10 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Now shoes might be something you wear on your feet, but being worn on the feet does not mean nobody is going to see that garment. The shoes here cost so highly but it does not mean that it is because they serve the purpose they are worn for very well. That is to protect the feet.

10. ($60,ooo) Air Jordan 1 Silver Shoes.

Air Jordan

These are the only basketball shoes that have come to this list, the others that were able to make here are stilettos or slippers. Like one might expect they do come from the famous brand name, Air Jordan. Michael Jordan, the legend of the basketball history was gifted this shoe by Nike. He received it as a present over his birthday and also this was to appreciate his helping hand in the brand’s launch into the stratosphere. With each shoe weighing a total of 10 pounds, only 10 pairs have existed in the world. These were made out of sterling silver and hence you cannot even wear these. The very first Air Jordans that were released originally were priced at $40 for the pair. The company’s product sold very well in the consumer market and they made enough profit out of the sales, to make these special edition’s pair hundreds of times more. Now you must be wondering why would somebody pay so much to buy a shoe that cannot even be worn, but it might be a perfect spot to blow money for a Michael Jordan fan.

9. ($160,000) Nizam Sikandar Jah Slippers

Sikandar Jah

These shoes were possessed by a man named, Nizam Sikandar Jah who ruled India back in the early 1800’s. He had a very classy taste and all the things that he ever possessed were exceptional. Including these shoes. Just as one would expect a shoe to be very comfortable these were. Though the outside is adorned by encrusted rubies and diamonds both, the inside was designed to give the maximum comfort to the feet. These became the royal slippers after Jah died, and were passed down to his generations and from one ruler to the next. Finally the slippers got cased and exhibited in a museum. Sadly, you cannot see them now because they got stolen soon after. These although are worth a lot cannot be sold over a shop because of their distinctive look.

8. ($418,000) Diamond Pumps by Kathryn Wilson.

Kathryn Wilson

This is a pair of special pumps made with diamonds encrusted. The designer of these is Kathryn Wilson, and even though it would be very tempting for a woman to wear these she would not be able to. At least without breaking them. The sole reason of the making of these were for these to be put up for auction. She underwent some really hard time till 20 hours and finally sold them for a good amount, $418,000. A large gemstone is to be found over the toes of these both and these shoes literally have hundreds of diamonds on them.

7. ($500,000) Diamond Dream Stilettos by Stuart Weitzman.

Diamond Stilettos

This pair of stilettos was made to be showed off at the time of Academy Awards, in the year 2007. This pair had been encrusted with more than 1,400 diamonds altogether, and were showed off by the actress Anika Noni Rose, dazzling successfully all those who attended the ceremony. To make them even more expensive the background of these diamonds were made out of pure platinum. She wore these super fabulous shoes designed by Stuart Weitzman in front of a huge national audience and could not be any more proud.

6. ($612,000) Slippers from “The Wizard of Oz”.

ruby slippers

The pretty pair of ruby slippers that Dorothy wore in the movie, are legendary in the film industry. Their sparkly red sure is unforgettable though the shoe design itself has no fancy in it, and is just a traditional cliche. The mere reason of them being so famous is them being iconic. The red sequins are what made the shoes so sparkly shiny. The only things that made these fancy were  the three crystals and the bugle beads. To tell you the truth these can be easily remade in the cost of just some hundred dollars but the value of the original remains the same for the fans. The movie was a blockbuster hit when came out and remains a classic.

5. ($1000,000) Retro Rose Pumps by Stuart Weitzman.

Retro Pumps

So a pair finally hits a million dollars. This manStuart Weitzman run the show when it comes to the most expensive shoes this world has ever laid eyes on. They were made to look as if they were designed beck in 1940’s, which gave the pair its name. The roses on top of the toes are made entirely of diamonds. A total of 1,800 Kwait diamonds were needed to make these roses. 400 Kwait diamonds were used besides the ones used to make the roses. There were no expensive shoes, at least this expensive made in the past but these  were made. And they successfully look like they are a inherited treasure from history.

4. (1.09 Million) Platinum Guild Stilettos by Stuart Weitzman.

Platinum Guild

These shoes are very expensive too just like the others on the list, but we would like to surprise you that these can do other things too apart from dazzle people. The straps attached to these are made out of platinum fabric. You might be wondering how platinum gets turned into a fabric but that is a different story. The thing is that this sounds amazing and is as you must know, expensive. This pair has in total 464 Kwait diamonds. Lets come to the special specification of these shoes, the diamonds used over these are detachable, TA-DA! Not quite what you had on your mind right? Laura Harring was the lucky woman though who got to get her feet into these. She had been in 1984 named to be the Miss USA.

3. ($1.06 million) Ruby Stilettos by Stuart Weitzman.

Ruby Stilettos

Yet another design by Stuart Weitzman, this one is priced at $1.6 million. Over 600 rubies were used to make this pair and the insoles are made of red satin. The shoes weigh quite a lot and the reason is obviously the stones and that like all the others he used the platinum in the background. With rubies setting in the platinum they are as heavy as a pound each. Nobody sadly wore these to the Academy Awards as that year America had been sad and nobody wanted the ceremony to be too fancy. America had gone into the War on Terrorism and that did not work out very well for our Weitzman.

2. ($2 million) Cinderella Slippers by Stuart Weitzman.

Cinderella Slippers

So yes like we said, Weitzman runs the show. These are like the most expensive shoes he has ever made and are worth $2 million. Its laces are made of Kwait diamonds which themselves are worth a million. A question might have popped up in your head, as to why are these being referred as the Cinderella Slippers, this is because these are the ones that got decked out. The shoe designers over this list are huge fans of iconic shoes from blockbuster movies. This would be proved to you very well when you go the the next pair over this list, the last and the most expensive.

1. ($3 million) Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

Ruby Slippers

You have seen this pair already over this list right? But, Surprise! They are back but this time they have kicked the previous one to the side. The renowned Harry Winston spent two important months of his life to make this pair. It happens to be a copy our beloved Dorothy’s ruby shoes. But these shoes took up a good bucket of jewels and hard work. We will now move on to the reason of them being worth a $ 3 million. The reason is the shoes having original rubies on them. More than 4,500 rubies have been used to make these, and that is not it. He also used 50 diamonds in the pair that eventually made the pair even more expensive. On the movie’s release’s 50th anniversary in 1989 Harry presented them as a tribute to the movie.

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