7 Reasons To Quit Facebook This Year

1. Waste of Time

quit facebook

If you look a decade back you would see Facebook as the new social media website, creating a hype. People had started using it to keep an eye on the people they did not have very good terms with in high school. It was an all-new website getting fame as the thing that would help you keep in touch with all the people you knew. But with time we all became addicts, not able to leave the site because of the ritual of being on Facebook and proving that you exist. Even having realized very well that it is a waste of our time. All we ever do is scroll through our Newsfeed. Many people do it the first thing in morning and the last thing at night. A casual average user according to the statistics and the studies made spends at least 17 minutes on Facebook on daily basis. If we look at this minimum rate and calculate we would be surprised to find out how much time we have wasted using this website.

Let’s say a person joined Facebook when it had started getting the fame, 10 year ago. This person has spent 40 entire days of their life scrolling or updating their Facebook profile. Now lets move on to the more dedicated users who spend about an hour a day on the site, they would now have spent 150 days of their lives liking pictures, commenting, posting and what not during these 10 years. Just think of how many days of your life you must have spent over this site, we bet you could find a better place to invest your precious time in.

2. It uses you to make sales.

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Facebook has been using its techniques to make money by selling. It in turn uses its users to sell! An incident in 2012 proved that the website has no morality when an experimental study was carried out. Posts from a bunch of personal accounts got edited and changed by the website itself. The number has been recorded to be 689,000 and no consent was asked of these people, the idea was to study the emotions when people’s pages get changed on their own. The reason that later was given by the website was that it was done to make the services better and the information available on the website more interesting and relevant. In reality skeptics strongly believe that it was a way to check how much a like’s monetary benefit was. An apology later came saying that they never meant to upset the people.

3. Uses you as the target audience for the advertisements.

Facebook ads

If you ever search for a thing you want to buy over Facebook you might forget it after some time. But Facebook never forgets. It is just going to keep asking you indirectly to buy those products even 4 months later. You will be getting related ads on the right side of the pages you visit. Even if you have that product in your home already as you bought it long ago it is kind of enforcement Facebook implies. The cookies that most websites have embedded in them would be guilty of this but it is only Facebook that has the audacity and the shamelessness to keep posting these on a regular basis to your timeline and whatever you view. You might just be ashamed of what is being recommended to you in front of a friend.

4. The strangers.

Facebook friends

Normally an adult is expected to have a total of 338 friends over their Facebook. Now in all honesty how many of them are really their friends, the one they want to keep a contact with regularly? They probably have new interests now, have changed, or have new friends now. You might want to spend that time on people you really love and have to keep contact with. We are not taking sides but perhaps Twitter would have been a better option.

5. Privacy lost.

the facebook

It is obviously everyone’s personal choice but we will tell you a few things. We are all hand in hand supporting what is happening and this will affect the free web. If you have an internet then you must be on Facebook too because you using an internet will be based on your Facebook account. Even the websites that have no link to Facebook need you to have a Facebook account if you want to use them. You might not expect your account to be hacked by anyone who has something against you but it still is the easiest place to get out your personal information. Even today and years after you are likely to see the consequences of it.

6. Nobody really cares.

Status FB

Facebook might ask you everyday what you have on your mind, do you think people care? Sorry to break it to you, people hardly care about that. Plus how many statuses do you personally care about? Putting it that way would give you a better view of what we mean to tell you. They do not give a care about where and what you ate, where you are, what you are doing and with who. The videos that get viral, the ice bucket challenge and the others would make no difference if you do not know about them. Believe us you would stay in a perfect health and go to sleep without any worries. The posts and articles you play a part in getting famous and viral make no difference and only are there because you share them. A better choice would.

7. It makes you spill out your personal life.

realtionship status

You might not have told the things you have told the entire world if you did not have an account on Facebook. Back in the day without social media websites relationships were a more personal part of a human’s life. But now your girlfriend or boyfriend would expect you to announce on Facebook about your relationship. And a breakup would be announced about to make it officially end on Facebook. Facebook is taking over our lives day by day and people might use your Facebook history against you someday. Your wife would know about almost all your girlfriends and how you felt about them very well through your Facebook. You might delete the history but people might never forget.

What do you think?