Most Embarrassing Celebrity Photos From 2015

As we count down the hours until 2016 is here, it’s time to relive some of the most embarrassing celebrity photos taken from the year 2015 so you can remember the best bits. While it may seem cruel to enjoy the worst moments of Hollywood A-Lister. Let us remind you that these people are so filthy rich that your giggles don’t mean a thing to them.


According to reports, this is a picture of Tori Spelling leaving a medical spa facility in Calabasas. Most women expect to leave the spa feeling good about themselves. In Tori’s care, however, it looks as though she’s going to be leaving feeling like something out of the Stephen King movie “The Stand”.

There might not be more of a mirage name in the industry than Jennifer Lawrence. When you hear the words Jennifer Lawrence, you want to think about somebody who is really popular and really attractive. While she’s not bad-looking, I always feel a bit letdown after putting the face to the name.



Anyway, she might agree with us today after seeing this picture taken of her showing her hair extensions. Apparently if you talk to girls, it is a big “no-no” to let your hair extensions be seen.


You might think Scout Willis would be embarrassed about the fact that her rude bits are showing through her dress. However, you don’t step outside without a bra unless you intended to show that much. Suffice to say, we think that part about her wardrobe is planned. A part we aren’t so sure about, though, is the hairy armpits.

While it is true that some girls can prefer to sport the hair under the armpit, we haven’t noticed that being part of Scout’s stance on body hair before. Probably more likely was that she knew the cameras would be at least far away and that it wouldn’t capture the hair. She was wrong.


Kaley Cuoco has a much more popular face than she does this name. You might not recognize the name at all, but if you saw her on the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” you would know who she is right away.

Anyway, it seems like she has that same kooky side to her when she takes to the streets of L.A and away from the studios where she works — or at least she did the night of this picture. Something tells us she wouldn’t be thrilled the paparazzi took this photo of her. Then again, with a laugh like that, she might not really care at all.


Katherine Heigl is an actress that my parents always get mixed up with the woman who used to be married to Seal. that’s a large compliment for Katherine until you realize that my parents can both hardly see. I wonder what my parents would think once they saw her with her backside showing. Still good enough to be Seal’s ex-wife?


Kylie Jenner was once so young that nobody wanted to even contemplate picking on her. Now she’s arguably getting the most attention out of all of the Kardashian’s, and she’s much prettier than she was a few years ago too. Since she is looking so pretty lately, we can pick on her a little bit starting with that huge tan line from a watch she isn’t wearing. If all us every day folk get ridiculed for having tan lines on our bodies, then Kylie can too. The other part of the picture is showing some glitter caught in her hair.


Patricia Arquette has never been one of the more attractive women to come out of Hollywood, but she always has confidence and that’s why we love her. She might have had a little too much confidence this day, though, since her pants are falling down. You can never be so confident that you don’t bother to put on a belt at all or this might happen at any moment. Luckily for her she has a top to put around her waist so it isn’t visibly as bad as what it could have been.


Perri Edwards is part of the “Little Mix” band and on this particular day it seems as though she had forgotten which hand was holding the microphone. That’s not overly funny until you start thinking about her fake singing cover is now blown and the rest of the girls in the group are noticing it’s all over for them.


Let it be known that we do not think Sofia deserves to feel embarrassed about this picture like the title of the article suggests. We kind of like the idea of hot girls stuffing their faces with food. However, if we were to guess, we’d say that Sofia herself would find this photo taken of her to be embarrassing and for that it makes the list.


As a sporting fan, there might not be a person who has seen such a steep fall from grace in my opinion than Tiger Woods. Before his love scandal come out in the media, he was arguably one of the greatest athletes in the world and killing all competition. Once the news broke of his cheating, I don’t think we ever saw him play a good game of golf ever again. It’s one of the most unusual set of circumstances where it wasn’t an injury of any kind that saw Tiger Woods drop. Though, I am not a keen golfer and maybe they are blaming his poor form on his back injury? If that is so I’m not aware of it.

Anyway, during Tigers crashing of cars and fighting with spouses, he somehow lost a tooth along the way. From memory, the media were saying this happened during that infamous car accident. This picture was taken of Tiger Woods without a front tooth while he was on the snow supporting new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn as she competed in the World Cup Super-G event.

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