Meet The Late Michael Jackson’s Absolutely Beautiful Daughter – Paris Jackson

Most people last set eyes on the late Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, when she was a wee child, while her legendary pop star father was still alive, and shortly after his passing. Today, meet the gorgeous Paris Jackson, who had grown so gracefully like a swan, as she looks absolutely beautiful, and is starting to catch the eyes of fans worldwide. Those who follows her Instagram profile would know how she looks like now. This model-looking 17-year-old teenager now rocks red locks, has a fit body, with extremely beautiful eyes and sharp facial features – the looks of a glamour model.


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Looks like Kylie Jenner has a challenger! While Kylie is a total attention freak, Paris Jackson on the other hand, shy away from the media and paparazzi, as she just wants to lead a normal life. However, she is starting to get the attention of media, for being one of the most beautiful teenage stars (well, she is not really a star, but being popular, and a daughter to an iconic pop star, you just cannot help but to be affiliated as a star!) to grace the world today. Here’s a picture of the late Michael Jackson, with Paris sitting on his lap when she was just a cute little child.

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Paris Jackson, is the daughter to Debbie Rowe, whom was once married to the King of Pop. Paris once hit headlines when she was sent to rehab after an attempted suicide attempt due to life stress, and the inability to cope with her loss. However, after going on a vacation with her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, she spruced up to good health, looked healthy, and the world sighed in relief as she looked absolutely great. Paris had since left her past behind her, and is starting to enjoy life, fall in love, and move on.

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The following is a snapshot of Paris in her bathing suit while on the vacation with her grandmother. She wore a monochrome two piece, and this definitely melted the hearts of her fans. The vacation was apparently a Christmas vacation, and during that time, it was a reunion between Prince and Blanket, her younger brother, with her. The middle child was instituted in a special school to help her overcome her suicidal behavior, as she was found before slashing her wrists, and taking pills. According to sources who are close to the family, Paris Jackson is feeling better now, and is a happier person.

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According to close sources, Paris Jackson is also apparently seeing someone, which helps with her happiness. She spent a total of 18 months in the correctional institute. Paparazzi is adamant that Paris Jackson is now dating an 18-year-old soccer player, Chester Castellaw. According to sources very close to Paris and her family, Paris sees him as someone incredibly supportive of her, and a kind and sensitive young man. Netizens are very happy that she found love, as it could help her to get back to her feet, and live to be happy again.


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According to sources, Paris Jackson is absolutely smitten over him, and she definitely adores him a lot. The sources also revealed that Paris is absolutely happy with him, and that she had already introduced him to her family. Her family too, are happy to know him. They are relieved because Chester comes from a privileged family from Beverly Hills. The family is not choosy over the background based on their wealth, but it is a matter of whom to trust, as Paris is set for a lot of inheritance, and they just want to make sure that the person’s heart is at the right place.


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Paris and Chester are definitely not shy when it comes to sharing photos of them smooching each other. The two lovebirds are inseparable. Since returning to her family’s home in California, Paris had laid low and stayed in a low profile, including on social media. She had not appeared much on media, and just lived her life regularly, but still, paparazzi would follow her. Paris Jackson is also slated for her movie debut as she is set to star in the novel adaptation of Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys.

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The two of them just cannot get their hands and lips off each other, and they are not afraid to show some public display of affection. Fans are very happy for her, as she seems to be really happy, and looks healthy after she started dating Chester. One fan even commented, “Chester better treat her well, otherwise me and the rest of her father’s fans will come after him, simply because he is no longer here to do it himself”. The public loves Paris, and she is often “protected” by her online fans who wants nothing but the best for her. We hope she stays happy too!       Image 8

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