11 Insanely Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Just as a girl dreams her entire unmarried life how her wedding dress would be like, she too dreams of her engagement ring. This special ring apart from symbolizing love is also a sign of commitment that would last the entire lifetime of the person. But a celebrity’s engagement ring might just be a big shiny piece of jewelry with the sole reason of being flaunted. These relationships hardly even last and though they don’t their bling is just incomparable to anybody’s sign of love over their love’s finger. This hence probably is just a gamble so that you can get a celebrity to be with you. You can on an average get an engagement ring in the US for  almost $2,300 and the ring with the lowest price on our list here is more than even 100 times that amount.

1. Reese Witherspoon ($250,000)

Reese Witherspoon

She has been famous successfully in Hollywood for about two decades now. Everybody knows Reese Witherspoon very well, at least by her face, especially after her all time famous movies like Walk the Line and Legally Blonde. She had been dating her beautifully handsome fellow actor in Hollywood, Jake Gyllenhaal for a considerably long period of time. As soon as the two love birds broke up within a year of the news, the news of Witherspoon’s engagement got out. Jim Toth was the man who pampered this blonde beauty and put on her finger this appreciably expensive piece of jewelry. This man, an agent in Hollywood for actors and actresses proposed in a very traditional style but the ring that he had to offer was no ordinary ring. The ring designed by the renowned William Goldberg was adorning a four-carat Ashoka diamond. This is one rare diamond, and took Toth to pay a quarter of a million dollar for it. In 2011 the couple got married and are still together. Though rumors of them splitting came out in the mid 2014 they were all proven to be wrong.

2. Kate Middleton ($500,000)

Kate Middleton

Half a million dollar ring is what this Royal bride received. Kate Middleton, the lucky girl who got engaged to the Prince, Prince William had been with him since a long time. The two had had an off and on relationship with each other but they finally decided to get married in the year 2010. The royal prince proposed Kate while holidaying in Kenya with her. Far away from the crowds of people in a remote cabin, he proposed the woman he had decided to spend the rest ogf his life with. The wedding was shown all over the media of the entire world and the coverage received a very high rating, despite it being an early time for the United States. The main jewel of the ring was a blue Sapphire and white gold surrounded it. The ring had once belonged to the late Princess Diana and that is what increased the worth of it even further. The two are happily married and have a complete family.

3. Jennifer Garner ($500,000)

Jennifer Garner

In the year 2005 she was proposed by Ben Affleck who is going to be repeated on our list today. They both had already been very involved for a considerable time, on her 33rd birthday party she got proposed by the dude. Though the proposal itself was not very fascinating, what he proposed to her with was. This happened in her own home in Brentwood, California. Harry Wintson the designer of this beautiful piece, had used a 4.5 carat cushion cut which is so expensive that he charged Affleck approximately half a million dollar for it. Affleck had been famous for his romances but what he had to offer made him seem to be very serious about this one. They had first met in 2003 on the set of the movie Daredevil and after they got married had been together ever since and that makes more than a decade.

4. Khloe Kardashian ($850,000)

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian’s statement that she hated Lamar Odom the first time they had met had been on record. As the time passed we can see that the things got entirely different and the sporty boy and the beautiful girl fell very much in love. Khloe Kardashian the reality star got engaged to the basket player, nobody though has an idea of how he proposed her and the news never really could get out. Anybody who is aware of the past of these both would find this happening to be very strange. A 12.5 carat diamond holding ring caused Odom to spend a $850,000, though this did not even commit a very long relationship. Their marriage only lasted for hardly 5 years, that was from 2009 till 2013. Kardashian girl seems to have gotten over this heart break nicely but her ex husband completely went out of the picture ever since.

