10 Celebrity Pairs Who Have Been Living Below Their Means

1. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Matthew

While celebrities all over the world have been famous for not sparing any amount that might make them look a bit more glamorous, we have a list of these. First up is this famous couple, that you would definitely agree lives very modestly. Given that you knew they were even together, even though they have been married for quite some time now. The Dude gained most of his popularity by the name of Ferris Bueller, if you are even a little into the movies you must have recognized him. He played that role in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, Carrie Bradshaw is the character on the other hand that has gotten the wife mainly famous. Sarah Jessica Parker reminds you of her performance instantly in “Sex and the City” and if not that then at least of the silly jokes made over the way she looks. Nonetheless both the partners have had a good career in the showbiz for more that two decades and that has obviously earned them a good amount. Though Carrie Bradshaw was famous for spending a good load of money on what she wore, Sarah Jessica Parker in her real life is nothing like that.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn.

Celebrity pair

Now Toni Garrn is not someone everyone must be familiar with. This lady has made a good name though in the world of fashion as a model. Even though her popularity is based on her career in the fashion industry her husband has played a character that has made history. Our famous “Jack” from the movie “Titanic”. The Titanic might have sunk but made Leonardo DiCaprio a ravishing career ahead. He has been in the business for more than two entire decades now and people still love him. He with his career has been able to made himself a good fortune, a net worth of $220 million. One might wonder what did they spend their money on, but that certainly did not happen on some fancy mode of transportation. The actor drives his hybrid car himself and even that does not have a worth of more than a $100,000. This is also a smart move and saves him the fuel money. The modest couple has hardly been recorded to have taken a private flight to anywhere they go. If so happens it is if somebody else is bearing the expense. Believe it or not they travel like us over commercial flights.

3. The Prince and his Princess.

royal couple

Now we have the royal couple, and they have redefined royalty by their astonishing modesty. They do not have an extravagant lifestyle like you would expect them to. He does have a good net worth but you would not expect that amount for a Prince. The amount is a $40 million. Not quite what you had in mind, eh? His wife’s happens to be around a million dollars. The lucky girl after have married the Prince has made appearances at places, and though they did pay her it did not earn her a huge fortune. The couple even does their grocery for themselves. Their little George and his mother have been spotted a good few times on the England streets with grocery bags. Have you ever seen a princess wear the very same outfit again? Well look at this one, she even repeats her outfits and is happy about it.

4. Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum.

Celebrity couple

In the past 25 years the world has not been able to find a dude like Dave Grohl. He is the only musician who has made a huge legendary name in the past quarter century. The band Nirvana had him as their drummer but then he started to run the show for the Foo Fighters. He got popularity out of both the music bands he invested his energies in. His world tours have earned him a huge amount of money and  that is millions of dollars. This sure has made him quite rich but we have not seen him spending any of it. He has a good house of his very own in California and has been trying to sell even that for more than how much he had bought it for. He has boldly faced the press’ questions telling them modestly that for a high school drop out like himself the fear never ends. He is getting his future secured if he has to face an end to his career someday. He is a good saver we must say. His wife on the contrary belongs to the Long Island and is almost exactly like her husband when it comes to saving as much as they possibly can.

5. Dax Shephard and Kristen Bell.

Kristen Dax

The recent Samsung ad must have gotten you familiar with these two faces. It is not easy to get to know how much the couple got paid by doing this commercial series, nonetheless it must have been enough to have a better wedding ceremony than the one they had. Kristen Bell happens to fall in the niche of being a girl who did not want a huge fancy wedding. They got done with their wedding in a mere $142. Too less, and seeing that it was a celebrity couple , TOO LESS! Even an old iPod touch would have been more expensive than that. Kristen is open enough to accept that she takes her coupon book everywhere as she loves discounts over what she buys.

6. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

famous pair

Yes, they have made it and are still together. Even after all these years they have been in love and get along just fine. A reason of it might be that they must not quarrel a lot about what they spend, as they hardly do. If you combine both of their net worth you would get a huge sum of $ 36 million and that is not perishing any time close by. Our old little beloved “Buffy” from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is somebody you would find in the line out of a store having their clearance day. The frugal beauty even finds lowering the cost coupons over the internet to lower their dry cleaning cost. Even if neither of them could get any shows or films to do in future they sure will have a good sum to rely on.

7. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan.

frugal couple

With a net worth of $ 33.3 billion Mark Zuckerberg happens to be one of the most well off people in the world. He is the dude who founded Facebook and that has made him a Billionaire. Now you would not expect for a Billionaire to be careful in his spending but we have a few in the world. The dude even does not dress like you would expect him to and prefers his comfort over his image. It is hard to spot him in a suit and is always found in his famous sandals and a pair of jeans. The time when his wife, Priscilla Chan and him have got married they did not spend a huge sum on their most precious life event. It happened in the Zuckerberg’s own estate, utilizing the backyard of it. No extravagant dinners have they ever been spotted on and neither buying super expensive designer wear. You might just find them chilling at McDonald’s or a Burger King.

8. Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell.

rich couple

This is an old Beatles group member, Paul McCartney if we have to name him. The Beatles is one of the most legendary bands of all times yet and all times to come. They are somebody people of all generations would be familiar with. A good 60 years have been counted since he had started his career. A net worth of $650 million is what he has achieved from his lifetime of music. At a time of his life he had way more than this but his divorce caused him to lose a good amount and Heather Mills got a lot out of him. The new wife still has a lot that she could spend from, but she does not. The couple lives very modestly and did not even send the off spring to a private institution for the studies. Their only child, Stella attended a Public school. Though her daddy was a millionaire she did not get to have a private education.

9. Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay.

Mariska Peter

This couple has performed together on the same show for a long 29 years. The show called “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”. You might think that they must be very rich and that is not a lie. But even though they have a decent sum they have not been spending it. All the money they make out of the show is saved for their children to benefit from in future. All that they have ever bought expensive together is their house. The house stands in the New York City and after they have lived in it their entire lives they have planned to give it to their beloved three children.

10. Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser.

frugal celebrities

The pretty little woman from “Gilmore Girls” and the handsome dude from “Mad Men” have been together for quite some time now. Vincent Karthreiser has a net worth of $ 3 million and Alexis Bledel has an even better net worth of $ 8 million. They together have a good sum to spend on luxuries but have not been doing so. The recently wedded couple has not been spending on any dreamy extravagant things. You might not believe this but they have been living in an apartment with a single bedroom. The place when they have bought it was a bit messy and broken so they had to get that fixed. Even then it has not started looking anything like a place where two celebrities, let alone two millionaires live.

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