10 Sexiest Fitness Models Who Love Their Racks (10 Images)


These women are hot. They have a head-turning physique that can impress a man within no time. They are passionate about their workouts at the gym. That’s why you find them every day at gym busy with racks to shape up the perfection of their bodies. Once you keep on eyes on these women and their perfectly-maintained figure, you cannot ever imagine that once they had several heath issues and they were even overweight in their past. However, they have finally transformed their body into rock hard. Undoubtedly, there are long stories of hard work, maintaining a strict diet and severe workouts behind their body perfection.

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#1 Valeria Orsini

Valeria Orsini

You may have seen the talented model Valeria Orsini for the endorsement of Lace to Lust, H&M and Tara Love. Even she has been featured on the covers of several magazines like Mixed Magazine and Lifestyle.

Valeria Orsini has a mixed origin of Columbian, Puerto Rican from Atlanta and Italian. She has put intense labor by doing Muay Thai at least 4-5 times in a week. According to her, she never needs any man who gives her protection, rather she needs “someone that’s fun and makes me laugh no matter what we’re doing”.

Readers, be aware! Never think of kissing her on the first date as she once told in Mixed Magazine, “You gotta work for those.”

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