11 Most Miserable Fails You Will Ever Come Across

1. No fail as bad as a bathroom fail.

bathroom fail

One main thing you have to keep in mind when you design a place’s interior is, proportions. When you cannot keep those in mind something like this happens. This is the interior of a tiny bathroom we suppose, where there was not enough space for the needed objects. The toilet seat and lid when pulled up from the bowl, get stuck in mid-air due to the tissue paper roll on the tissue paper roll holder. This sure is very annoying, either they should have made the roll holder a bit to the left or the whole commode a bit to the right.

2. People learn from their mistakes, this woman must have learnt a valuable life lesson.

trolley troll

Practicing gymnastics over a trolley is certainly not a good idea, especially when you do not have a good control over the balance of your body. Yes all the girly girl gymnasts out there, even if it is pink! This beautiful, physically fit looking woman goes smooth at first and pulls her body up as she pushes the trolley but then loses control over the thing. Where she went wrong was when she puts all her weight to one side of her trolley. Our pink trolley upturned and she took a dunk in it and fell over the road, but the trolley did not stop and rolled further with only two wheels touching the ground.

3. What exactly is the purpose of this handle looking thing inside of this glass?

handle mug

So this we guess happened due to some machine that went wild. These things are mostly mass-produced but some human must be on the watch. How could his eye not catch a sight of this horrendous blunder? Well when you hold this white mug which has its handle inside of it you cannot guess the purpose of the thing inside your glass. Imagine finding this as you walk through a super market’s aisle.

4. Do you happen to know anybody who has the ability to fly? Tell them there exists a custom-made staircase railing for them.

wrong direction

One might innocently wonder how this must have happened.  Well the case may be that the railing was installed before even the stairs were and they decided to make a guess. If that was the case, which is highly unlikely the guess was a miserable fail. Seeing this in a building is definitely a turn off unless you are a Snapchat fiend. “Hey guys! Look at what i came across at a building today”.

5. We must use arm rests for the purpose they are made and not experiment with it, we suppose.

cracks fall

So this guy explains why your bowl of munchies must always be kept over a coffee table. If not there then at least not over the arm rest of your seat. The dude here is over the phone and as he puts the receiver down, his arm causes the bowl filled with his crackers fall down. Such a misfortune it must be for a lazy man as himself, who would now have to go through the distress of worrying about cleaning up this whole mess. Not needed to be mentioned the loss of his snacks. Just the look over his face would tell you how bad it made him feel, so next time mister make sure you have a coffee table to put that bowl over.

6. The kitchen misfortune.

bad drawers

Here again we are dealing with the case of not carefully monitored proportions. Such despair it must have caused to the client when he would have seen these drawers installed in his kitchen. Though it must have looked like a good idea at first,b the handles work as obstacles in the way of their fellow drawers. May be the designer forgot that his drawers would need handles as well to be drawn out. Changing these into drawers that do not need a handle might solve the issue.

7. The elevator button fail.

elevator blooper

This blooper might be embarrassing if you are the interior designer of the building, it’s funny though. With all the advancements being made in technology it might cause one to wonder if the lift actually works sideways too. It is merely a button that got installed 45 degrees to the left but upon looking one would not be able to ignore this error.

8. Glad we had that atlas in school, or we’d never know.

Africa asia

So only if we hadn’t been to that geography class we would be pawned. We cannot comprehend who exactly would have given this design into production? Leave that, just who would put this T-shirt over their shop. If they thought this was a very cool idea and was capable enough to be in the most eye-catching trends, we are sorry it is not. This has also been proved by us never seeing anybody wear this design.

9. One of the most rending decisions, we must say.

superman batman

When you are a DC comic fan and Superman and Batman both are your favorites and you have to design a bag, this certainly is what you would end up doing. These both by far have captured the most hearts on the planet as super heroes, but come on you would still have to go with one. Having the picture of Superman and the name as Batman is not going to do really well in stores. This is just wrong, at so many levels bro. Anybody who might buy this has to be as indecisive as the one who would have designed this.

10. The squinted eyed Nala.

lopsided eyes

If you are a Walt Disney fanatic you would not be very happy to find this in a store. Out of all of those stuffed Nalas, finding this lopsided eyed one. This too must be a machine fault but then again what was the dude in charge doing? Well our favorite girl from The Lion King has been done to no good here and she sits here with those uneven eyes. It still might be seen as a niche product targeted to a niche audience of young children with lopsided eyes. The explanation would be supported by it being the only one out of the entire batch.

11. Who needs privacy these days? Well, everyone!

door handle

It obviously would be a great turn off seeing this on the door of your new bedroom. A lock with a handle that sticks in between when the door is being shut. It already is a problem enough that people do not shut the door back when they leave, and now that you would have something like this you are sure to kiss your privacy good-bye. Only if it would have been installed a bit to the right it would have left enough space for the door to shut perfectly. But all hail the person who did this job, as it couldn’t be a greater fail.

Bra Tricks

0237 (1)

We all know girls in their teenage years do tricks like padding the bra with tissues or finding the perfect bra to give the chest a better look, but had you ever seen of a girl who includes some fakes nipples? Apparently girls are now including these additional bits to the undergarments to give a certain desired look when they are wearing light tops. So no, it doesn’t necessarily have to be cold outside anymore.

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