Mother Spends All Night On The Internet While Her Baby Lays In A Sink

While I do appreciate my parents a great deal in life, there were so many mistakes they made in my upbringing — at least in my opinion — that I remember having distinct conversations with my friends about how there should be a compulsory parenting course for new parents to sit which goes for 6 months. 6 months seems like a pretty good time frame to fit in the bare necessities that every parent should consider without those topics becoming controversial at all.


It’s true there are many things that are arguable with how to bring up a child, but there are just as many things that are not. As I site here with bad teeth and no jaw line, there’s no question my parents needed to act on that when I was an early teen — something I at the time just had no idea about and nor should have I been expected to know that. However, you would expect an adult to know the importance of correcting oral-related things during childhood and teenage years. The fact is now that I’m older these things cannot be fixed at all unless a surgeon was to essentially break my face. There are many things in life that should be considered necessities. Unarguable. Just the way they are. Dental work is one of them.

Then there are other times when mothers of new borne’s just don’t seem to be coping. Granted, we understand the difficulties of bringing up a young child and still having to keep your own head above water. In today’s day and age it’s a difficult thing to do. Money and jobs are two things that are hard to come by let alone actually focusing your attention on what you want to b in life and finding out your greater purpose if you were to believe in such a thing.

As deeply disturbing as the first photo appears to be of a mother out there who has left her young child in a sink with the water running overnight by accident as she spent all night on the internet, we can tell you there is a happy ending to this story.

Little baby Isaiah is only three months old and despite how it may seem at the moment, he was not left in the sink by accident. Isaiah has suffered from a skin condition since birth and it was one that the doctors did not know how to treat properly.


Doctors were treating baby Isaiah with eczema symptoms and prescribed him a steroidal topical ointment. However, the intense skin rash would always come back after the little success that it was having. Anyone who works really hard all day every day will know how short a year is in life and how little you can achieve Once you understand that fact, you would know that doctors are not people who always have the answers to every problem and they do make mistakes sometimes too.


Knowing that, Isaiah’s mother took it upon herself to try some online research and do things herself if the doctors could not find what she was looking for. It’s a dangerous stance to take and comes with obvious risks. For that reason alone, we do not urge you to start treating your babies as you see fit. With that being said, Isiah’s mother found some information that she thought would not harm her baby and would fix the problem.


It was when Isaiah turned five months old that his outbreaks turned so bad that it looked like they were going to be scars. The scarring was tearing much of his skin open and leaving the poor child in a great deal of pain. Isaiah would go to hospital for treatment where he would be helped bu the same problem would keep coming back after just a few days of relief.


It was at that point when mother Stephanie decided to take action into her own hands and wrap baby Isaiah in a wet towel in the sink. As the mother recalls it, this is when Isaiah was the most comfortable and seemed to be relived of his pain. The water in the sink wasn’t all that eventually helped baby Isaiah find relief. Stephanie decided to stop the steroid treatment after 10 months and start using remedies found online from other mothers who were suffering a similar fate with their own children. It was eventually the combination of lemon grass and zinc that helped Isaiah’s skin return to near 100% health. Baby Isaiah’s story can be found online published by many large websites and respected authors online.


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