’s why it is waiting patiently when the girl’s selfie session will be over, and it can come out of the room. Poor dog!

  1. Upside Down Swimming Pose

In swimming, synchronization is a great skill that can be done only by the great swimmers. This photo shows us the perfect synchronized swimming pose where the swimmers are busy in the pool. One swimmer comes in the perfect upside down position where her fellow swimmers hold her.

It is needless to say that the swimmer, who is in the upside down pose, has a wonderfully toned body. Maybe it is because of her rigorous swimming practice. No one can question about her swimming skill that is clearly visible in the photo. Kudos girl, you have nailed us with your skill and your body.

  1. Beware of These Kung-Fu Girls

Boys, if you have done any nuisance, then beware of these kung-fu girls. We are curious to know what they are trying to do in the photograph. Do they try to pose like the Charlie’s Angels and that’s why try to imitate any pose from the movie? Well, somebody should remind them that posing with karate or kung-fu is never enough to look like those angels. In fact, after seeing this picture, the angels from the movie would be terrified from these girls. To be franker, these girls in the picture look like rebellious with their super energized pose. And of course, some credit should be given to the photographer also who has taken the photo in perfect timing.

  1. What An Optical Illusion!

Can you guess how many persons are showing in this photograph? Is the camera focused on one person or two persons? This picture is the perfect example of optical illusion where a man is seen with a gentle curve and two beautiful legs. Now how come the man has such legs and curvy figure that should belong to a lady?

Take a closer look at the photo and then you will get your answer. There is a woman in the photograph whose upper part of the body is hidden behind the man’s torso. Well, we have to admit the right positioning of the photographer who has successfully created this optical illusion.

  1. In Support of Freedom of Love

When you first look at this picture, you keep your eyes on the lady with such peculiar pose. We don’t know exactly what she is trying to do with that position. While looking for the answer by observing her, you will come to know the real fun of this picture.

It is not the lady but those two men standing behind her who have made this photo special. Err! It’s not those men, but their t-shirts. Those two men have worn their t-shirts unknowingly, but those are going well with each other. It seems that they have deliberately worn those ts for the support of gay love.

  1. Dirty Mind! It Just a Small Girl!

Sometimes we have to admit that photographers have the immense power for turning nights onto days. Here is an example where the moment of the capture gives the photo a different connotation. This photo is innocent enough where a small girl is sitting in the lap of a man, probably her father. But due to the typical position of her feet, you will interpret the photo in a different way.

Well, guys! Stop thinking like that. She is just a little girl. It is not necessary to think everything in completely different meaning. But what to do! It is also true that it is inborn of the habit of human nature.

  1. All about the Magic of Shadows

The photo is simple enough to interpret where a lady is seen to apply eye shadow on her eyelashes in front of a mirror. And she does the act with full concentration; otherwise, her eye shadow would be smashed.

But the shadow in the photo is telling us something else. In place of eye shadow, something else has been replaced that indicates us to think differently as if she is busy in other works. Several times, it has been found that shadows hint something which is not at all present in the actual picture or original scenario. Here also the photographer has perfectly used the magic of shadow in the image.

  1. Appreciator of Woman’s Beauty

God must have created this universe and its inhabitants with great effort. Therefore, it is our responsibility to appreciate His work – be it nature’s beauty or the beauty of a woman. Once a man wears the cloth of clergyman, it doesn’t mean that he is restricted to appreciate the beauty of a woman. He has all the freedom.

In the picture, a beautiful lady was passing by when her dress was flown away by a sudden gust of wind. Eventually, a man of the cloth was crossing her from the opposite direction who could not resist himself from a second look. We are seeing the girl’s attempt to protect the dress from the wind. Well, the man must be praising God for creating such beautiful woman on the earth.

  1. Oh! You Too Are Confused!

This photo is a bit funny where the lady is seen placing her baby on her chest where her husband is sleeping beside her. But it is the breast of the woman, and the confused look of the baby make us laugh.

The woman has declined in such peculiar position that her left shoulder looks just like a new breast. That’s why from a first glance chance is that people may get confused as the baby. It seems that the baby is pondering from where he should start to fill his hunger. Even we were also confused at first to think how it is possible.

  1. What’s the Reason for the Dirt?

Sometimes peculiar positions of persons lead us to think a matter in different ways. Its perfect example is this image. Once we see the picture, we start to think how the strain on the man’s t-shirt comes. A woman is sitting on the shoulder of another man in front of this man. And obviously, such position is stirring our thought to something else.

Probably, when the man was walking on the road or somewhere, something has fallen on the t-shirt that has made the strain. Just hope that it is the real reason for the strain, not that one we are thinking.

  1. Lucky Save

What a perfect timing photograph! We must say that capturing the image of the thunder is always tough since it appears for a fraction of a second. However, the photographer has done his job well.

But at the same time, we must admit that the passengers in this plane are lucky enough that they are saved from a massive accident. When the lightning struck the plane, one of the wheels was set on fire. However, not a single one of the passengers was injured from this accident. Probably, they had to face the waiting for the next plane to come and take them to the actual destination.

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