After Wife’s Death, This Man Recreated Wife’s Photos With Daughter (7 Images)


When we live the first twenty or so years of our lives, we think life’s really long. Once you get passed thirty, all of a sudden you realize that it’s really quite short. You’ve probably seen or at least know of some people who have passed away — people who aren’t your grandmother and died of old age. Furthermore, it probably made you stop and think about life.

For most people, heart ache and tragedy of a loss of a loved one doesn’t happen when we are younger. However, for some people it does. Meet Rafael Del Cola man who lost his wife. They were both young parents with a beautiful daughter. His wife Tatiane died in a tragic car accident during 2013, leaving her husband as a single father.

Rafael, obviously heartbroken for some years now, decided it was time to do something beautiful in memory of his wife. He got together to do a photo shoot with his daughter, professionally photographed, and taking the same poses that he once took with his late wife.

All of you should do yourselves a favor and watch the video that’s coming later in the post — it won’t leave a dry eye from any reader.


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