You Won’t Believe What These Selfie Sticks Captured


It’s one thing to have the courage to hold a selfie stick and not fear looking like an idiot to the world. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand the confidence and unconditional love some people have toward the selfie stick. It’s as if they don’t realize the world is looking at them like they are idiots, or at least they haven’t a care in the world about it.

With that being said, it’s another thing all together when you decide to do stupid things with a stupid selfie stick in your hand. Like a double-dose of dumb. The problem in this picture isn’t so much the ignorant man holding the stick but rather the girl who has forgotten to watch the road while she’s driving because she’s posing for the ‘selfie’ picture. ¬†Sometimes people can be so involved in conversation that they look at the person talking in the eye and forget what they are doing. Yeah, I’ve been there and nearly drove off the road doing it. In this instance, I don’t think this girl has forgotten she is driving. Instead, she just wanted to pose for the picture thinking that it’s OK.


Dads are generally cooler to hang out with now than ever before in history. Go back a decade or two and teenagers wouldn’t be seen dead with their parents. Now, though, it’s almost cool to go out with your parents once in a while and remain a normal person instead of flying off the rails. Still, there’s no lace in the world for Dad’s with selfie sticks. Here is one family who felt the need to duck for cover, not so the people in the restaurant don’t see them, but so whoever sees this photo in future will not see them. Great idea.


Have you ever played yahoo Pool online and seen people with incredible cues? They actually pay good money to upgrade the cue. You can see some astonishing designs that change what did look like a pool cue to now what looks like a light saber. This man’s selfie stick reminds me a great deal of those cues. Do you really need a gold, shiny selfie stick for those photos? What are they thinking when they buy this? We are going to take the stick out with us so we better buy a good one?


There are some parts of the world where it’s considered really cool to own a selfie stick. So cool in fact that if you don’t have enough money to buy a real one, you’d better come up with a great idea on how to make it look like you own one. That’s what these gentlemen have here. If you look closely at the bottom picture, you’ll see the guy standing through the window holding the phone in his hands! The other two down below are holding a mop as though it’s got the phone on the end of it. They’ve done this so it looks like they are taking a picture of themselves.


What is a guy to do when he knows he is going to be visiting a crowded area? Make sure you’re equipped with a really long selfie stick. It seems this guy had pre-thought out that the main part of this day was going to be the crowd, so he better manage to capture them on his selfie stick. Nothing like thinking ahead. If only we got to see what happened next when he had to walk around the building with this ultra-long stick. Let’s hope it’s retractable.


Although this picture doesn’t have anything funny about it, it does come with a startling revelation: there is a point of owning a selfie stick. Yes, I didn’t know it either until I came across this picture. Let all the mockery rest for a minute while you let this idea sink in. Remember all those family moments you had at Christmas, Easter, EID, Independence Day, Thanks Giving, whatever the occasion might be where you are in the world, and there always had to be one person holding the camera taking the photo? Well, now all people can be in the photo.


Let’s end this on a high note. If you aren’t taking family group photos, you might want to find another reason for the selfie stick. Here’s a man who is a thinker. Sit down on the couch and grab yourself a bite to eat while using the extension and smartphone to watch your favorite YouTube clips. Who needs a TV across the other side of the room when you can have this? Technically they appear the same size when you look at it.

What do you think?