The 20 Most Awkward Moments Captured in Sports


We are not sure what makes this hurdler where a pair of pants with one leg and the other side with no legs, but it makes for interesting conversation. So, what have you been up to? Just getting rid of the one hand of pants, how about yourself?



Venus Williams playing tennis wearing undergarments that are a close match to her body tone. We understand what she was probably trying to achieve here: by dressing in a color that was close to her skin color, it would mean that people wouldn’t see her underwear as much during the occasions her skirt lifts when taking shots. It does make sense until you think about the times when people are left wondering if she has anything on under there at all. Making matters worse for her, they are tight and practically outline her body too, so really it might as well be her body. According to the press, she hired a new wardrobe manager for the next tournament. Just kidding, it’s probably her sister Serena playing a practical fashion joke.



Beach Volleyball is revealing at the best of times, but it gets worse if your top just refuses to stay up properly. Luckily for this girl, we don’t think that beach ball looks like the same kind of ball they would be using in a serious tournament, so we believe she probably didn’t lose too many important points from this issue.



We won, we won, I can’t believe we won the water polo! I don’t even care about the giant wedgie I have right now. I’m fairly sure it’s probably going to be looking kind of gorgeous. Oh wait, I just remembered that I’m in my ugly countries colors, and this probably doesn’t look so good after all.



Stephanie Gilmore is a 6-time world champion on the surfing tour, and we also see her quite a bit in front of the TV camera. Unfortunately, I think she managed to get her top back up before this camera managed to get to her, though.



You might remember around a decade ago when these body suits became a big deal in swimming. From memory, it all started with Ian Thorpe and then became much more attractive to wear. There is just one problem with them, though: the pants could split at any moment. That’s exactly what this swimmer found out the hard way as he dived off the blocks. According to reports, he didn’t manage to win the race. We aren’t sure why not.



The word leotard is always fun to read or hear and this young lady gives us another reason to whip it out in a sentence. Nobody knows exactly why she decided to pull on her leotard but we are glad she did. Hopefully nothing falls out.



Not many people care about the Cleveland Indians at the best of times let alone when a small-named player is on the camera and in a Cleveland Indians jersey. Apparently the guy who was putting the names on the back of the jerseys didn’t really care too much either, since he has spelt the name “Jeff Francoeur” incorrectly.


NFL Football

Sometimes names in sports can get confusing, especially if two guys play the same game and have very similar names. It seems the people working behind the scenes to prepare this golden jersey got a bit confused too. If you look at the picture carefully, you will see those names are not the same. Making matters worse, this particular event was for Mike Alstott in 2008 when he was awarded a golden jersey. Unfortunately for him, the Jersey has come wrapped with the wrong name — and it isn’t just a typo but a different players name.


Ice Hockey

Wayne Gretzky could be the most iconic ice-hockey player to every step foot in Madison Square Garden. Apparently not quite iconic enough for his jersey to be spelled correctly, though, as you can see here in this photo. Wayne Gretzky was kind sufficient to play this game out wearing a jersey with a typo — nobody can remember how he played.


Soccer Football

Nicklas Helenius might not be one of the better football players in the world, but that doesn’t make his mishap on the center stage any less funny. The Aston Villa player got lucky when his game against Tottenham Hotspur didn’t really draw a large crowd judging by the empty seats in the background. Just as well for him and his pride.



It’s clear these 6 ladies make a great team on the bikes, but what isn’t evident is why the designer decided to make them look like they had no clothes on around the mid section.


Horse Racing

Sometimes there isn’t much you can do when you are riding a horse that is going to allow you to restore some dignity. Unfortunately, you might just have to ride it out until the horse eventually stops. You can image this jockey probably knew exactly where the TV cameras were located during this ride, which makes it all the more funny.



Football managers over in Europe might not look very intimidating since they usually have small bodies, but they can be stronger than they appear. Here’s one manager who managed to rip his pants all the way up the side just by having his hands in his pockets.


Long Jump

Long jump can seem like such a gracious sport when the woman land in the sand pit. Some girls enjoy it so much that they decide to stay down there and smile for a few moments. If only the camera angle was slightly more to the right and we could get a better view.


Beach VolleyBall

Beach volley is a different beast than the usual indoor volleyball, largely due to the fact that it is so much harder to move among the loose sand partials. That task can get all the more dubious when teammates collide.



We aren’t sure what kind of straps they are letting them wear in the NFL these days, but if this is anything like the standard jockstrap, that has surely got to hurt! While I do consider myself a bit of a football fan thanks to my fantasy football prowess where I routinely make the playoffs annually, I wasn’t aware that football players wore anything along the lines of whatever Westbrook has strapped to him. Hopefully the defender doesn’t let go to quickly.



I was lucky enough to be in Australia over the Winter break (Summer over there) and catch the Australian Open. While it was disappointing to see Serena Williams lose, there was the same great reason to catch plenty of tennis action: semi-naked people everywhere! If that isn’t enough to get you hooked on tennis then I don’t know what will.



I never did enjoy watching people lift weights on TV during the Olympic games or any other sports event. The strain on the competitors faces just wasn’t something that made me feel good about myself while I sat on my couch at home eating potato chips and watching.

Over the past few weeks I have come to learn just why my gut extincts were correct. The other week I saw a woman puke up all over the crowd as she tried to lift a weight that was a bit too much to handle for her. Now today I’ve seen a woman who is squatting down and about to pick up the weight start peeing to the floor. Think about that for a second and you’ll understand how that cannot be a good thing.



The sport of wrestling is serious business and sometimes you just need to put your hands inside any kind of leverage you can get. That was the philosophy behind this woman’s moves anyway.

People over in the United States are serious about their college educations. You probably know wrestling as something that you see on TV like WWE wrestling if you are from other parts of the world, but in America they take wrestling very seriously in proper competition too– just the rules vary from that kind of ‘fake’ wrestling.


The move appears to nearly be the female version of the squirrel grip that is a famous move for men. Judging by the position of the woman in the red, she might be enjoying it since she doesn’t appear to be trying to get up at all.

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