Top 10 Best Tricks To Taking The Perfect Selfie

  1. Be Creative

If you want to take selfies that stand out, you will have to be creative. Think of something original. Let’s take a look at the example picture below. It is a selfie taken by Kendall Jenner, and it is the most liked selfie on Instagram, boasting over 2.4 million likes. She laid down, and had her hair separated into strands shaped like heart, now that indeed is pretty creative. If you put in your own flair, make your shots as personal as possible, it would bound to attract attention. But don’t forget to have fun, which might help to get your creative juices flowing!

Picture 1

  1. Face the Light

Whether you are taking a selfie or an ordinary picture, it is always important to face the light, or to be in a nicely lighted place. Learn the flattering angles of your face, and learn how to spill light on them. When you face the light towards your flattering angle, it would accentuate your favorite feature. Try to avoid fluorescent lights, as they tend to take away depths and features of your face.


Picture 2

  1. Be Confident to Look your Best

You don’t have to pile on makeup on your face to look your best. Some of the best selfies are taken first thing in the morning with dishevelled hair and tired eyes. The main key to look your best is to be confident. If you are confident, you would be able to pull off just about any pose. Confidence is attractive.



Woman using cell phone on bed

  1. Find your Best Angle

Everybody have their best angles. Some might look better on a high angle shot, while others might look prettier on the left, or the rightly, slightly titled, or level. It is best to experiment to help discover your best and flattering angle. If you have diamond or oval shaped face, straight on is the best angle for you. If you have heart-shaped face, a 45 degree tilt could help. Look for beauty marks too, as they could indicate your “good side”.


Picture 4

  1. Find a Suitable Filter

Filters play an important role in the overall look of your selfies. You might just stick with the pre-set ones if you do not know how to manually adjust, but if you learn how to manually adjust, you can have as much control possible in determining the best filter and modifications needed to color your selfies to give them a professional look.


Picture 5

  1. Take a Whole Lot of Them!

Keep on taking selfies, varying angles. If you take a lot of pictures, you will have plenty to choose from. On the other hand, if you take a selfie, and your gut tells you that you like it, and you look good in it, by all means, use that one. Follow what your gut tells you, so as long as you are not happy, keep snapping away.


Picture 6

  1. Smile!

Smiling just sends out a positive vibe that would attract people, and make them feel all buzzy and happy too. Some people could even smile if they see a selfie of another person smiling. That is how infectious smiling is. But bear in mind, not to overdo it. Smile genuinely. It is okay not to smile too. Just be yourself! And don’t do a duck face. Please.


Picture 7

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Close

Once in a while, don’t be afraid to take a close up Selfie. Take a look at this example selfie from Dove Cameron’s Instagram. With her beautiful smile and angelic aura, her picture just pulls you in. It is intimate, attractive, and attention grabbing. Try to keep the framing as balanced as possible, engage people.


Picture 8

  1. Location Matters!

No matter how hot you are, how amazing you look, how sexy the photo is, if the location is bad, it is a huge turn off. Take this selfie as an example. This girl here looks stunning. Gorgeous face, sexy body, good pose, but the location…. It was taken at a dirty bathroom, and that definitely is off putting!


Picture 9

1. Be Yourself!

Just be yourself and have fun! Why on earth are you even reading these tips? Stop taking your selfies too seriously! There are other things to worry on in life than to take the perfect selfie. You are beautiful just the way you are, and any selfie of you IS a good selfie. Have confidence, and avoid the obviously bad stuff, and you’d be fine.


Picture 10

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