10 Most Powerful Politicians In the World

All average adults know these names very well, as they hear them very often over the radio or their TV sets. We today are talking about the world’s top ten most powerful politicians, and would like to go in a descending order.

10. Bashar Al-Asad.

Bashar Al-asad

This handsome face was sired by Afez al Asad, who after his dad passed away in 2000 took the charge in his hand. From the University of Damascus he had graduated with a degree of a medical school. He started working as a physician in the Syrian Armed force. Syria had been facing many problems at that point and still is, but this man stood strong in his place. He is a strong, dedicated and true leader of the Syrian nation, who has never backed onto any promise he has ever made. He had already been stated to be the best leader Syria had ever had even when his father lived. Now obviously he deserved at least the tenth place over this list we are posting today.

2. Hassan Rouhani.

Hassan Rouhani

Since 1989 he has been playing a very important role in the politics of the Country Iran. He had been elected the President of the country in July 2013, and is one of the best ever Iranian politician. If you see this guy’s resume you would get flattered almost at once. The dude has a great CV filled with achievements, related to Cleric, Attorney, Diplomat and Academic. His lead has been very impressive and exceptional and as soon as he had gotten selected for the post he has directed all his efforts in areas worth some great importance. Like the Expedia Counsel, Center for Strategic Research and the Supreme National Security Counsel. His most recent crucial act was to prepare a Civil Rights Charter, this he expects would better the relations of his country with the West and he is very hopeful. All of his efforts listed have earned him the 9th place in our countdown.

3. Jacob Zuma.

Jacob Zuma

He being a South African politician, has served his people from the year 1977. In 2009 he won the seat and got elected as the President. He had corruption charges over him but they were proved to be wrong. He stood strong against the allegations and was always there for his people when they needed him. The locals and the members of his party have always been dear to him and hence he has had their great support. He has worked with the National Executive committee and then also with the African National Congress for a good time period. So he got to be the President and also the number 8th most powerful politician today.

7. Angela Markel.

Angela Markel

This pretty little German old lady has had a great impact especially the cliche things an average politician does everyday. She had entered the field of politics in 1989 by becoming the spokesperson of the Eastern German Government. She gained popularity and support very soon and has received a bucket of awards from then till now.  CDU has been led by her since the year 2000, i.e the Christian Democratic Union and from the year 2005 the lady has also been the Chancellor of Germany. We will be very happy to tell you that this woman is the only female who has ever held these two places together. Her high prestige awards include the Vision For East Europe Award, the B’nai B’rith Europe Award, and the most pristegious of them all the Charlamagne Prize. Apart from being a great politician her name also falls in the top 50 most influential people of the world. This has resulted in making her perfect for our list and by every way deserves the 7th place we have awarded her.

6. Tayyip Erdogan

Tayyip Erdogan

Since 2003 he has been the Prime Minister of Turkey, and has successfully maintained that position. Imam Hatip Highschool, an Islamic school is from where he had graduated and has held the seat of the Mayor of Istanbul too from the years 1994 to 1998. Istanbul happens to be Turkey’s capital and that has earned this man a great importance. He met a bad luck when he was imprisoned for reciting a poem in Siirt, and had to undertake a penalty to be in the prison for 10 months. After spending 3 months in prison he started his struggle for the formation of AKP, the Justice and Development Party. The party gained fame as soon as it was formed and was very unique. The man has been awarded several times for his efforts and twice in 2004 and also in 2010 has been listed in the world’s most influential people. His dream is to take control of tobacco use in Turkey and eliminate it for the good of masses. That in turn has awarded him with the World Health Organization award. He thus is 6th on our list.

5. Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong un

He is one of the most famous politicians of North Korea. And comes from the house of a famous politician, his father, Kim Jong 2. The media has called him as a great successor. He has been very successful and have earned uncountable titles for his works. His titles include,  First Chairman of the National Defense,Chairman of the Central Military Commission, First Secretary of the Workers Party of Korea, and a lot more. He is a young man of 30 years and happens to be the youngest head of state too. He sure deserved the 5th place on our list.

4. Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton

Who does not know her? But we would love to tell you a few things about her you might not know. She, Hillary Clinton, the wife of President Bill Clinton, most say that was the reason behind Clinton’s success and every move that he made was coming from her. She is known for her vision of things and patience. She has faced things that most women could not have in the perfect ways. She is expected to run for the President any time soon and if we look at how she has been all her life we could expect some great things out of her.

3. Imran Khan.

Imran Khan

The former cricket player who has now become a politician is a philanthropist, founding chairman of the Board of Governors of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital a welfare firm and a Research Centre, Chancellor at the University of Bradford and has a lot of other credits beside his name. He is one of the most active politicians alive, and coming from a country like Pakistan has its own credit. He got voted as the Asia’s person of the Year and has received several certificates and awards from all over the world. The man has been blessed with a great mind, with a handsome face and that makes him win wherever he goes. And here he is on number 3 today of our list of most powerful politicians.

2. Barack Obama.

barack obama

You must have expected him on the list. Here he is, on our number 2! Ta-da! The U.S. President Barack Obama. He is at present in his second term and is loved by his supporters with all their hearts. Doubts had arisen during his first term and people had questioned his education and nationality, but it all got fixed pretty soon after that. He founded a new care program for those is very bad need of health care, it was made widely available throughout the place, it was cheap and easy and that set the road back to straight for him. Obama has always served as he himself is a commoner and that is the reason a commoner would always opt him instead of anyone else. He has a very good reputation and lovers all over the world and that has earned him this position on our list. We bet you can not wait for the number one now.

Xi Jinping.

Chinese dude

This man has surpassed even all those on our list we have just mentioned. The dude holds three positions at present in the government of his country, and is apparently the most loved man in all of China. Currently this apple of everyone’s eyes is the Chairman of the Central Military Commission,General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, and the President of the People’s Republic of China. He has a great interest to rid China of corruption and keep his beloved homeland safe and sound. He has for 10 years also been the Governor of Fujian. He apparently is one of the most loving politicians, in fact the most loving one and that unquestionably has made him the most powerful of these all. His power is that he rules the heart of entire China.

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