10 Photos That Nearly Broke The Internet

No Love like the Love of a Father

While not quite Kim Kardashian and her picture that broke the internet, these are some pictures that did come close.

This picture just make you sad, it is pure love that we see here. Something only a father can do for his child. He has his child over his shoulders and just about anybody can guess what has got the back of his shirt wet.

Poor dad

Yes! The child has pee all over his father’s shirt. He obviously knows what has went back there. We have no idea what’s on his mind, though this picture did make everybody else feel a wave of sympathy. Our wish is that all children get a father who loves them this much.

Creepiest Quack Ever

So she wants to be a duck, and she uses her creativity to look like one. Such pictures would normally make you laugh but this one. It still makes you feel a tinge of grief.

She uses two potato snacks and two cherries to get the look. The cherries make up her eyes and the snacks her beak. She is obese and a white girl, that makes her cheeks look chubby and red and gives her an exceptional appearance.

taboo duck

You might need better insurance after looking at this lady because her face looks so scary you might fall down and hurt yourself. Unfortunately, there do not let you pay for insurance with credit or loans, so you will need to hope you have enough in your pockets.

Amazing Timing of the Shot

Amazing yet sad. We can’t help but feel this was planned, why else would somebody be so ready to take a photograph in a bathroom? Especially with somebody taking a bath in there. Seeing him wet we know he was taking a bath, and right when he slipped the shot was taken.

sad life

What makes it so sad is the thought of what must have happened next, plus the person could rather have helped him which he perhaps did after the picture; or may be not. He also holds the shower curtain as a reflex to keep him from falling and hurting bad.

Haha, Okay Ouch

As we smile, somebody else in the world is having a real hard time in some other part of the world. We see both parts of that world here in this picture. Here we have an old man posing for a photograph but what else this photograph holds is great.

poor guy

It holds also the image of a cyclist getting hit to a pole. The angle where the cycle is at and how the boy is falling is spectacular if we judge it for its timing, obviously ignoring how painful it must have been for the boy.

Looks like this kid is going to want to make a claim and maybe see an attorney to help him sue the city after this accident. Although we are sure that light pole is probably going to have some of the best lawyers in the state considering it’s owned by the government.

Shadow Lovers

This picture is one of my favorites coming from India. We don’t know where about in India this picture is taken. It could be Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Kochi or any of the others you might know if you are great with Geography. The important part is we believe this picture is real when we study it. Largely due to the fact that there is a man walking in front we genuinely looks like he is taking a real step.

shadow lovers

We are beginning to think who takes all these amazing photographs. This picture is a true evidence of how well timing could be used. These people probably never even knew each other in reality but in the shadow they look like they are about to kiss.

With the woman who is shorter holding her face a bit higher than usual and the man looking side ways getting his face look like he is looking down in the shadow, the scene becomes pretty convincing. We are not sure anybody other than the photographer notices it, but it looks like the dog had an idea.

On the Wedding Day

When most people think about weddings they think about getting the wedding checklist done and getting through the day looking beautiful and without embarrassment.

wedding day

Almost all of the important people of the wedding are having a tragic time in this picture. As the cross the water, the bridge gets loose and breaks from a side. Exactly when its going down into the water but all the women are still somehow in air, that is when this scene is captured. All the scared faces showing how adrenaline got secreted in their bodies, are trying to take a support of something; anything.

These ladies are trying to be helped by about two gentlemen who try to save them from falling into the water. They are bridesmaids along with the bride anyway, that would just have ruined the wedding. Lets hope they were able to save the bride at least.

His legs are pretty, oh alright

Seeing is believing, but not always. Sometimes we are fooled by what we see through our eyes, this picture is an example of that. At first look it looks like it’s this man laying comfortably over the bench but then we realize that the legs are bit far from where his torso should end.

wrong legs

And then we get our answer, those legs aren’t his but perhaps belong to somebody with their head in his lap. That is not just it and we soon realize those legs are feminine and obviously belong to some girl so they couldn’t be his anyway.

Some Mistakes Are Not So Easily Forgotten

This picture will scare you of going to an amateur tattoo parlor. Tattoos are something that stay on you forever and something that defines you, making a grammatical error over someone’s skin, well that is just not right. They might say it is not a mistake to make a mistake but its a mistake to repeat the same mistake, well how do they define this?

tattoo parlor

The tattoo artist must have learnt a good lesson and might not repeat such mistakes in future, but life does not give everybody second chances. Keeping in mind that this is area of arm, this is not even a place that would not be seen. The tattoo artist who made this, we believe took the quote too seriously and got over-confident over his language abilities.

Life can be very hard sometimes

This obese woman was perhaps drunk when she decided to swing around that pole. As she swings around it the pole could not take her weight gets loose and comes out, she falls down and so does the pole.

hard life

We have no idea what originally got the woman sad that she got drunk or even if there was no such sadness and she was happy, here in the picture she is crying with her hands over her face and that sure is due to the weight problem she deals with.

Happy Grandpa, too happy to care.

This picture is wrong at so man levels. Firstly, you will not expect a grandpa to be swinging the swing with a child around, he should actually be the one making the child have fun. Plus he does not even care where the child is, and right when he is behind him he makes him fall caring only about his own ride.

wrong turn

Well if all the old people care only about themselves and learn to make themselves feel good, the world sure will be a happier place for old people.

What do you think?