After Wife’s Death, This Man Recreated Wife’s Photos With Daughter

When we live the first twenty or so years of our lives, we think life’s really long. Once you get passed thirty, all of a sudden you realize that it’s really quite short. You’ve probably seen or at least know of some people who have passed away — people who aren’t your grandmother and died of old age. Furthermore, it probably made you stop and think about life.

For most people, heart ache and tragedy of a loss of a loved one doesn’t happen when we are younger. However, for some people it does. Meet Rafael Del Cola man who lost his wife. They were both young parents with a beautiful daughter. His wife Tatiane died in a tragic car accident during 2013, leaving her husband as a single father.

Rafael, obviously heartbroken for some years now, decided it was time to do something beautiful in memory of his wife. He got together to do a photo shoot with his daughter, professionally photographed, and taking the same poses that he once took with his late wife.

All of you should do yourselves a favor and watch the video that’s coming later in the post — it won’t leave a dry eye from any reader.


Here is Rafael with his late wife on the left and then the modern-day picture with his little girl on the right. You can see how cute she is.

You are probably thinking what makes this story real? How do we know it’s not just another click bait title that are all over the internet. Well, there’s a video that was posted to YouTube that you’ll see soon. The video shows the photographers and the photo shoot.


The second of the black and white photos, here Rafael is once more with his wife, pictured on the far left and with his daughter on the right. You can even see the same pet dog that’s probably really missing its mommy right about now. Rafael hasn’t matched up the T-Shirts perfectly, but maybe he’s done that on purpose.


Here we have the first colored photo. It’s heartbreaking to see how happy the couple were together, Rafael looks really happy. He courageously manages to smile in the photo shoot, and although we are sure enough time has passed to the point where he probably can find some happiness in life again with his daughter, it still must be really hard.


Here is the long-awaited video I was telling you about. The video shows everything from the photos we’ve shown in the post, to the photo shoot and more. You also get to see the cute little girl in the video and not just the pictures like we have here. I guess she was probably too young at the time of losing her mother to fully understand what had happened.

Here is a solo photo of Rafael and his late wife who has now passed. She’s always smiling in every picture and you can tell they were probably madly in love with each other. Again, he hasn’t managed to wear the same clothes, but maybe that’s done on purpose. On the other hand, the wife and the little girl are dressed exactly the same. They even have the same necklace on.


The occasional person might think this is a bit creepy dressing your daughter like like your late wife. However, most people will see the beautiful side of the story. The one where he wants his wife to not only live on through the little girl, but also the one where he acknowledges that they do share a lot in common. They are blood, they do share the same genes, they are from the same family, and they are essentially an extension of each other.

While we don’t know Tatiane personally and now never will, we are sure that she would be looking down at this moment so happy and proud of her husband and daughter.


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