It’s Hard to Imagine People Like This Really Exist

Let’s Eat My Hand!

Oh my, what on this green and blue earth is this girl doing sticking her hand into her mouth so deep like that? What on earth was she thinking on that very moment? I bet she was high on something. That has got to be it. Who in their right mind would fist their own mouth for goodness sake! Look at the dude behind her on the left side, he’s like laughing directly at her.

Picture 1

Real Life Krang!

Does this person, we have no idea if he is a guy or a girl, reminds you of Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? This person does resemble the mechanical body of Krang! Just without the makeup and the studs. But seriously though, we wonder what made him to decide to transform himself into…. That. We have no idea. Well, as long as he is happy, we should stick our nose in our own business.


Picture 2

Public Indecency

Can she be charged for public indecency? Oh wait…. Look closely, and you’ll find out that she is actually wearing tights. Well, DUH. Thank you, Captain Obvious! But seriously though, she should have worn another colour, you know, like red, green, or blue? Why would you wear skin tone? It looks like you are walking around without pants on!  Somebody please tell her to either change her pants, or cover up.

Picture 3

Please Do Not Turn Around

Oh my God. Please, whatever you do, please just please do not turn around. No matter what. Keep facing that way until I walk away. I try so hard to see if maybe she is wearing something that is skin toned, but she looks pretty much topless there. Wait a minute. Wait just a minute. Is she a she? Or is she a he? Wait, I am so confused now.

Picture 4

The Abominable Big Foot

Guys! Guys, look! We have found it! The Big Foot, right in front of our eyes! Catch it, catch it, catch it, before it’s too late!  Oh wait, it’s just another person who is wearing forty six layers of fur from who knows where. Was it the weather? Can’t be though, because the people around her looks pretty much…. Normal. Maybe she is just sensitive to the cold. Is that her hair?

Picture 5

Like Mama Leopard, Like Cub

Oh wait, they are humans! Oh, my bad. I thought they were lost leopards in the city. Come to think of it, it is pretty cute though to dress the same as your child. No, seriously it is! If it was a hot looking mother with her child, it would be okay. But then again, everybody should know their limits. She should dress her age. Wait, who am I to tell her how to dress? I think these pictures made me bipolar.

Picture 6

Mine, All Mine!

Okay granny, please, can you just return my bong and drink? It is not meant for you. You could drop dead from stuffs like this. Just look at how happy she is with those. Granny must have had a heck of a time during her younger days. That look in her eyes just tells it all. Maybe it’s just for Christmas. Go on granny, relive your younger days.

Picture 7

Moo-g Shot

Moo-g shot, get it? Like the cow goes moo, blended with mug shot? Get it? Okay, lame joke. Anyways, it is hard to imagine what is going on in his or her head when this happened. Why is she wearing a cow suit? What did she do to land her where she is? Did she moo-g someone? Get it? Moo-g? Mugged? Get it?

Picture 8

Trash Bag Man

I think Mr Trash Bag Man here left his raincoat at home, so he had to improvise to keep himself dry as he make his way to work, in which I assume from his slacks and dress shoes. So yeah, look at his sour face. Leave him alone! At least, that is what I hope was what happened!


Picture 9

The Human Tiger

Actually, people call him the Cat Man. You know how some people say they are born in the body of a different gender? Well, boo hoo. This guy here is born in the body of a different species! He transformed himself into the Cat Man with hundreds of hours of surgeries and tattooing. We still wonder, what on earth was on his mind.

Picture 10

What do you think?