At Age 3, Girl Chooses To Donate Organs And Saves The Lives Of 2 Other Children


For most of us, tragedy isn’t just around the corner. It’s considered ‘normal’ to be able to life a fairly long life without too much drama going on. For example, you might have to live through your grandparents dying and perhaps one or two other people you know about in life from when you were born through to being a young adult. That works out well — for most of us.

But what if you were one of the unlucky ones. This story is about a girl who was dying from an inoperable brain tumor. Sometimes it’shard to understand how something can be inoperable. Just think of it like this: when a procedure is so complicated and difficult, there’s not a human we have on the planet who can perform the operation with any confidence of it being success. Even that definition might be too kind. In that situation, perhaps the surgeons would still try.

Suffice to say, the doctors were confident there was nothing they can do — as tragic as that news is for such a young life with so much ahead of her. It was at this time where the parents and the special little girl decided to do something incredibly courageous and noble. They decided they would donate her organs to other children.


The debate about whether we should donate our organs or not is continually ongoing. Some people can’t bare the thought of not being buried without their organs while others can bear the thought of not giving there’s up. I personally lye somewhere in between. I mean, I can see the obvious advantages to giving away my organs. I do agree it’s absolutely the best thing to do. To help others. Who wouldn’t want that? But does that mean i actually would do it?

To this day I’m not signed up to do it, and I don’t have any plans to learn how I would. The story isn’t about belittling me and my decision, though. I’m just enlightening you to see how incredibly courageous it is for such a young girl to agree to donate her organs.


Let’s spare a thought for the parents in this case too. After all, they are probably most likely the one’s who came up with the idea. i could be wrong, but I’m sure the idea likely went something like this:

After realizing there own child could no longer be saved, and after taking all the pain that the world had to offer them, they suddenly realized about the pain others are in too, every day, at least somewhere around the world. You see, these two parents aren’t alone. There are many other parents out there losing children. What’s worse, there are other parents out there with dying children who could be saved — if somebody was just kind enough to donate their organs.


Children’s getting sick isn’t rare. Most of us were sick all the time as kids and tend to grow out of illnesses as we get older. There are hospitals out there dedicated to helping children alone, and they’e busy. Where things get difficult is the fact that hardly any children donate organs, so how would we help these kids?


Organ donation is rare no matter what age you are talking about. It’s very difficult finding a fresh set of lungs or a working liver for somebody in their fifties, let alone under the age of five. But it’s fair to say that the numbers would probably be a great deal lower for the kids, since what kid would have the courage to donate? You can’t expect that they would. They are far too young to be walking these streets like Heeman.

But that’s exactly what this little girl did.


What do you think?