Awkward Family Photos That Will Make You Laugh

Everyone aims to capture beautiful photographs of their families so that they can cherish the memories in future, but sometimes pictures do not come as per their expectations. Instead of perfect framed family photos, they become hilarious and super awkward photographs.

Let’s share some awkward and amusing photos that teach you what not to do while taking family photos.

#1 Over the Rainbow

In the series of 20 funny family photos, we are starting with the favorite one ‘Over the Rainbow’. After looking at the photograph, you have to admit it is weird as well as genius. It sounds like the entire family is in search of a pot of gold!

Over the Rainbow

#2 Dude! What They Have Done With My Washing Machine!

We may have to scratch our heads to know how grandpa and grandpa entered into the washing machine! And how they got out from there! Well, everything is possible while posing for the photographs.

What They Have Done With My Washing Machine

#3 Where Should I Look ?

The family might be confused where was the camera. While half family members were looking one way, half on the other side. In such unimpressive situation, one baby was crying. Chaos!

Where Should I Look At

#4 Game of Thrones

Are the family inspired by ‘Game of Thrones’ series? Whatever was their intention, but the photographer had to be in a hurry to capture the picture. Look at the baby – he may slip anytime.

5 Game of Thrones

#5 White Dog Owner’s Association

Did the family ever apply for ‘White Dog Owner’s Association’? Well, they should as everyone is seen holding one white doggy in their laps. We have a question – whether all the doggies belonged to their family or they bought some dogs from the neighbors.

White Dog Owner’s Association

#6 Result of Long Waiting!

The camera operator was supposed to take the photo five minutes ago. The lady was feeling sleepy as she already started yawning where nobody told the boys what to do as they were looking blank.

Result of Long Waiting

#7 Bride Racks or Bike Racks?

We don’t have any clue what exactly the bride was trying to do with the railing. Maybe she was thinking it as a bike rack and posing with it as a runaway bride stand.

Bride Racks or Bike Racks

#8 Loaded with Potassium

It is undoubtedly a good thing that the father taught his children to eat fruits and vegetables. But what is the point to eat banana altogether and that also brandish it before the camera? Have they eaten a banana for the first time so that they are looking so happy? All these things seem nothing but funny and weird.

Loaded with Potassium

#9 Dad Shocked! Girl Unimpressed and At Last, Mom Smiled!

Did the man face the camera for the first time in his life? Didn’t he know how to pose before the camera? It seems that he was in utter shock to see the flash. However, the daughter also gave an unimpressive look for her dad’s reaction. And thank god! At least mom did not forget to smile!

Dad Shocked! Girl Unimpressed and At Last, Mom Smiled

#10 How Long We Have to Sit Like This!

Leaning against the pool for the family photos is not just a cool idea. The family had to straddle through the pole and at the same time, they are trying hard to muster smiles on their face. We don’t know whose idea it is precise to work so hard for a photo. But from the look, it seems that it is dad’s idea whereas the little girl is the lone person in the family who has some sense to give the real expression.

How Long We Have to Sit Like This

#11 Not Enough Space on Ground!

Some family members often think that they are superior from the rest of the family and try to prove it in many ways. Here in the picture, this man may have the same mentality, and he was above the rest of the household. But on a branch!

Not Enough Space on Ground

#12 Leg Bridge

Of course, you have full freedom to show off your body flexibility. But in a family photograph! The picture is showing that those two men might drop a kick on the child at any moment.

Leg Bridge

#13 The Saddest Family in the World

It seems nobody has told them to smile while taking the photograph. Or they don’t know how to smile. We are curious to know the reason of their grimace faces.

The Saddest Family in the World

#14 So Much in Love!

His wife and kids have almost entangled him from every possible side, and now no room left for anyone else. Thank God, they are five. Otherwise, where does the man accommodate another kid!

So Much in Love

# 15 How Long the Doggy Waits!

It seems the photographer delayed in capturing the photo and the doggy is already in a hurry to cuddle the boy.

How Long the Doggy Waits

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