Pictures Of Girls Playing Volleyball That Will Leave You Gobsmacked

There are two sports that as men you do not want your daughter to be playing. One of them is Tennis and the other is Volleyball. Similarly, there are two sports you always feel bad about watching when the women are playing. One is Tennis and the other is Volleyball. The reason is because you can feel like a pervert knowing that these women are going to be dressed in revealing clothes.

It’s always fun watching Serena Williams smacking around a Wilson Professional tennis ball around the US Open tennis tournament. However, it’s also hard not to notice her tops becoming somewhat see through as the match goes on. Continue watching the game by yourself and if your father walks in half way through the third set you’re in trouble.

While that is true, what if nobody can see you for a few minutes and you don’t care about looking like a pervert? For all those minutes, we have this perfect list of female volleyball players — but no tennis outfits.


So you’ve already seen the first image — which mind you was absolutely amazing wasn’t it? Now let’s get to the rest of them.

There are many great colleges in the USA that create great volleyball players. The top ones we know about include Duke University, Sanford University, University of Texas in Austin, Pennsylvania State University, University of Florida and more.

Here is the first group huddle of women volleyball players getting in some valuable coaching before the next spike. I know the word spike because me and my friend were really good at this game in high school.


Here is a couple of buns that rival the first image, and by the looks of the outfit, they could go to the same school. All that bun on the one team? Couldn’t be could it?

You might need a lawyer or attorney to help you if people see you watching girls this good-looking. There’s no way you will get away with watching the game without people assuming you are watching her.


Here is a school that goes with the half basketball singles and half volleyball bottoms. We don’t know what it is exactly that makes women need to wear these shorts, but they are really great to look at.

You might need private health insurance if you are watching this game because they are so pretty you might collapse.


Depending on whether you like them thin or a bit thicker will depend on which one of our images you will find to be your favorite. Nonetheless, the good news is that we have all of your tastes covered.

Arguably the most interesting part of this picture is the fact that there is a male coach. That should probably be illegal shouldn’t it? He isn’t actually caring about volleyball surely? And just what could he possibly be saying? Don’t hit the ball back over the net in one go? The tactics are minimal.


If you don’t like the shot of the behinds in a huddle, you might prefer the one when it’s in action like this girl who is going up for the swing. We have no idea who or how people are taking these photos. You would think these are clearly not taken for the school newsletter.

Those of you who do not recognize these colors might want to turn on the FIVB Volleyball Club World Championships because this girl looks like she’s a winner.


One more huddle for some coaching tips so we can have like ten of your bums in the one photos. Yeah, good job girls. Make sure you have your X, Y and Z’s correct before you hit the court.


Back in the huddle only this time not with one male coach but with a male head coach and a male assistant coach. These two guys would have to be having beers in the coaching office after the games and talking about what they saw on the court out there today. I wonder how much of that talk results in better play the next week.


Before we let you go, we thought it was important to cool you all off a little bit before you leave. We have no idea what is going on here but it isn’t attractive. Hopefully, that is just sweat and not a botched toilet stop.

Beach Volleyball is a different kind of sport than the traditional volleyball that is played inside a gymnasium. You can find some beach volleyball games being played at Huntington beach California and other popular destinations where you can usually find great waves.


Here is a similar sweat stain but not half as bad as the picture before it. This one is going to push the limit between how much you do not like the sweat between a crack. The rest of the body is mighty fine.

Those of you who normally like watching sports such as NBA basketball, NFL Football, NHL Hockey, soccer, baseball or even the Australian Open tennis will likely stop what you are watching to catch this game.


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