20 Incredibly Awkward Wedding Photographs

On wedding day a girl tends to look the prettiest she ever has. But this little bride here decided to go a bit out-of-the-way to look sexy. Now we do not find her very desirable, but perhaps the groom did and more likely is that it was all his idea.

wedding day

Nobody else should be recommending such poses at a wedding photo shoot. It is actually cute she did what he would like. But another question is why she chose the car to lay on. a garden may be would have been better but we guess this is all she could find.

Skater girl on the loose! So, we do understand the point that she loves to skate, but what has that gotta do with her being a bride? That’s the real question here.

The picture does not even have a shadow of the groom and it is shot in some play ground, the girl holds up her wedding gown to have you see her roller skates but what really is the point of it.

This, perhaps, means that she is not going to give up skating even after she is married or perhaps that he has to say “I do” with her in the skates so he never asks her to take them off. We wonder if this young lady walked down the aisle or skated down it.

bride skates

So the white dress on a girl and one colored dress for all the bridesmaids was not enough to tell you who’s who hence they decided to do this. A picture with all of them holding up their dress so you are able to see their underpants. If this was not awkward enough they decided to write on them who’s who, just so you did not get confused.

crazy shoot

Over all the panties of bridesmaids you see “bridesmaid” written and the bride has “bride” written over hers. They perhaps even kept these safe, long after the wedding day, makes sense but come on this picture is nonsense.

We do not even have a slightest hint of how bizarre it would be to walk into a wedding to find this. All the bridesmaids in lingerie, what kind of dress code is that for a wedding? The groom is posing with his arms wrapped around a bridesmaid and the bride too, as if they are not marrying each other but are marrying the bridesmaids instead.

bizarre wedding

These two other bridesmaids are kind of hugging too and one is standing with a rose in her hand. The waiter behind is strangely looking into the lens from behind.

One more bride that wants to look sexy. This one has stockings on and is too posing with a car, it is perhaps an ongoing trend that we have been missing on, for some reason. We would say she should have saved it for her groom till she got to the room but if she wants to flaunt it off there is not much we can do about it.

sexy bride

What makes it more awkward is the lady in front of her who does not even care about what a bride is doing behind her back.

There is never anything much more awkward than finding a bunch of fingers in front of your face. If only we had any idea what these two were doing.


I think all the best men might be lining up and wishing they were teaming up with this woman. The girl behind her doesn’t look too impressed. She might have spotted her man looking to his right instead of at her.


You might remember the Confederates flag being in the news in the last few years after a gunman shot many people. The timing of this wedding might be a little awkward for some people around them. Then there are other uneducated people like me who don’t even know what it means.


A groom who cannot hold his horses. This is your bride and is going home with you and all you can think of is to grab her bum in public. She holds up her dress for her and he puts his hand over her bottom and that is the memory of their wedding day they would like to keep.

desperate groom

We cannot see the face of the groom but the bride turns back with half her face covered and looks shy, well at least she looks shy. All thanks to the fluffiest wedding gown we have ever seen.

You may now kiss the bride — wait no, not like that. This picture is wrong at so many levels, even if it was captured at a lesbian wedding. It is more likely that she is just a bridesmaid but even if she is a bride herself too we won’t be surprised.

kiss bride

Still, you just not hold up a bride’s breast at her wedding venue and kiss it in a picture taken in front everyone. The groom if was there has perhaps fainted somewhere at the sight of this or even if they do not have a groom we bet they did not really need one anyway.

There are a good few beer bottles lying where this almost nude man is standing which proves very much that he has been there for a while. We will not hence call this a wedding picture that has been photobombed, he sure is enjoying the wedding.

wedding shoot

If you ask us who that is we would probably reply to the question saying this is a cousin they thought not of inviting but invited him in the end anyway.

It must be a heck lot of fun to be at a wedding where cops enter the venue and handcuff the bride. This must have been one bad bride, but it is sad for the groom. The honeymoon would need to be delayed now. The way she sits at the desk sad in a white dress almost crying as she looks down is funny in a way and the cops are a bit confused too.

prisoner bride

We wonder if they showed up after the “I do” part or before. Because if it had happened a bit earlier then the groom would perhaps have had some second thoughts about his marriage with her.

So if you are a gamer at heart, this is the girl for you. So even over her wedding day she sits at her computer with a mug of coffee. But sitting in a room all by yourself at a wedding day is just not right. It would look like you just had a fight with your groom or something.

gamer bride

Even if the wedding is happening in about half an hour instead of revising her vows she sits in front of the screen and does what makes her the happiest. Lets just hope she does not miss her own wedding and gets there in time.

We don’t know why there are people out there who feel like getting married looking like animals, but if it is happening somewhere in the world it will probably be happening somewhere across America. One of the downsides to the freedom they love to have is that you will get people doing some very unusual things under the freedom act. They are free to walk around like cats and dogs. Hopefully, that wedding went as planned for you guys.


One of the most common parts of a wedding is getting together and taking the photos with your flower girls, bridesmaids and best men. What you might not expect is for the photographer to be taking the photos when you have a couple of them making out together. Hopefully, these two were not sisters.


Wait just a second. Is that Allen Iverson? Well it might not be the man himself, but it certainly is a fan of his. This woman thinks that she must get married looking like Iverson and even wearing his shooting sleeves.


When I was growing up, McDonalds was a meal we went to eat once a week. I can still remember those days today when it was considered normal to eat in the family restaurant and eat food. That same food is generally food I avoid today, and I certainly wouldn’t be caught dead sitting in one. However, we are all different, and obviously, some people feel differently. Here’s a couple who likes the McDonalds restaurant so much that they decided to get married there.


Not everyone around the world would have heard of the shop White Castle but we can tell you that it is what they call a “burger joint” in the United States. Here’s a couple who obviously like their burgers. I can guess where their kids are going to be spending a great deal of time.


Here is a great example of how much people can change from the beginning of the evening to the end. They look like they might be very straight kind of people on the left, but once that party gets going all of a sudden, it turns out we have some of the scariest looking creatures to ever roam the earth.


Not everyone believes that hunting is a good thing, and many would prefer we didn’t hunt at all. I think they are called vegetarians or something. Once you head inland, you can find some girls who even get into what they consider being their favorite past time. So much so that they are even proud enough to mix it into their wedding days.


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