Man Sues Wife Over The Shock Of Seeing Her Without Makeup

A man from Algeria is suing his wife for fraudulent behavior because her face wasn’t what he had originally thought. Yes, there are many ridiculous stories floating around the internet at the moment, but this isn’t one of them. This story is indeed true and reported by several large publications you will find from Google.

We’ve all heard about some nasty domestics with men and women and some of the stories are funny due to their ridiculousness in nature. However, in my opinion at least, this one takes the cake. So the story goes, a guy is suing his wife because he received the shock of his life when he sees his wife without make-up on.


It’s hard to imagine any man marrying a woman who he hasn’t seen at least once without any makeup. Although, apparently that’s what’s happened in this man’s case. Let it be known that the fault here lies with the man and not the woman. The last thing we are trying to do is make other woman wonder if the same thing will happen to them after they get comfortable once married and stop wearing makeup.

For starters, it’s incredibly shallow of a man to make this much of a deal about his wife’s face. If he loved her unconditionally — which is part of the marriage vows — then he should be still loving her face. There is a dramatic difference in the face, probably more of a difference than you would usually see from when a girl has makeup on and off. However, the woman is still beautiful irregardless of the fact.


For those that are interested, here are the exact quotes from the court case (yes it went to court). A lawyer speaking on behalf of the man said the following sentences in as many words.

He has stated that he felt decided by her as she would fill her face up with makeup before marriage but not after the marriage.

She never went around without makeup before the wedding day.

The plaintiff states that he woke up one morning and saw her face was washed off and it scared him because he thought it was a thief.


We know women obsess about their looks nearly all hours of the day, so a story like this isn’t doing them any favors. I’m sure most of them are probably sitting back and wondering how often their boyfriends have seen them without makeup, and hopefully the story hasn’t made them too self conscious.

With that being said, it wouldn’t surprise us — in fact, we know for sure — that there are people out there who feel the guy is right in this case. There will be people out there who think that her face, judging from the pictures, is dramatically different from before makeup and after makeup.


So with that being said, what’s your take on the situation. Does the man have a point, or is the case completely outrageous. Should we feel bad for her, or do we just feel awkward and embarrassed for her? Let us know in the comments below what you think. The picture below might be what we think is the typical reaction for this case from women.


What do you think?