Woman Uses Her Hijab To Turn Herself Into Disney Princesses

Cruella De Vil

With a little bit of face paint and a cleverly crafted Hijab, a mother of two has managed to transform her face and appearance to look like a bunch of unique Disney characters. Like you know, a Hijab is what some Muslims choose to where over their heads. Funnily enough Disney characters seem to have has a either a lot of hair or something around their heads too. Though we do not know the woman personally, we do know she Queen of Luna on Instagram — and she doesn’t just do Disney characters either, as you can see from her profile.


Princess Jasmine

You can see that Queen of Luna makes for a pretty good Princess Jasmine when she wants to be. We show you Jafar — the main antagonist from the movie Aladdin — further down the list. Princess jasmine was also from the movie Aladdin and was  the love interest that was never to be for Aladdin. We are sure those two are probably kicking themselves they didn’t get together.



Pocahontas is one of the most unique looking women going around and she’s incredibly beautiful too. As you can see, the Queen of Luna comes up looking pretty as her. One of the most difficult features to try to copy from Pocahontas is the eyes, since hers eyes are so unique. The Queen of Luna manages to take the attention away from the eyes by adding a blue paint line underneath. Well, that’s not confirmed but it is our guess.



One of the most ghastly characters from The Little Mermaid is Ursula. You know her as the villain from the show and you will probably never manager to forget her face if you regularly tuned into watching the episodes over your weekend.


Tinker Bell

From one of the most hideous (Ursula) to one of the sweetest things going around in Disney, Tinker Bell was that wonderful little fairy that always followed Peter Pan around. Tinker Bell would help Peter with some words of wisdom and great ideas when the magical Peter couldn’t quite cope with everything when the world was firmly on his shoulders.



Those of you who never watched musical animations as a child might not remember Mulan. However, those who did like a song a long session would remember her well. Here is the Queen of Luna doing a great impression of Mulan. Her eyes are similarly difficult to that of Pocahontas’s, but she pulls it off here by using cleverly crafted eye make-up to help with the eye shape.



You might know the main protagonist as meaning the main character in a story. In this instance, the main protagonist in the movie would be Aladdin. Good old Jafar here is the main antagonist — the person whom Aladdin would square off with the most. And yes, you guest it: Jafar is actually a man and not a woman. That makes this all the more difficult for the Queen of Luna to do the painting of her face you would have to assume.


Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat was one of the most popular Blink 182 songs when I was growing up. I had no idea that it was also a Disney character but apparently it is definitely from Walt Disney’s work. The Cheshire Cat was made by Lewis Carroll in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and everyone remembers the character because ofits mischievous grin.



The following make-up is Alice from Alice in Wonderland. As you can see, she does a great job of imitating a white woman with blond hair. Her normally tanned skin and dark hair and features are nearly polar opposite of a traditional pale skinned woman with blonde hair, but with the magical work of art, she has managed to transform herself into Alice very well.


Red Queen

Here we have the Queen of Luna dressed up as the Red Queen — both of those names go together so it must have been done before she completed her Disney adventure. The Red Queen started off as a novel and was then made into a screen adaption.


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