9 Girls Who Failed Bad At Trying To Look Sexy

1. Can’t Go To The Beach. Whatever! I’m Still Fabulous

This is Alice and this is her beach, right here over the street. So when her mommy said she could not go to the beach she slipped into her bikini and came to pose here. We honestly do not know what she had on her mind when she laid there in the water on this street, right there where water pipeline broke.

But one thing is for sure, she thought it made her look quite good. The pose says it all, but sorry to break it to you Alice a beach behind that pose rather than running traffic would have been the better option. So next time your mother says no to the beach, we will advice you to wait till you can.

beach street

2. Zombie Nurse

The costumes have been in for a while, so to pick a cliché if you are new to something was a good choice we suppose. But with an expression and a pose like that, how many would you expect to attract?

This woman dressed up as a nurse in stocking has a grumpy face and is groping at her own breast. Groping is felt as attractive and desirable but doing it like that is just an insult of the posture altogether.

zombie nurse

3. Photobomb Level =10

Lets just forget her unfashionable hair die and what she looks like herself and think of her as attractive. But before laying in street in broken pipelines or standing just about anywhere and posing sexy, why don’t people consider their backgrounds too? This is a question you would have asked yourself several times by the end of our post.

This woman in nice black bra and animal print boy shorts, stands there smiling and from behind an old woman and a child peek through the glass windows in that door. This has ruined the entire picture even if she was able to make a little something out of it.

not attractive

4. What do I do to look desirable? OMG! A Tissue Roll!

Now this is one pretty lady we must say but standing with tissue in your mouth in a mirror selfie, we wonder where she got that idea. And even if she did what made her accept it as a good one we think of.

She did not only accept it she actually put it in effect and here she is, on our list! Something is finally made of it, an achievement this is, we guess. But next time honey, we will advice you to do something more attractive so it is not just lists like these who give you attention.

tissue mouth

5. Let me lay back as i look sexy, show me what it looks like. Oh Crap!

We are not here to body shame anybody, but we will still say that a person should act like what suits them. A woman for that pose in a picture is expected to at least look good, as she is showing off of her what looks great.

We are really sorry but your parts do not very much allow you to flaunt them, we are also sorry to burst your bubble but this sweetheart, is anything but attractive. Now what we don’t understand is why do people copy others, this woman though a bit obese could have looked so much better in some other position, from a bit different angle.

Chubby lady

6. Country Girl Tries To Recreate

So wearing less is certainly not the key to look desirable, that is the lesson we learn here. This woman with chubby legs, lacy boots and a white Hooters crop has her hair braided up. Her body shape and the angle that is used to capture the photograph do not go together very well.

Neither does what she looks like and her get up. We are pretty sure such a picture would hardly turn anybody on, it might not be able to attract anybody’s attention and that is why of course it is here on our list, for being a total flop.

weir pose

7. A commode full red roses just for you, now will you say I am attractive?

We are sorry, but no! And not to break your heart but your offer was not very tempting either. We do not have any idea what this woman was up to or whose idea this was. Leave attractive, this picture is more like disturbing. Something as beautiful as red roses put in a commode.

You do not want them sucking up your commode water now do you, and laying behind these over your bathroom floor is not a very good idea either. So this lady wears a red silk dress and sits down on her washroom floor to do this? Where do people like these find people to photograph them? We wonder if the photographer too thought it was a good idea.

commode roses

8. We bet even the banana in that picture was embarrassed.

Here we have a woman trying to seduce you with that banana she has close to her mouth, we all see what she is trying to do there but the question is how attractive this is. She has a newspaper with her and glasses on, laying on the bed she looks into the lens with that somehow passionate face.

But it does not look very passionate and the picture is not very attractive so this too is a not so impressive attempt. The woman honestly looks like a dead fish and you would not want something like that for you, keeping in mind whatever else is out there.

woman flop

9. Since when did a door handle become sexy?

This is one pretty girl who could have had a super attractive picture of her, but she chose this; a door handle. But after seeing all the attempts made by the others this does not freak us out like it should have. Out of all the things she could make that pose with she chose this handle, well not much we can do about it.

door handle

What do you think?