This Paralyzed Dog Was Left To Die, See What Happens Next

Lawson is a dog who was tragically hit by a car. In typical fashion, the car did not stop after it hit Lawson and it kept driving. I guess there is a chance the driver did not realize he had hit Lawson, but from somebody who has hit a few other cars on the road with slight nicks and given the opportunity to say I didn’t feel them, I can honestly tell you that you always feel them. When I bounced off that car and kept driving, I felt it!

Me bouncing off of other people’s cars and driving off due to a lack of funds is a little bit different than people hitting large dogs and leaving them in the street. I’d like to think that I would definitely take that dog to help. What’s the worst that could happen anyway? It’s not like the dog could tell them I was speeding!

So, for whatever reason — perhaps laziness or a lack of care — Lawson’s perpetrator has kept driving, leaving Lawson for dead.


Lawson’s body was in such bad condition that he can’t walk properly — or even come close to walking properly for that matter. Furthermore, his legs were so badly broken that he had to drag them along the ground. You can see they have cuts and abrasions all over them from him trying to drag them along the ground.

The story so far is incredibly sad, but hang in there. Things are about to get better.


The first video is very graphic and shows Lawson trying to get around post injury but pre surgery. Lawson’s hind legs look just about flat as he tried to get around on the grass. You can see by the look on his face that he is in lots of pain and very sad.

Lawson’s spine will never be the same according to the doctors, but that hasn’t stopped them from being able to help out Lawson a great deal. He can even be seen here sporting a smile. Lawson now has his own set of wheels to burn around in and all the pressure is taken off his back legs and spine. He can now get around using his front two legs and his set of wheels.


The next video shows Lawson taking his first steps as a recovered animal from injury. Lawson was hit in the surrounding towns of Istanbul, Turkey. from what we can gather, Lawson never made it back to his family. Hopefully one day they know that Lawson is OK and is being taken good care of and hopefully this post going viral can help spread the word to the original owners.

The final video shows Lawson playing with his new friends. There is really no information on the internet that confirm Lawson is being looked after and was found by new owners. However, the final video shows Lawson playing with “new friends” according to the video. The video is edited by the person who knows those two girls, which suggests that Lawson is being kept with a new family and never made it back to his original family. We are just as interested as you are to find out what happens to Lawson and what he is up to these days. If anyone knows if he made it back to his original family or is he remains a provisional dog, please let us know. And likewise, we will update the story if we hear anything. Is Lawson a great dogs name isn’t it?

What do you think?