11 Confusing Pictures That Will Make You Look More Than Once

1. Which hand is hers?

The pretty young lady posing with her hands over her waist does not know herself how confusing she looks. The girl is perhaps having a great night out and capturing for herself memories of the night. Beside her is basically a dude with a drink in his hand and has his arm stretched out. The way he has put his arm in front and is looking back makes one confuse his hand with that of the girl’s.

girl arms

You can only see his upper arm and that he is looking back that is why you do not even doubt that he has got anything to do with the confusion of the picture. The nail paint over the lady’s nails help a lot and makes one sure which of the hands are hers. The dude’s arm also puts a deep shadow over the girl’s arm, hiding her forearm too, creating further confusion in the picture.

Well thanks to the difference you can clearly see in both the hands of one being a bit manly and the other having a nail paint over it clears the confusion.

2. The girl has a person in her hair bun or a hair bun that is shaped to look like a person?

funny hair

Here we have a girl having fun in the sun. But umm wait, isn’t that bun over her head a bit unusual? How awesome is that, that it looks like a head of a human. The beach bum doesn’t realize that the black dude behind her with braided hair has given her and all new hairstyle for her picture. That is the back of a person’s head is what you realize on looking a bit more carefully. The dude is black,with black hair and black shades, has is behind in the picture and the neck of his white shirt that shows just a little from over her head looks like a hair tie. That is not just it and to make it even more confusing the camera has kept focus over the girl and blurred the behind. Everything in turn has made the picture very confusing and not to forget, funny.

3. Just how long is his arm?

long arm

This is one heck of a creepy photograph. Two girls are posing for the picture smiling wide and bright, but it looks like a man has his hand over the white girl’s shoulder. The creepy part is that the man is clearly very far behind these girls but looks like he has his arm stretched to reach the shoulder of one of these girls. This is no elastic man and just some dude standing in the background. The hand that we see on the girl’s shoulder belongs to the Asian girl she is posing with. The watch on the hand of the girl creates a point where it looks like the hand is attached to the arm of the man standing behind them.

4. A bear’s face or a dog?

bear dog

This looks like a man with a beard on your first glance, then it looks somewhat like a bear and then you realize we have a dog in the picture too. It is majorly happening because of the shade of his hair being almost exactly like that of the dog’s. The dog looks up and its nose starts in picture where nose of the man ends, creating confusion. Its face creates an image that looks like a beard or if not that then it looks like continuation of the man’s face. We wonder if this was planned or just happened out of nowhere.

4. A ghost on the ramp?

a ghost

The dress might be possible if some transparent stings were attached to create the look but where did her legs go? In this picture you can practically see right past the space left between her dress. The blurring audience shows and the first reaction is almost surprised. Sorry to burst your bubble but it is no ghost walking the ramp but there is a pencil skirt she is wearing under neath. Her skirt has the dress’s shadow over it from top and from below the other half of her dress has hidden most of the skirt. This is mainly happening because of the flare of the dress and the middle being too tight. We wonder if this is the illusion that this dress was meant to create when it was designed by the designer or it just happened.

5. Oh boy! Somebody save the car from this giant monkey.

giant monkey

It is an easy one. On your first look or if you are scrolling by you might think of this as a giant monkey. But the hand of this monkey acts as a spoiler. The hand is put over the windscreen and that is pretty much noticeable even for an average minded human. This hence is all happening due to laws of perspective where the thing closer looks huge as compared to the things far away. The monkey is its original size but looks gigantic in front of an average sized car away from the camera. To make it even simpler it is just a monkey sitting over the car’s windscreen from which the picture has been taken. The monkey is knocking on the windscreen and it looks like he is going to crush the car in front.

6. Male Thumbelina and the giant sunglasses.

tiny man

This looks like a very little man holding up sunglasses or if not that, a normal man trying to hold up giant sunglasses. As one’s mind may perceive on the first look. But if you look more closely and that perhaps would take a better look from your side to realize what is happening here. This again is happening only because of perspective laws. It is a man posing very far back from where these sunglasses are. This is a planned picture and was supposed to create the illusion that made you pay attention to it. The sunglasses and man both are normal sized.

7. A giant playing with a real airplane.

giant aeroplane

Once again a matter of perspective. What we are dealing with now is again a picture which has played with perspective. The man is o giant sitting on the ground having beer and playing with a real life airplane. What we rather have is an ordinary man holding his hand in the sky posing to hold the airplane passing by. This is just a matter of timing and illusion.

8. Weren’t centaurs half horse?

dog woman

Even the existence of centaurs has remained a myth and what do we have here? A half lady, half dog. The half dog body girl has been captured while working in the kitchen and successfully makes you stop and look at her picture. On looking closer you realize that it is just a dog hiding behind her. Her black pants are exactly the same color of the dog and hence creates the illusion of the dogs legs being attached to her bottom. The part where dog stands is exactly where her t-shirt ends and that gives the perfect touch needed in the picture.

9. Whose hands are those?

unknown hands hands

Too many hands in one picture. 3 people and 8 hands, now that’s new. We see three black dudes clasped together and there hands can too be easily found on looking carefully. But framing these three men together are two white hands on both the sides. These belong to a man behind them that cannot be seen from the angle from which this picture has been photographed. So here we have the mystery solved.

10. Dragon or dog? Well whatever, lets just stay away from it.

dragon dog

Two dogs just chilling in the garden right? Umm no! One of them is breathing fire. Time to run? Well this again is just a matter of perspective causing illusion. This is no dragon in a dog’s skin rather it is mere fire rising from the burning sticks. Amazing how the picture is clicked right when the dog has its mouth opened and how the dog’s expressions are as if it really is breathing out fire. Well so no nobody needs to run away anywhere.

11. A pair of best friends and there gorilla.

gorilla shadow

Vampires had no shadows but these girls together can shadow a gorilla over the ground. How cool! Well it is just sun on top of there heads and both of their shadows combined that is causing formation of this gorilla on the ground. The most amazing thing in the picture is how exact the shadow looks. This makes you wonder too if this was meant to happen or just did.

What do you think?