How To Dress For Your Body Shape

1. Hourglass body shape.


A body is composed of proportions that nature bestows you with, not every body is the same and not every body looks good in the same set of clothes. Fashion is about looking good with dressing the body that you have in the best way possible. First up we have, hourglass body type. The name explains what the body with this type must look like. In such a body, the hips and shoulders of the person are almost the same size while their waist being thinner comparatively. In turn the body ends up looking like an hourglass. With a body like that you should stop trying to hide it under clothes and try to eliminate baggy clothes from your life. A skinny jeans or any pants would look great on you that are successful to make your waist look prominent and also the legs. You might even use a belt over a dress to make your flaunt-able waistline look more prominent. A wrap dress would do the job. Your curves can be made to look super gorgeous even in a V-neck top and believe us that is an extra of your figure. Pairing it up with a skirt will make your waistline accentuated and your God gifted silhouette would look gorgeous. Some more tips are that you should always wear a good supportive brazier to flaunt your bust and light fabrics would compliment your natural figure.

2. Inverted Triangle body shape.

inverted triangle

This body shape has entirely opposite proportions of the triangle body shape. The base of the triangle body being at the top, breasts region of the woman is wide, making her very busty. Hips on the other hand are comparatively not so wide. Now moving on to how you should dress with such a body, just make sure you do not wear anything too tight on the upper half of your body. Anything that makes your torso more prominent is to be avoided, including puff sleeves, shawl collars, shoulder pads etc. Your hip part and your legs should be made the center of attention while you dress up. Bigger belt skirts, puffed up skirts and details on your bottom could be worn in order to make it proportionate to the rest of your body. Here are a few more tips to make your bottom look more accentuated, wear brighter colors over your bottom, long skirts and pants. On the contrary you should avoid wearing anything like spaghetti straps, boat-necks etc.

3. Circular body shape.

Apple body shape

These women have a rounded body all-over. Their shoulders, breasts, tummy, hips and legs all are round in shape. The shape in turn starts looking like an apple and is called an apple shape too. Now with this type of body you need to make share that you make every effort to make people look anywhere but not at your belly. To do this several types of clothing are to be avoided. No belts, we repeat no belts whether small or big are for you. As all that belts would do is make your middle part look bulkier. Above knee skirts are a big NO too even if you are comfortable with your legs showing, because this again would make people look at your tummy. Well-fitted fabrics would be better for your body type as they are going to make your body look long and slim. Dresses long enough to touch the floor are ideal for you. A lot of fabric is to be avoided. High heels are a YES for you as looking tall would also make you look slim. A monochrome tone will look good on you, a V-neck would make you look like you have a longer torso. Pairing anything you wear with a push-up bra would give a good touch to your look too.

4. Pear body shape.

pear triangle

This one is also called a triangle, as you have a bigger bottom and a smaller bust comparatively. You have a good, prominent waistline too. Such people mostly have slim neck, arms and shoulders. Lets now come to the dressing part, if you possess a body shape this type, you are sure to have an amazing wait that you should never hesitate to show off. You need to make your upper body look bulkier with what you wear and the lower body less bulkier. This will as a result make your body look like it is in a perfect proportion like an hourglass is. A top with loose fabric but a fitted waist is ideal for you, Wide V necks, U necks, boat necks and the tops that are off the shoulders would be perfect for you. Puffed sleeves and shoulder pads are what you could use. Bright patterns and colors or embellishments over the torso are ideal to be worn over such a body type.

5. Rectangle body shape.

Rectangle body shape

This body shape is characterized by very low waist detailing, with no waistline definition the bust and hips are almost the same size. The waist hardly measures anything 1 inch to 8 inches smaller than your breasts. This might even give you a bit masculine look, looking all straight and without any curves. The body type is almost exactly like an hourglass but misses out the best feature of it, the waist. Now you need to try adding volume to special parts of your body to make it look curvy. Prints, details, textures, flares, cuts, colors shapes, accessories, will do the job for you. Whatever you pick, make sure you pair it up with a good quality double push-up bra. A belt might be wrapped around your waist to make it look more prominent. Whatever you dress up in, just make sure it tightens up a bit at your waist. Make sure you have a wardrobe with plenty of simple but dark colored belts to draw attention to your waist. Most jeans would do the trick for you, be it skinny or bell bottoms. You also need to consider other parts of your body like what type of legs you have when choosing an outfit.

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