11 Insanely Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings (11 Images)


Just as a girl dreams her entire unmarried life how her wedding dress would be like, she too dreams of her engagement ring. This special ring apart from symbolizing love is also a sign of commitment that would last the entire lifetime of the person. But a celebrity’s engagement ring might just be a big shiny piece of jewelry with the sole reason of being flaunted. These relationships hardly even last and though they don’t their bling is just incomparable to anybody’s sign of love over their love’s finger. This hence probably is just a gamble so that you can get a celebrity to be with you. You can on an average get an engagement ring in the US for  almost $2,300 and the ring with the lowest price on our list here is more than even 100 times that amount.

1. Reese Witherspoon ($250,000)

Reese Witherspoon

She has been famous successfully in Hollywood for about two decades now. Everybody knows Reese Witherspoon very well, at least by her face, especially after her all time famous movies like Walk the Line and Legally Blonde. She had been dating her beautifully handsome fellow actor in Hollywood, Jake Gyllenhaal for a considerably long period of time. As soon as the two love birds broke up within a year of the news, the news of Witherspoon’s engagement got out. Jim Toth was the man who pampered this blonde beauty and put on her finger this appreciably expensive piece of jewelry. This man, an agent in Hollywood for actors and actresses proposed in a very traditional style but the ring that he had to offer was no ordinary ring. The ring designed by the renowned William Goldberg was adorning a four-carat Ashoka diamond. This is one rare diamond, and took Toth to pay a quarter of a million dollar for it. In 2011 the couple got married and are still together. Though rumors of them splitting came out in the mid 2014 they were all proven to be wrong.

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