9 Attractive Evening Wear 2015

evening dress

The first that we have chosen for you is a deep red mini dress. This happens to be a sheath dress tailored to give the main parts of your body an attraction. This whole dress is designed to make you look attractive starting from its color to its shape. The back of your dress has a U-shaped waist line. Whole of your back is visible and just a very uncomplicated mesh of the same cloth is found over it giving the whole look an essence of glam. The dress has your whole arms and most of your legs out, giving you a chance to show off your well toned limbs.

Beautiful dress

We have this beauty next on our list. This evening dress has a white lining underneath the dress, over its upper part. The top of the dress covers the bosom but leaves out a perfect space for you to flaunt your cleavage for which you might use a double push up strapless bra. The back of the dress will cover the back strap of your bra just good enough. The dress does not end just at those few inches from your knee but continues down to the ground. The continuation of the dress is through a net that has black embroidery over it just like the upper creamy lining of the dress. The whole dress gives a very beautiful and elegant look.

Party dress

This happens to be a t-shirt material evening dress. The colors used are light yellow and gray. The dress comprises of a top and a skirt and gives you a  very athletic look. Top is gray with a yellow band just below the bust. The skirt is gray from back but with a yellow band covering till knees, a bit of gray net is used too to show the front of your legs. The dress gets you attraction because of the combination of cotton and polyester used that makes it stretchy and the whole shape of your body gets defined.

Beautiful dress

This is a red maxi dress with a marvelous flare. What is different about it is the way the flare is held up as if in a brooch at the back. Right at the very center of the girl’s back. The back and front is embellished with silver embroidery that goes perfectly with the red silk on its background. The dress is designed amazingly as it leaves a few parts of the waist and back for instance sides open to show the natural beautiful curves of a woman’s body. If you opt for this as your evening wear you are sure to look very feminine.

short dress

This is a short dress that is covered with those shiny circular little pieces of plastic that you can sew on to clothes. This is called a sequin embroidery and this particular dress is very simple and still not very simple because of its shine. The black color and style would never let it go out of fashion. If you wear it you sure are going to get a lot of attention. The shine will also make eyes stop at you but the black color would make you look classy rather that cheap. The net at the end of the dress will just give a final touch to your over all look in the end. If you love black, this boob tube dress is perhaps be just perfect for you.

evening wear

This outfit consists of 3 pieces. Lets start like how you would wear it. First a top made of light and tight black jersey. The bottom part is a knee length pencil skirt, but what sets it apart from that office wear is its texture. That splendid turtle shell texture that has been added up to make it look a bit formal and classy. The outfit is spiced up by a furry leather jacket in the end, which is a combination of leather jacket and a fur coat. You can wear any shoes that you find right with the dress but we will wholeheartedly advice you to consider these long leather black boots and give your black look the perfection that it deserves.

lace gown

Next up is a beautiful split leg maxi dress. It is made out of black net with embellishments over it, the black embroidery makes it look beautiful. Underneath the net is beige under lining. More beauty comes from all its ends. The neck and straps of the dress have a beautiful curvy cuts over it and so does the bottom and the cut of your dress that lets one of your legs to show. While the bottoms cuts make it look smoking hot the cuts around the cleavage makes the cleavage looks attractive and beautiful. How about you pair this up with black peep toes platform heels.

pink dress

Here we have a baby pink dress made out of jersey. It is embellished with white net having silver sequins over it. This is too a split leg maxi dress. It has no straps and a V shaped waist line at its back. On the front too there is a V to compliment the back and create a harmony in the design. The V on the front plus the V on the back are both multi functional though, they make you look attractive too.

white dress

This is the last one on our list and the most formal one. The dress possesses a heavy look. Starting from the top it is a white dress with a V neck, just deep enough for your cleavage to show. The bodice is very fitting over your body and its tightness continues till your bottom until just a bit inches above your knees and the gown then has a plain flare. From all the areas that tightly wrap around your body the dress is embellished with silver ornaments. We hope you loved the list. Enjoy your look!

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