10 Best Places To Visit Before You Die

1. The Fairy Pools on the Aisle of Skye, Scotland.

fairy pools

Traveling the world is something everybody wants to do. Not everyone though is able to visit the entire world in a single lifetime, especially with so much else to be offered to. Hence here we are providing you the 10 places that should be your first priorities. Here is the first one. Here we have this beautiful natural site from Scotland. The place gained massive popularity in October 2013 and has been visited heavily ever since. It runs in the direction of South to North, with the River Brittle. If you ask the exact location of these pools they are found in Cullins hills in the Isle of Skye. These are a series of pools found the cold pools of clear water form into a waterfall and fall down from Black Cullen’s foothills right into the Glen Brittle.

2. Whitehaven Beach, Australia.

whitehaven beach

The beach, picture the to prove, is magnificent. The place is a true gift of mother nature. Whitehaven beach gets its name from the white, silica sands that it possesses. Whitsunday island has this 7 km long beach. Out of all the 74 islands that Whitsunday comprises of this one is the largest in size. Many tourists visit the place in the search of peace and relaxation, the place never returns them empty-handed. According to this year’s TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards no other beach is comparable to this one in the South Pacific. The world-famous CNN.com stated this beach to be the most eco-friendly beach ever. The beautiful aqua blue beach happens to be the Australia’s most photographed beach. At the beach’s North you can find a mixture of different colors being made naturally, by shifting of water and the white sands. A ferry, a luxury yacht or a power boat is easily available on the site and different companies help you tour the place at its best.

3. Westin Maui Resort and Spa, Hawaii.

hawaii spa

The gorgeous place overlooks the Pacific Ocean’s blue water. Their entire setup and resort has been built upon the Ka’ anapali beach famous for its beauty for years now. If you really want a true Hawaii experience on your vacation then this is your perfect holiday destination. This is made in beautiful tropical gardens, an aquatic playground with swimming pools in them plus the spectacular setting of the beachfront makes it superb. It is mostly families and honeymooners that visit the resort. This one place has quite a lot to offer its visitors, it is rich in cultural activity, gives you a heavenly relaxation at the spa, a fine dining, and offers sports like water fun and golfing.

4. Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake, Chile.

Lake Chile

Patagonian Andes has this series of caves carved, which is known to the world as the most gorgeous cave network ever. The peninsula is made of marble and has over the sides, lake Carrera. The destination can only be reached using a boat as there is no dry area over any of its sides. This happens to be a glacial lake and is away from any areas of worldly life, guaranteeing an escape on your holiday. Even to reach the lake one has to take a flight from Santiago, they will have to fly 800 miles and then travel on tricky roads 200 miles. Water reflects beautifully over the marble walls of the caves and the caves in turn reflect over the water, making it a heavenly sight. No other place in the world is quite like it.

5. The Shahara Bridge, Yemen.

shahara bridge

This though looks very dangerous, creepy and scary, this bridge has a good historical value and happens to be a popular tourist attraction. This too is on our list because there is no other place in the world quite like it. Jabal Shahara in Yemen has the village of Shahara on top of it. All the strong Imams used to have a good hold at the place and the Bridge construction dates back to the 17th century. The reason was the connection of towns from the top of the mountains and also to fight-off the Turkish invaders of that time. The place also portrays the architectural genius of that time. The locals never really stopped using it and still use it, daily as a part of their day.

6. Havasu Falls, Great Canyon National Park.

havasu falls

Havasu Falls are one of the most beautiful Waterfalls in the entire world. All through the world they are known for their beauty and get featured in magazines and calendars with the pictures of scenery every once in a while. It has appeared many times over the TV shows and is a famous place for movie shoots too. Havasupai is traveled to a lot the main attraction remaining the ravashing Havasu Falls. The water falls from a 100 ft of height and is bluish-green, the canyon rocks wall that it falls beside are red in color and creates a beautiful view. It is the prettiest looking waterfall in the Grand Canyon. The beach it has is wide and also has cool calm cottonwood trees that you could relax under.

7. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland.

Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon

In the South-East Iceland, we are to find this 100 m deep Canyon, stretching about 2 km. Geologists believe that the Canyon came into existence because of a constant erosion by the flowing glacial water. Amidst it flows the river Fjaðrá, these Canyons are located by the name of the Ring Road which is very nearby. The breathtaking site  is found close to the village Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Make sure that you do visit this place before you die as this sure is a Must-see destination.

8. Arang Kel- Neelum Valley, Kashmir, Pakistan.

Arang Kel

Here we have a beautiful village situated in Azad Kashmir a province of the country Pakistan. It is full of lush green vegetation and gives all your senses a sense of escape and calmness. It is a destination very hard to be reached and even if you trek without break, it might take an hour. 2,544 m altitude is obviously not a piece of cake. It is at the hilltop of the town Kel. River Neelum flows nearby giving it a perfect touch of beauty. It is a place filled with natural beauty beyond compare and is a site of heaven on Earth.

9. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland.

Dark Hedges

Some place close to the village of Armoy, in the North of Ireland we have this place with a very different beauty. Along the Bregagh road lies this sweet site. We have rows of beech tress on both sides of the road that curve in and out creating a mystifying view. The view has been used for the famous shows and movies such as the game of thrones. Ireland itself from the 1990’s has been using pictures of the place to attract tourism. There has even been a spread of rumours that the last one of the beech tree is haunted, the locals call the haunter “the gray lady”.

10. Coast near Marsa Matruh, Egypt.

Cleopatra beach

The capital of Matrouh governorate in Egypt is Marsa Matruh. This is a beautiful sea spot of the Mediterranean Sea. It falls on the highway, from the Nile Delta to the Libyan border. This too is a white sand beach. From June to September the place is loaded with tourists and families vacationing on the point, the place is full of resorts anyway, most of them being five stars. The sands of the beach are soft and the waters clear and transparent.

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