This Baby Was Born With Birthmarks All Over Her Body – See Her all grown up!

For Ciera Swaringen, being taunted and insulted by other children and peers is unfortunately a norm, throughout her life. However, this humbling girl reveals that no matter what people might say about her, she has come to love the plenty of birthmarks that are covering her body and her face. Ciera Swaringen is only 19, and she comes from Rockwell, North Carolina. When she was born, she was diagnosed with a rare condition called Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, in which the sufferer would have oversized mole like marks. Due to this conditioned, there are hundreds of mole like birthmark that are covering her face and her body, and the biggest one stretches all the way from her navel down to her thighs

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Ever since she was just a child, Ciera would have to endure endless taunting from cruel children, and even heartless adults who would tease her with all sorts of cruel nicknames. Now at age 19, she has learn to love her rare skin condition, which makes her unique the way that she is. She has certainly become more positive in accepting her condition, which affects 1 in every 500,000 people. According to her, teenage boys are the meanest of them all, and they would usually greet her with insulting remarks like how she looks dirty, and that she needs to shower.


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According to Ciera, she now loves her skin condition, which makes her unique. She is proud of herself for finally coming to terms after years of being sad for having such condition. She says that there will always be something unique for everyone, whether it is in the inside or outside. Everyone is born to be different and to look different, and each and every one is born beautiful in their own way, and they should feel comfortable in their own skin. That was what she had to say.


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This teenager who just finished her high school and now works as a shoe store clerk admits that it was absolutely difficult for her to bear with the negative remarks and teasing that were thrown at her. There was once when she rode the school bus, and there was a young boy who started laughing at her, even to the point of calling her a “spotty dog”. What he said definitely blew her confidence away. She was young at that point. She always felt like she was different to all the other kids, due to her skin condition.


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At times she even felt like there was something wrong with her. Over time, she learnt that she should just brush off negative comments and continue on with her life, ignoring those who say bad things to her. She says that she feels that people are saying mean things to her because they are not used to seeing people with her condition. She would also often get stares from people all around her, which makes her feel uncomfortable. But it is something that she had learnt to get used to as she would always attract stares.


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Usually when she is in her hometown, most people would not stare anymore as they already know her. However, when she is in a new place, things could get tough for her as she would have to endure burning cold stares from people all around her, to the point that she feels that it is not easy for her. According to Ciera, she is thankful that she has developed positivity, in which she credits to growing up in a small town with a population of only 600, as well as growing up with a loving and supportive family.


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She feels lucky that she grew up in a small hometown as the people around her know her as well as her rare skin condition. This helped her to feel normal. She remembers that on the day that she started school, she was worried of getting teased, but her mother told her that they were kisses from Angels, and that definitely stuck with her. Her father would also be the very first person to stand up for her if anyone were to say anything bad about her. This definitely makes her feel loved, which nurtures her positivity.


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When she was born, her condition shocked the staff at the hospital, as well as her parents. She was born with dark brown birthmarks and spots all over her. She was later brought to North Carolina to get her birthmark analysed, and the doctors told them that the birthmarks would not affect her health. Although she would sometime be down and blue due to ignorant remarks from rude people, as well as stares, her parents and siblings keep her strong. This beautiful young lady is probably one of the strongest girls for being able to be so strong and positive despite everything hurled her way


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