She Knew Her Baby Won’t Survive But She Still Bore Him for a Beautiful Reason

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The happiness of expecting a baby is something nobody other than a mother — or a mother to be — would know. But what about for a mother to let her child go? That is something as a woman the hardest thing you could be asked to do. If a mother even knows that the child she is going to give birth to will not be able to survive, it still is not very easy for her. Now the mother here is a woman who knew that one of her twin babies would not be able to survive for very long after the birth. But Emma Lee did not give up hope.

emma lee

She was determined to make good use of the weak person she was going to give birth to. She did something that would let the memory of her baby girl live forever. This story originates from another story, a story of another baby, Teddy Houlstan. When Jess Evan was 12 weeks pregnant she was told that one of the twins that she was having would not be able to live for more than a day or two after he was brought to the world. So Jess and her loving husband did something that was sane and very kind: they made their son the youngest organ donor ever. Their son saved somebody else’s life when he was too weak to save her own. This little thing had his heart valves and those two tiny kidneys removed. This helped save the life of a man named Mike who was undergoing a tough time due to renal failure.

Emma Drew

But now we know that was not the only noble thing that happened that day. Their story left footsteps for others to follow and when at the 13th week of her pregnancy Emma Lee was notified of what awaited for her by the doctor; she and her husband Drew knew exactly what to do. A selective abortion is what the doctors advised them to go for, but inspired from the prior story they decided they would keep the baby.

Tedd story

It was very noble for her to do that as she fed  a baby she could not even keep with her own body. All this trouble for a good cause. When Emma and Drew both were so determined and inspired by Teddy’s story, the doctors could not convince them for an abortion. The adamant attitude led to Emma giving birth to both of her twin babies, including the little girl who, like Teddy, was too weak to live. But they named their new-born baby girl Hope.

hope death

Hope, our little hope, could not survive for more than 1 and a half hours of her birth, but the talented doctors were able to get her liver cells and kidneys out of her to be donated and that is how now she is the youngest donor the world has ever seen. According to Emma, the grief of losing a child has not died but as they helped somebody else and knowing that their baby is living inside someone else brings some light in the darkness. It is in entire world that people in need of donors and donations die from no transplants and according to studies if we have a look at UK only, in the 10 years that have passed 6 thousand people have lost their lives because a donation could not be arranged for them. This little girl’s donation is capable of keeping 5 people alive as they wait for donations.

tissue donation

The doctors have been saying that if donations of organs was not possible, they would find a substitute like a tissue donation. Upon being interviewed, Drew, Hope’s father, said that he thought of his little girl as a hero. She had after all achieved something most people fail to achieve in a lifetime. Though the girl lived for only 74 hours she was able to make so much out of her fragile self. Everybody is proud of what their parents did and with two couples to have done so the world has a good example to follow. They would have lost their babies anyway but them losing them was replaced by what they could be proud of.

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