Rare Twins Birth in Ohio, What Happened Next I’ve Never Seen Before

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Sara and Bill Thistlethwaite had been expecting twins, what they did not know was that they were going to be gifted with mono mono twins. Monoamniotic twins lay in their mother’s uterus sharing the same placenta (with separate umbilical chords) and amniotic sac. These twins are always monochorionic and identical. It was a great surprise for everyone because the chances of having such babies is of 10,000 to 1 ratio. Because the twins are attached to the mother with a single placenta and amniotic sac the delivery is considered to be very risky. The couple was still very eager to go through all the difficulties for their rare twins.

twins holding hands

On may 9, Akron, Ohio in spite of all the complications Jenna and Jillian were born holding hands and made the whole world aww at the cuteness of it. They were both lucky enough to be born healthy. These sisters are said to have a great bond, according to the family they never let the other one go out of their site. The only comfort these girls ever find is in the presence of each other. Today, they are about to celebrate there first birthday and their father says that it is just recently that they have finally stopped holding each other’s hands all the time.

doctor twins

Here is the father of these beautiful girls, staring with eyes full of love, at his newly born twins. After their birth the twins were not given permission to go home instead they had to be kept for about a month in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit of the neonatal section. According to the Akron Beacon Journal they went to their home in Orrville in North East Ohio on Saturday after they were healthy enough. They had reached the minimum weight required for a healthy baby by then and took full bottles as well.

newborn hand

Here an adult is touching one of the twins hands after they were born. The delivery was done under the care of Dr. Melissa Mancuso. She says that there are many risks in such a delivery, that include birth defects or umbilical cords getting entangled, which is worse because it might result in death of a baby. Sarah’s first baby was only 15 months old when she was on a bed rest for 57 days and he was taken care of by their friends and family. Sarah had taken a leave from her work and Bill used to visit her every single day after office.

Mother twins

They have granted a local TV station to cover the event of their daughter’s delivery, soon the news spread through the entire country that they were miraculously born holding hands and would just not let go. The news very soon became viral over the social media as well. Before she gave birth Sarah had been advised a complete¬†bed rest of 57 days and it helped her body very well for her to be ready for such a risky task. She could have lost her life in the process.

Sara twins

Sara, the mother happens to be a middle school math teacher and was aged 32 when she gave birth. The twins at once needed breathing assistance and this freaked her out but she shortly was very happy that all 3 of them had survived. This is a picture of her holding her newly born babies in her arms right after they were born. Perhaps, when Sara and Bill will grow old enough, they can show them their childhood photograph of them holding hands and they would not be surprised because they believe that they will be the best of friends then as well.

Complete family

Sarah had to undergo a caesarean section to bring her girls to the world and it happened at 2:41pm. Jenna came out first, and was 17 inches, 4 pounds and 2 ounces. Jillian was the second to come out, and was 17.5 inches, 13 ounces and 3 pounds. Sarah and Bill already had a son Jackson and now the family looks complete with a son and two twin daughters. The family has lived happily with their healthy twin girls.

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