Signs and Symptoms of HIV Infection

1. Fever

HIV fever

The earliest of signs is fever. Given that running a fever is no big deal this sign goes unnoticed. Who in the world would expect to have been infected by the world’s deadliest STD just because they had a fever. Well yes, not many of us. HIV happens to be this scary because it is incurable till date, and eventually causes death of the infected. If you have it you have it for life, which is not very long as it will soon demolish your immune system. Having no immune system means even a mild cough could prove fatal.

2. Swollen Glands

swollen glands

Next up is another sign, a casual yet not so casual one; swollen glands. Yep fellows! HIV infection causes your lymph nodes to swell up. Most commonly the ones in your neck swell and get tender. Two other places where they occur are your pubic region and under your arms. They might swell up not very long after you get infected and they are just as soon to set back in too making you think it was nothing. They might hurt at first and not even that in a while letting you live in a completely careless atmosphere.

3. Sore throat

sore throat

Having a sore throat is again not a very great sign that might make you suspect you have got HIV, as one would more expect to have a sinus infection or some allergy. It is mostly chronic though and hence very painful. This is not caused by HIV itself but as it has weakened your immune system badly, you get it from some secondary virus. Your body is obviously not capable of fighting it away and you end up suffering from a serious sore throat.

4. Skin rashes

skin rash

Here we have another sign that one suffers in the early days of being infected, to be quoted, the first two months; skin rashes! According to researches a 90% of the infected population suffers from these skin symptoms and hence are a big chance for you to consider getting yourself checked. This rash is basically red bumps over a flattened patch of your skin. You may expect it at any part of your body but most probably you will get it over your chest and face or hands and feet. A variant might be mouth ulcers. These rashes are mostly mild but if not they too can prove to be fatal, it only depends on how bad your skin is damaged.

5. Muscle Pain / Myositis

muscle pain

It is very common for an HIV infected person to suffer from muscle pain. You body has obviously become weak and so have the muscles it is built upon. But weakness of your body is not the sole reason of this pain. You get muscle diseases that make large muscles in your body to start hurting severely. If you have this kind of pain you will probably visit a doctor and that is good as chances of you getting diagnosed increase.

6. Vomiting and Diarrhea

vomiting diarrhea

Getting nauseous and puking are one of the signs you might have been infected. Diarrhea is also a possibility, but you should still keep in mind that these are rare possibilities. Most people are lucky enough to be saved from the misery of running to the washroom a lot of times a day. These too fall in the early sign of HIV virus. There is a higher chance though, of a person to be nauseous than these two.

7. Fatigue

depression fatigue

This happens to be the very last of the early signs and symptoms. All of these signs together happen in the first two months of your body getting infected by HIV virus. They together give you as described by professionals the “worst ever flu” and hence fatigue. If you are experiencing these conditions after you have shared needles with somebody or have had unprotected intercourse you should hurry and get yourself checked. It is nice to catch it as early as possible so doctors can help you be saved from other infections. There are even chances you will live quite a normal life comparative to if you get to know of it later in life.

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