12 Things You Can Do With Vodka Besides Drink It

1. Dirty Glasses

dirty glasses

Vodka might be known to you only as a liquor to get you high, what one might not know is it works as a very efficient cleaner for smudged glasses. The best part is, the vodka you use for this should not necessarily be branded and expensive. Any glass lens can be cleaned using vodka, including your camera lenses. All you need to do is take a little vodka on a clean piece of microfiber cloth and then clean all the areas of the surface where dirt could possibly be. If you suspect your liquor to be too strong you might even dilute it using water. All the finger prints, dust and dirt particles and other impurities will all vanish right with the first wipe. All you need to do is work the cloth in circles over your lens. Microfiber will make sure there is no residue or pattern left over the surface.

2. Rub or Soak

smelly feet

While vodka causes body to sweat badly and make one’s armpits and feet stink it is also one of the best foot soaks on the planet. Yes vodka itself can eliminate body odor! Would you believe that? It is an old Broadway remedy to soak your smelly feet into a tub filled with one third water and two thirds vodka. Using Vodka to soak feet also cures fungus over nails and keeps your foot skin healthy and clean. People have also used it as a body deodorant for years now, and have never been disappointed. The only problem that might be caused is, one might himself start smelling like Vodka.

3. Clean Jewellery

Vodka Jewellery

Want the gleamiest gold, sparkly silver and the most shiny gems always? Here is a good news for you, you do not need a super expensive jewellery cleaner for that anymore. All you got to do is pour in to a glass a little vodka and dip the ornaments that need cleaning into it. Let it be there for 10 to 15 minutes, take it out, dab it clean and rinse in water. For better results you can even scrub your ornament using a clean old toothbrush and voila! All clean, just like done by a professional. So now your jewellery will never grow old or rusty, all thanks to this liquor’s cleaning properties.

4. Preserve the life of plants

Vodka for flowers

Sick and tired of your flowers dying too quick? Just as the flowers can make an interior look immensely beautiful they are capable as well of doing the exact opposite of it. If flowers are turning brown and brittle at one corner of the room it looks very ugly and not maintained. Let us help you with that situation and make your flowers last a little bit longer than usual. For the purpose, lets take help from yet another quality of Vodka, Anti-ageing. Everyday when you change the water in your cut flower vase, add to the new water a tea spoon sugar and a few drops of vodka to the mixture and there you go! You will see that your cut flowers will last more than usual.

5. Makes a Flexible Ice Pack

vodka icebag

Vodka might also come in handy when one needs a reusable ice pack. All you really need is a sealable plastic bag, water and the magical ingredient, Vodka. Put as much as water as you put vodka into the bag, seal the bag, and put it into the freezer. Your ice pack is now ready for use. Each time you get bruised or bumped, all you have to do now is reach for the plastic pack into your freezer and get your hands over the semi-solid, slushy mixture. The malleable texture would work great to be applied in pinch. What vodka does here is it does not let the water freeze entirely.

6. Flakier Pie Crust

vodka pie

If while you roll your dough for your pies, you use vodka instead of water you know what happens? The pie crust gets a lot better, crispy and flakier. The science behind it is that vodka evaporates better and at a faster rate as it gets baked in the oven. A little vodka might remain into the crust of your pie but that does not really matter, does it? What matter the most in the end is definitely how delicious your pies taste. So yes vodka might be the secret ingredient to your perfect little pies.

7. Repel bugs

repel insects

This spirited drink works both as a cheap and environment friendly, insect repellent. One might keep this repellent into a squirt bottle over the dressing table, and spray on themselves each time they go out. It is best if unflavored, pure vodka is used for the cause. Once you have vodka on your skin no wasps, ants, bees or ants can dare even coming close to you. But here again we must warn you that you might end up smelling like that of vodka, yourself. So here is another trick for you, how about you add a little scent to your home-made insect repellent?

8. Maintain your razor’s longevity

clean razors

We are now well aware of Vodka’s cleaning and anti-bacterial properties, one use can be cleaning of razors. So if you want your razor blades to last longer dip them in vodka, this will keep them rust-free which obviously in log run will keep the blade sharp. This remedy will also make your blades look all new and shiny. The anti-bacterial qualities also have great health benefits, because a cut from an infected blade at times might even take a person’s life. This cheap vodka hence might even save your life.

9. Kill Mildew

vodka mildew

Warm and damp parts of home support the growth of mildew and and mold, now if it does grow in your home you do not need to buy yourself harsh acids or chlorine bleach. These will in fact only have toxins released into your sweet home’s air which is hazardous to health and if it comes in contact with your skin that is bad news too. We would like to tell you that you would rather let vodka do the job. Yes our same old cheap little liquor! Pour some cheap vodka in to a spray bottle and spray the alcohol over the mildew or mold, let it work and leave it as it is for about 15 minutes before you rub it off with a rag. The mildew or mold would easily be wiped away after this technique using a sponge might be a better idea though.

10. Disinfect Wound

disinfect wound

Vodka has been used to cure poisonous stings, if you apply a bit on the affected area it takes care of whatever is ailing you. Vodka might thus come in handy out on picnics if one stumbles into a poison ivy or gets a jellyfish sting on a beach. So next time you are off to the beach do not forget your vodka. Even if one gets a small cut and needs to make sure no bacterial infections develop the wound is better to be washed using vodka, 2 ounces of vodka as an estimate, for every inch of cut should be used. A pinhole should now be used to squeeze vodka into the infected area or the wound. This method works a lot better than if you just pour vodka over your wound as it would rid you of more germs.

11. Makes your Hair Shiny

vodka shampoo

Did it cross your mind during the entire post that vodka might have beauty benefits as well? If it did then the answer is yes! If you add a shot of vodka in your shampoo you will see how well your hair gets cleaned. Add vodka and shake the bottle well till you get a smooth consistency. Vodka is famous for making your hair shiny. With every wash you will feel the difference. Vodka also prevents any shampoo left overs in your hair that causes hair damage. The chemicals present in shampoos are alkaline in nature, vodka is acidic in nature and this will help you maintain the pH balance and fight the frizz and roughness that a shampoo causes. Say hello to shiny manageable hair. It might even help you cure hair loss if used on a regular basis.

12. Reduce Acne and Pore Size

skin vodka

It is beneficial to use vodka over the entire skin of your because while it cleans skin deeply it is all natural and not harsh to your skin. Cheap vodka can work very nicely as a toner because of its ability to tighten pores and firms the skin. If used over the entire body your over all skin will look healthy and glowy. You may use vodka on your face using a cotton ball every time you wash your face.

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