5. Hilary Duff ($ 1 million)

Hilary Duff

People can afford to have only a million dollar smile but Hilary Duff from our all time favorite Lizzie McGuire that got aired over the Disney channel in 2000’s could afford to have a ring on her finger with that kind of worth. She has had a good career as a film actress too. She was proposed by Comrie with this 14 Carat diamond ring, when she was 23 and he was 30. Mike Comrie was a retired NHL player. Though one might think it would have lasted long, the two got divorced by the end of the year 2014. Duff had not been working in the showbiz and Comrie had already been retired we can easily guess, at least one reason of their marriage ending could be boredom.

6. Kim Kardashian. ($ 2 million)

Kim Kardashian

You might be thinking this one came out of the pocket of the rapper Kayne West, but that is not what is happening here. Instead it had been given to her by the NBA player Kris Humphries. He himself was with Brooklyn Nets at the time. Humphries had propsed her with that ring with all the traditional candles and the rose petals, and this was all for none other than Kardashian’s reality TV show. A Lorraine Schwartz ring it was and had in it embedded a 20.5 carat diamond along with a 16.5 carat emerald in the middle of it. This was not meant to last for even 3 months.

7. Mariah Carey ($ 2.5 million)

Mariah Carey

This woman could be called a legendary singer who had broken several record sales numbers in the entire globe. The man who was kind and affectionate enough to offer her a 2.5 million ring was none other than the film star, Nick Cannon. The same dude who has been hosting the show, America’s got talent. Mariah Carey had once been married but that was long ago and it had already been 10 years of her being a divorcee when they had first met. They both got deeply involved in one another very soon and the beautiful singer was proposed in NYC on the roof of an apartment complex, and Carey, our Diva, declined. According to her the proposal that she had received was not good enough. Not long after that Carey got kidnapped by Cannon and was thrown into a helicopter, this time it was a definite Yes! Nobody would say No to a 17 carat Pink diamond ring, with a worth of $2.5 million. The couple got married in 2008 nad gave birth to a pair of twins together. Cannon had filed at the end of 2014 for a divorce though.

8. Elizabeth Taylor. ($2.5 Million)

Elizabeth Taylor

This woman was at her time, the most famous actress in the entire world. She got married to her co film start Richard Burton, not once but twice. Starting from 1964 and lasting till 1974 their first marriage lasted a good 10 years. The time period of the second marriage was comparatively shorter and this one lasted from 1975 till 1976. When he had proposed to her for the second time it was all alone and on his knee, with a 33.19 carat diamond ring in his hand. Burton was married 5 times in his entire life, and Taylor surpassed his record by being married 8 times. After Taylor died in 2011 this ever popular ring was put up for auction and was able to fetch nothing less than a good $2.5 million.

9. Jennifer Lopez. ($ 2.5 million)

Jennifer Lopez

She received a ring that precious and it could still not get her into getting married, now is not that something? So Ben Affleck is now back for this one, in 2003 they did get engaged but that could not lead to their marriage. Jennifer married Marc Anthony and Ben married Jennifer Garnern in the end. It was a Harry Winston Pink diamond creation and weighed a good 6.1 carat. Jennifer got divorced anyway.

10. Jacqueline Kennedy ( $ 2.6 Million )

Jackie Kennedy

She happens to be the most famous First Lady that US has had in her history. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was married to the beloved JohnF. Kennedy, and when he got assassinated back in the year 1963 she was sitting right next to him. Jackie took a second husband after he died and that earned her this super expensive ring. Aristotle Onasiis got her a 40.42 carat Marquise Harry Winston diamond ring. In 1968 the two got married after he proposed to her in Greece, the country where he belonged to. Just after 7 years of marriage Onassis died in 1975. He was 64 at the ti,e of his death and the ring got sold at an auction.

11. Beyonce ($5 million)

Jay-Z Beyonce

This  happens to be the most expensive engagement ring a celebrity has ever received. You would not be surprised when we tell you that it came out of the pocket of the rapper Jay-Z. The ring was this costly because it was an over the top design by the very renowned Lorraine Schwartz. The 18 carat Emerald cut diamond happens to be completely flawless! They got married in 2008 and have Blue Ivy, as a child together. The two have been together and have a net worth of approximately $1.5 million combined.

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